River Options

1. INTRODUCTION Many works had been published, in Brazil and the exterior, with the objective to verify if the market of options and other derivativosinfluencia the price of the underlying assets negotiated the sight, in the day and tornodo expiration of these contracts. This influence is related the possible manipulations domercado the sight. Trader with a great position in contracts of it opoou of futures can be attemped to manipulate the price of the underlying asset, sejacomprando or vendendo this asset, before the expiration. The loss in the market sights is compensated by the profit in the market of derivatives. In this study, it is analyzed, the intradirio level, orelacionamento enters the activity of the market of options and the variations of preodo active underlying in the market the sight, in the Stock exchange of So Paulo. Main Ofoco is the activity of the market of purchase options and if this affects avolatilidade of the market the sight of the action-object. Since the pioneering work of Klemkosky (1978) on the efeitodia of expiration in the market American north, diverse authors if interessarampelo subject.

In Brazil it was not different, Brito and Sosin (1984) and Sanvicente eKerr (1989) had been the first national authors to apply the method deKlemkosky, of study of events, the data of the Stock exchange of the River of Janeiroe of So Paulo, respectively. To the measure that information more detailed on quotations deaes, of options and other derivatives had been being spread dedados way bank, the studies if sophisticating and focusing had been given intradirios. Oprimeiro study with this type of data and focus in the effect day of expiration (of future contracts) was of Stoll and Whaley (1987), in U.S.A. In Brazil, oprimeiro and only work on the subject until the moment are of eMonteiro Sanvicente (2005) that it evidenced, saw a model of simultaneous equations, aexistncia of manipulation of prices during the day of contract expiration deopes on the actions of the Telemar company.

Ebenezer Scrooge

If employees know from the beginning that ethics is something highly valued, the pound of the need to consider whether or not to do something slightly unethical. If employees know that unethical behavior would not be tolerated, most likely adopt an ethical behavior against common business events. Companies that do not have a strong ethical culture or who have poor ethical practices, open to a world of continuous damage. Employees of such companies are more likely to default procedures or to treat a customer the wrong way. Do not give products as promised but often they will give customers products and services of poorer quality. Most importantly, you will not mind this while earning money and this will be.

Your company may have the best possible ethical culture and yet not be successful. You must have a strong business plan and financial base and a sales and marketing program successful. You have to meet their deadlines and deliver the goods as advertised. The most important thing is that you must have a customer service program that allows you to consistently treat their customers as their main objective. Why then are so important good ethical practices if they do not necessarily lead to success? Ethical practices are adopted because they are right Remember to Ebenezer Scrooge? l was very successful as an entrepreneur and as a tyrant and a miser. It had everything in financial terms, but the rest of his life was empty. Each night he returned to his house and spent time counting his money, which was all I could do because no one I wanted to be at his side.


The feelings of preconceptions Transformation in heat and value It would like to see in the terrorists of the evil, the flag of the confraternizao. Of the violence and causal pain Transformation in good and union. It would like to see in the antiambientalistas the fight of the preservation of the planet land. Of the destruction feelings, in transformation analysts that if ask for and lock up.

It would like to see in executioners villains the light to leave the darknesses and to shine Of the feelings of hatred, persecutions Transformation in faith and partilhar Gostaria to see the Congregated universal love in all humanity. Of the primitive feelings and animal, Transformation of deep peace, fraternity.

Different Drug Options

But there are side effects and eleniuma seduksena and medical nature. People who take meprobomat, elenium, seduksen and other tranquilizers prescribed by a doctor – those who suffer from certain functional disorders of the nervous system. We are talking about reactive states, neurosis, hysteria, psychopathy, psychosomatic disorders and some neurological conditions. In these cases, the effectiveness tranquilizers clearly expressed. Unfortunately, to get relief, restoring peace of mind, the sick are in no hurry to leave preparations. Some produced a psychological dependence on them, and they continue to take pills contrary to the prohibition of physicians, "just in case." Y These patients often experience various side effects.

Here is one of the most typical example. A pensioner, he was 65 years after the death of his wife appeared "a premonition of death, insomnia, palpitations, shortness of breath. A doctor appointed him elenium in tablet 3 times a day, and other necessary supplies. Two weeks later, the patient felt well and the doctor canceled elenium. However, the patient is now on his own initiative went on to take this drug regularly, only slightly reduce the dosage – 2 tablets per day. Take a pill eleniuma acted more confident, less worried, not worried about their health. Taking elenium about a year, I felt healthy, but then began to notice fatigue, weakness. More often than before, was overcome drowsiness, wanted to lie down.

About these disorders, the doctor did not apply and, assuming elenium completely harmless, he continued to take it. But here there were more ominous violation – muscle weakness, constipation, bedwetting, the weakening of memory. The doctor, whom he now addressed, categorically forbade taking eleniuma, appointed tonic, reinforcing therapy. Side effects of tranquilizers in the treatment of marked not only for the duration of their admission. There are people with a heightened sensitivity to these drugs, they experience various allergic reactions. After taking tranquilizers often dry mouth, altered sense of taste, there is drowsiness, weakness. It is not dangerous if the treatment is under the close supervision of a physician, who, if necessary easily eliminate such phenomena. The conclusion seems obvious: – the use of tranquilizers effectively, harmless and safe when carried out strictly according to the testimony, and under medical supervision. In these cases, drugs with original therapeutic spectrum of action will bring true healing to many patients. Would like to advise all those who take tranquilizers, try a wonderful breathing exerciser breathing "phenomenon Frolov. He not only heals physical diseases, but also a perfect positive effect on the central nervous system.


One of the interesting concepts proposed by the NLP is cultivating an attitude of curiosity, observation with interest sometimes are surprised ourselves by watching us in an attitude of self-observation and with that we can draw valuable conclusions about personal aspects that we recognize and that we can change and improve. Happens that many times we need a new solution out somehow of what grabs us and find new options and new ways to solve a problem or particular situation. You begin to see things from other points of view, expand our approach and options, try to make other readings of reality (inside and outside) is an aspect that the person is making to take contact with personal development including NLP tools. A. through applied NLP, vas making contact with your world inside is a new world to be with your thoughts with your images, internal sounds, sensations are going to develop a sensory acuity than You can go moving it toward your outer and everyday reality so you can begin to expand. With programming (NLP) can discover, work with all those internal processes that precede the behavior of a person and know how to modify them, and with this, you can actually change behaviour or unwanted behaviors. If that you add a purpose and initiative itself, personal, wanting to improve aspects of your own life, behavior, communication, etc the Neurolinguistic programming, its techniques and resources can help you greatly achieve what you propose! As one learns and practices NLP, actually begins to see things in a more acute way begin to see opportunities, personal and aspects in dealing with other human beings, that went completely unnoticed! The fact to NLP approach means that you have the concern of improving something, some aspect or aspects of your life and is a great start! Based on my experience, if you have enough dedication, and you can use that NLP can be useful in insurance it will be able to positively transform your everyday reality. And this is something that nobody is going to be able to remove you’ve ever purchased new knowledge that’s so powerful applies on multiple activities and you’ve developed a range of skills, including sensory acuity that will serve to your life! Do you want to know something more of NLP and how to use it to improve your life? You can get two for free E-Books of Neurolinguistic programming, so you can begin to acquire these powerful knowledge that undoubtedly improve the life of the human being and extend your options….

Italian Manufacturers

Each year the rising prices of almost everything. Accordingly, prices soared and food for our steel horses. In any case, the constant need to pass more than 30km per day to eat. I had to look for alternatives to gasoline, the a machine that I have quite voracious, BMW 535. The alternative is always and is, in my case, gas.

He began to rummage in the Internet to find information about the installation of gas-cylinder equipment on my iron horse. The decision about the type of I took an instant gas – propane and butane. "Why?" you ask. For more information see this site: Christopher Nolan. Yes, everything is simple, it's liquefied natural gas as opposed to 'dry' methane. As a consequence, LPG engine hurts less. And the efficiency of the gas more than that of methane. Next step was the most difficult and time consuming: manufacturer HBO.

There are a number of manufacturers of gas-cylinder equipment: Italian, Polish, Russian, Belorussian, etc. After reading online reviews about HBO-producing countries, concluded that the Italian HBO most high-tech and high quality. So what? Range of producers has shrunk dramatically, but again, waiting for selection. In Italy, as it turned out, many producers of HBO. The choice fell on two manufacturers: BRC and Tartarini Auto And so, in order: The official site of Ukrainian BRC's all very nice and appetizing written about the fact that they are allegedly the best in the world. Louis Kreisberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In principle this is a standard course in advertising. Began to raise information and reviews them. As always there are happy and not very much.

Umayyad Caliphate

So reads the popular song of Agustin Lara, immortalized in the voice of Placido Domingo. Granada, beautiful Andalusian city, marked indelibly to the people who come to her. It is a place where history has left their mark for posterity, since the middle of the 7th century, when historians placed the birth of this beautiful city. If you have the possibility of making a trip, make your reservation in Granada, the city from which the Moors have not been withdrawn yet. Granada greets its visitors with a temperate Mediterranean climate, with something cool winters, and hot summers that can reach 35 C.In the area the first inhabitants were recorded in bronze age, more specifically, of the argaric culture, although as a city, can be considered his home in a settlement Bastetano, an Iberian village, which then it was absorbed by the Carthaginians, and after the defeat in the Punic Wars, the area became part of the Roman Empire. In the middle ages, the city was part of the Emirate of Cordoba, under the rule of the Caliph.

Without a doubt, this is historical period which has left major historical monuments, and has more greatly impacted the culture of that town. In fact, the word Andalusia, derives from ancient, name that the Moors gave the territory, when he was part of the Umayyad Caliphate. When we think of Granada, the Alhambra is the first thing that comes to mind. He is not an isolated Palace, but a palatial complex. It is one of the 12 treasures of Spain, since 2007, and receives almost two and a half million visitors per year. His name could be translated as red fortress, since its founder, Abu al – Ahmar, had red hair hair.

To enter this monumental construction, is accessible from two different points: from the Plaza Nueva, through the Puerta de las Granadas, and since the costs of the Chinese, by the Paseo de los Tristes. To enter in the Alhambra, he enters the Plaza de los Aljibes, central point from where you can reach the inner palaces that presents the complex, such as the Palacio de Comares, and Lions. The Alhambra it dazzles from the first moment, but it is only to see its interiors that really we realize the magnitude of the work to which we are. The walls are richly decorated with plaster, in general, with quotes from the Koran, covered with tiles, and even in certain points, gold. Granada is a magical place, to relax and stroll through landscapes that constantly refer to the Moors, and a past dominated by the rich Moorish culture. Book your reservations online through HotelesNow.com and discover this gem nazari. Javier Kravalosky reserve in Granada original author and source of the article

Marketing Affiliates

If you are one of the millions of people looking for ways to make money online, there are a number of options. One of the ways most popular is marketing via affiliate marketing, since it offers many advantages over other methods of making money online. Reading this article you’ll discover the advantages that offer affiliate programs. Where you don’t know, affiliate marketing is basically selling other people products, they are generally digital products and that is why you get a Commission. Maybe not you sound interesting, but if you consider that there are currently approximately more than 1 trillion navigators perhaps you realize the money you can earn. Get commissions of digital products probably not you sound that they are very high but keep in mind that the majority of affiliate programs offer from 60% to 75% Commission on their products, this by itself can only be a very profitable business. If you only knew everything what is bought online.

From extremely expensive bags until information such as books digital and video workouts, all these products belong to an affiliate program that you can join. One of the great advantages that offer affiliate programs is that you can put a business online without having an own product. This means that you don’t have to invest a single penny and don’t need to have a stock of products that you’ll never be able to sell. You can literally start a business online with nothing. The only thing you need is the knowledge of how to do it.

It is like any other race, will have to study and work hard if you want to succeed. Despite what you’ve heard affiliate marketing is not a schema quick to make rich nor is an easy way of making money. Lot of hard work and a lot of trial and error is required. You must be willing to failure before being successful. The reality is that 8 of 10 people fail because they don’t take the time needed to learn how to do affiliate marketing. They think that it is very easy to make money instantly, but the reality is that it is not. Training you need to succeed. If you’re not willing to invest time and effort, then you have very little chance of success. Original author and source of the article.

Brazilian Child

The law already does not discriminate the children ' ' concebidos' ' for adoption, however we ask in them, then when the common citizen will go to breach with ' ' laos' ' discriminatory? The preconception is very great with regard to the children whom if &#039 intends; ' adquirir' '. It is as if it was of front to the shelf of a supermarket and was fulling its ' ' stand of compras' ' only with what it pleases to it. However, child is always child with its personality, its defects, qualities and with its specific physical aspects of its ' ' natureza' ' as any human being, she does not have as to only take the part ' ' boa' ' , or same of wanting to mere identify it for the physical standards of a child. However the new law of adoption n 12,010 reformulated in 2009 foresees more agility in the adoption process aiming at the welfare of the child above all, as, for example, the time of permanence in the shelters does not have to surpass two years, and will have one registers in cadastre national and state I contend given on the children so that if it can make a crossing of information with ' ' pretenses' ' of the future parents. Beyond trying to prevent the adoption to the Brazilian? what consists of receiving a child and registering it in its name? without no legal procedure. Exemplificando with one realidadeAt we question ourselves here on as it is the process of the children until arriving at the shelters and as ' ' caminha' ' the adoption process. Now we will try to understand this relation with the practical school in lived deeply through field research involving visits and interviews. Much is said in familiar base and its importance for the education, many questionings had been raised regarding the institutionalized children, if they would give more problems in the school. .

Crisis? Evaluate Options !

In these times we hear everywhere the word terror crisis and gives us! do not know what will happen … We heard of the economic recession, how bad everything is, but few tell us what are the keys may help at this time. In times of crisis need to find a Plan B, ie search for other options. It is not necessary that unemployment runs out with you and get depressed. We know that the situation is bad and that the prospects are not good, but we should not abandon the optimism and need to continue looking for other alternatives. We can not influence most of the external situations that happen to us every day, are situations that we deal and we have to adptarnos to them, which we can address them differently, taking “sleeping giant” that we all have inside, with thoughts mcuh positive and strength to paddle every day looking for another chance! Negative thinking is contagious. What is known as “bad thing” absorbs us and leaves us without energia.Tiempos difficult and crisis we have had to live and continue living.

But we to learn new ways to make things, new perspectives will generate changes in our vision and will help us out of the hole in which you tagg them selfs. I hope these tips give you courage and strength to help you do more llevaderatu search and increase the hope of getting out of the crisis and not to sink more and more into it. Ms.