Brazilian Child

The law already does not discriminate the children ' ' concebidos' ' for adoption, however we ask in them, then when the common citizen will go to breach with ' ' laos' ' discriminatory? The preconception is very great with regard to the children whom if &#039 intends; ' adquirir' '. It is as if it was of front to the shelf of a supermarket and was fulling its ' ' stand of compras' ' only with what it pleases to it. However, child is always child with its personality, its defects, qualities and with its specific physical aspects of its ' ' natureza' ' as any human being, she does not have as to only take the part ' ' boa' ' , or same of wanting to mere identify it for the physical standards of a child. However the new law of adoption n 12,010 reformulated in 2009 foresees more agility in the adoption process aiming at the welfare of the child above all, as, for example, the time of permanence in the shelters does not have to surpass two years, and will have one registers in cadastre national and state I contend given on the children so that if it can make a crossing of information with ' ' pretenses' ' of the future parents. Beyond trying to prevent the adoption to the Brazilian? what consists of receiving a child and registering it in its name? without no legal procedure. Exemplificando with one realidadeAt we question ourselves here on as it is the process of the children until arriving at the shelters and as ' ' caminha' ' the adoption process. Now we will try to understand this relation with the practical school in lived deeply through field research involving visits and interviews. Much is said in familiar base and its importance for the education, many questionings had been raised regarding the institutionalized children, if they would give more problems in the school. .