Value Instantly

When I started this blog several months ago, he spoke of my spending habits; for me the theme was very simple: if I die tomorrow, that is without limitations, which resulted in: spend everything you could on things that generate me momentary satisfaction. Dinners at good restaurants or at trade fairs in fast food, travel and items such as clothing, watches, perfumes, electronic and stop counting. Many of you have not passed through similar situations? Once have you made that question? Where has she gone to stop all that money? Can I increase the value of the money I am spending now? Almost all the things we buy, are depreciated over time. How long could assert a collection of 15 old shirts? Or how could win if I sell 100 CD old s? The answer is: cool-headed much less than it cost item. Now, we can spend the money on things that increase in value over time, as do my friends Rene and Ignacio, who have euro notes and coins. What is the trick? Well, these collectibles increase its value over time, apart from the fact that they serve to decorate part of their homes and offices.

Here is what I have I have responded to several friends and friends with respect to their ways of buying things that increase in value over time: buy gold: everytime he manages to save a little money, this friend buys something gold, can be small, or it may be large. Gold never loses value. As time passes, the gold reserves are scarce and this precious metal increases value. She has a few pieces of gold in your home for personal use. The rest, have a safe deposit box at a Bank, which rented with an annual fee of $60. She wants to leave that legacy to their children. Buy old coins and notes: as he spoke of this pair of friends, rare banknotes and coins gain value over time.

Karl Lagerfeld

Dressup fashion already is not as easy as before. Trends change several times a year, the styles are, and will appear again. Follow them can be exhausting. Isn’t there a way out of this circle?Yes, there is. At least in the sector of classical fashion for gentlemen. Elegance has nothing to do with fashion nobody has said less than Karl Lagerfeld. And he should not be any ignorant if it comes to fashion.

The idea is simple: those who have style are not obliged to follow all fashions.This already starts with the shirt. Those who have dark beard should not bring post just shirts in blue or lilac clear. These make the beard hairs to attract more attention. And one loses much of the effect if the shirt and tie have too similar colors. This may appear well still in festive occasion if it is clear color champagne or white tie, but in the world of work is near the disaster. In this case, the tie should be something darker than the shirt.The suit should not be chosen only according to fashion, but also to suit the height of the body. If you are really very tall and slim, should attempt to accentuate the horizontal lines.

This can happen, for example, with a lighter belt, cuffs on pants or a suit lapel oblique. Crusader costumes even though they have been declared dead several times are also a good contrast to the high appearance of the body, because of its diagonals.On the other hand, if you are low: do not use anything to scramble your vertical line. The flap should be approximately at the height of the upper part of the chest, a suit with a single color is better than a combination. But the most important tool in this case is the tie.Only by its position that goes from the top down, it constitutes the vertical line par excellence and you can lengthen it optically by a couple of centimetres.Not all fashions feel good at all. Not all fashions are tasteful. But which takes into account your style, your face and your stature, will always be well dressed. Original author and article source

Indiana University

The psychologist Peter Todd of Indiana University in the United States.UU, after several studies carried out between men and women, and they are related to the preferences of ones and others, in terms of choice of couples, reached a number of conclusions that once analyzed, lead us to consider the following: them: they seek above all to attractive women, the determinant to take into account, i.e., the physical appearanceoverall beauty, above any other quality. (And look, that there are cooking as los angeles, but nor so.!) Them: Mainly, have a preference for men that will ensure them a good future. The more better money. So, the holders of current accounts in State of grace, are always for them, the Top ten favorite. Don’t know for certain, the degree of accuracy of the studies conducted by Mr.Todd, but what seems clear, according to the results obtained and analysing them always under the optics of the sense of humor, that from a point of view very personal, is something that should always bear in mind, when choosing the ideal couple since it is the best thing in these cases, we have to: 1 – that that beauty is on the inside, it seems that not already strained in this matter that occupies us. To the beautiful everyone, wants it so, the less graceful, will be put to the queue and patiently wait their turn, hoping that, more valued as it does the Apple tart or secure with attention in the well-ordered has the House.

2 – That that money is not the most important thing, seems it serves neither much in this story. What one sees, Don dollar, imposing with clarity to the Sr.corazon (, may even leave it completely Ko), in the battle of infatuation. Affection love you with madness, well, you and your portfolio *! (*: How much more better filled).

VDSL Speeds

The acronym VDSL or VHDSL(Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) refer to a connection to the Internet technology presumably. Like ADSL, this technology operates under copper pair but however allow higher speeds. To achieve these higher speeds of transfer is essential that communication frequencies are much greater than the 1.1 MHz used in conventional ADSL. VDSL technology uses 4 channels for the transmission, two for download and two for upload, so it is possible to increase the signal strength in a sensitive way. The VDSL, which is usually installed with asymmetric nature, allows a considerably larger to the ascent descent speed to suit the needs of the market. Now, what speeds can be handled in an asymmetric VDSL connection? 12 Mb upload and download 52, clearly much greater than the conventional ADSL. These speeds allow the transmission of high quality video and to service Internet and calls. The VDSL can be installed to clients next to the telephone exchange but is not limited to this because that is usually supplied from an enabled Cabinet outside the connected home via optical fiber to the central which prevents noise and signal loss that would make impossible the use of this technology. You can get more information on the final prices of all offers adsl, vdsl and cable with or without calls and television in the comparative adsl