Avoid Purchase Cancellations With Expert Tips

Visions explains, as shop owners achieve optimum performance Hanover, 22 September 2009 fast loading times prevent purchase cancellations. A strong performance is one of the most important quality criteria in an online shop for dealers and customers alike. How to shop operators can optimize this performance, explains Alexander Ringsdorff, CEO of Magento Agency of visions, in detail five professional tips, see. Already a few hundred milliseconds delay damage: by up to 20 percent of an online-shop sales decreases according to a study carried out by Google, as soon as the charging time is extended only by half a second. Also, Amazon was able to confirm this result in A/B testing. Faster loading times with Magento online shops of any size are top priority for fast loading times. The secret of the fastest stores is a good caching system”, explains Ringsdorff.

Frequently requested pages need to be calculated only once and can directly issued to many users be. Magento Commerce here occupies a leading position thanks to the integrated block caching. In the framework of our project work or advice we can halve often more than load times.” Professional shop owner tips to free download whether using professional content delivery networks, load test of comprehensive use of block caching or inserting: how shop operators avoid degradation due to performance can, available which Alexander Ringsdorff represents in five practical tips, free at de/visions/news/expert tips performance for downloading. Magento Magento is the fastest growing open-source E-commerce-system worldwide with more than a million downloads in only 14 months. Adapted specifically to the needs of large online retailers, Magento is also available in a commercial Enterprise Edition.

The manufacturer of Varien designed E-commerce solutions in the United States since 2001 and has been released after two years of development in April 2008 for the first time for productive use Magento. Visions of the Hannover Magento Agency of visions has extensive international experience and has since January 2008 Magento as a platform specialized in.

Secretary Enterprises

In the era of computers of hand and e-mail, no executive needs a Secretary type letters or wearing you the agenda, but proactive people who know the company’s business. Management must not neglect the behaviour of performance of its secretariat and if you discover weaknesses in his performance, not according to what it purports to, should orient it, train it, support it in order to collaborate in its growth giving way to their performance more efficiently. Sebe never use bad treatment, inappropriate language, insult, scolding, the contrary seek ways how to overcome weaknesses and give the assistance possible to transform them into strengths. The Manager should be a motivator, a core actor in the attainment of its functions, and to do so must be attentive of how are their interrelationships and performance with its secretariat in such a way that the union to ensure beneficial results. Finally, is very valid which gives mujeressinfronteras. com take into account the fact that the secretariats of small and medium-sized enterprises present a far stronger than those of large enterprises emotional anchor in his work. Do not usually have an only boss, as the attendees of large companies, therefore are needed and required by the companies as a whole. And this also means that this type of attendees have harmonisation and conciliatory functions.

Basically what differentiates them from the secretariats of large enterprises are two things: on the one hand, the high importance that give remuneration affective and emotional; on the other hand, a more classic and traditional of Secretariat and woman model. Finally, we consider very important to enterprises, especially their managers must be more attentive in defining a profile of the Secretariat required, considering the characteristics of the current scenarios, the functions what to play, to help that management activities are undertaken without many obstacles, that really feel supported by a proactive, reliable, Secretariat that allows you to play according to the rhythm that today demands. Manager will depend on whether its secretariat is a great help, collaboration in everything that seeks to make. Therefore, beware of your behavior, efficiency, productivity..

That Is The Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian tarot is one of the most ancient that there are, in fact, it is said that the Egyptian tarot reading became a way of understanding the art of divination and occult. The Egyptian tarot says that it is much more realistic than the other types of tarot, it feels to the the letter image jump out of it, what does that readers can read them and interpret them easily. The name with which are on the market is the ancient Egyptian tarot cards. You can buy in the shops of tarot cards to the retail or even in many of the online stores that are on the web. For Tarot readers the fact of feeling that these cards are very easy to read provides them with a clearer picture of the immediate future.

The history of Egyptian tarot goes back to the year 1781, when he was known as a book that covers the history of Egypt and so this helps to preserve many of the mythologies, wisdom and common sense. One of the Egyptian Tarot series, is the book of Thoth, created by Etteilla, a French astrologer who It was the manufacturer of the card. After this have emerged a large number of variations, as Grand Etteilla, Etteilla I, II and III Etteilla Etteilla. However, these are not the only Egyptian tarot cards that exist, there are hundreds of different cards that are in circulation around the world. The Egyptian tarot deck, is composed of a total of 78 cards, which are divided into arcane elders and minors. There are 22 cards of the major arcana and 56 in the other. Tarot images are those of the old Egypt that can be easily recognized by people who have a basic knowledge about the Egyptian civilization.

Clive Barrett has investigated the symbolism very well, which helped him to read the Egyptian Tarot cards. He has put much emphasis on Egyptian civilization and has made that the literal meaning of this is highlighted in the content of the letters. The disadvantage of the Egyptian tarot, is the large size of many of the letters, since people with small hands feel slightly uncomfortable to hold them. But in general, there is that say that these cards have appreciated, and are recommended for all beginners, or even the simple curious Egyptian civilization. Original author and source of the article

Rorty Tradition

An important philosopher that I believe to have great influence in the vises ' ' reformadoras of filosofia' ' he is Richard Rorty. That it in them does not present the optimum most correct way or, but, the possibility to see the form tradition with that we are not accustomed to see, we can try candle from a different perhaps vocabulary and thus some can, to reformulate the vision that has of the tradition consequncias of this are difficult to foresee -, others can not agree to Rorty and perhaps it ties to become if critical of this this is something that has happened. Rorty in them presents a vocabulary that does not have the pretension of if placing as next to the truth, and yes, perhaps the most adjusted the contingencies, the demands of our time. It considers the abandonment of the racionalista/essencialista vocabulary iluminista/, leaving stops backwards concepts as of: truth, knowledge, moral, humanity, I, reality, that turns around the essence concept, and that for Rorty also it must be abandoned or redescrito. Rorty does not place another concept in the place of this in the attempt of inside defining in them of one ' ' essence esfrica' '. It tries to show that we can describing in them and redescrever, and the descriptions that we make of us and the others mold our relations partners and are the maximum that we can make to speak of we ourselves. This can be explored and with some effort antropolgico study can appear from there that tries to define the man as one ' ' animal capable to describe-se' ' or perhaps a philosophical anthropology that defines the man as a being that ' ' it possesss essentially the capacity of descrio' ' , but something of this type would be forcible. It does not have as to know where we go to arrive, as it will be the philosophical tradition in few years, the future depends on the choices that will be made and its consequences.

The New Intershop 7 Is Out

Intershop offers with its new shop software optimal possibilities for traders of the German enterprise software vendors Intershop, headquartered in Jena, for shop systems (E-Commerce) presented its new and hopefully revolutionary shopping cart software a few days ago: Intershop 7. Thus, the previous product line Enfinity is also used by the product name,”finally superseded. Already for some years worked intensely on a completely new version. The new version of the online shop can settle quickly and seamlessly all imaginable points of contact with different customer groups. Equipped with a promotional engine”, detailed A/B testing extremely powerful sales opportunities should exist according to the manufacturer options and intelligent search functionality (advanced search and faceted navigation). A corresponding online demo will appear in the next few days, including redesign of the current demo-store Prime tech”, which was since Enfinity always. Another highlight is 7 maybe at Intershop “yet the function multi touch point” to name a few.

It is at the same time to control possible different communication channels so that you can create a variety of purchase options as a trader. Is interesting, that not only the well-known channels such as social media or mobile commerce are meant, but the possibility to be able to integrate call center functions or a store locator. Experts are also editors and marketing at your expense. With the design view”switch operators between editorial system (BackEnd) and shop interface (FrontEnd). This radically simplifies the previous Contentpflege. Enfinity text editing part was somewhat expensive and demanded deeper knowledge.

Now can see editors offers and content through the eyes of the customers. Changes are also implemented in real-time. With the help of the nine page editor of that is reminiscent of the PlugIn Firebug from the Firefox browser, can all content freely edited and positioned, everything without HTML or CSS knowledge. Also is an extensive Library of animation elements made available, which can be individually configured. Fundamentally this was revised by Intershop catalog and product data management. Shop operators can now fairly straightforward set up catalogs for different target groups and channels, as well as administer. This product data to partners and affiliates can be exchanged and used as a lithograph for flyer or print catalogues, for example, without having to have special knowledge. This was also the various workflow steps in the back adjusted. Generally, the migration on the new Intershop Enfinity (version 6.0 to 6.4) product is advisable, but appropriate adjustments must be performed for this. Just functions that were subsequently implemented, can not be acquired without knowledge. Of companies should be but not deterred, because the new diversity (especially in the marketing and sales area) is so extensive and optimized, that it this is a future-oriented and strategic Orientation is.

Conversion Optimization For Landing Pages And Online Deals

Web site testing – the art of the experiment front Hui, behind Pooh – many online and shopping portals have immense effort to optimize their AdWords campaigns and online tools. At the same time unjustly neglected underlying Web pages and landing pages. Customers willing to purchase must laboriously fight towards the purchase of trails or find itself in confusing landing pages. User guide or even user experience no trace. Disappointed visitors who leave the frustrated are the rule.

How can interested parties but specifically to customers do? What is the button of customers prefer? Which form generates more registrations? Instead of falling into endless policy discussions, helps only trial and error rather than discuss. Twelve experts illustrate the art of the experiments in this book and show how Web pages and landing pages on heart and kidney are tested and optimized. More leads, more sales, more profit? Then only website testing and optimierung will help. With which procedures are online deals on heart and kidneys can test, in order to get the last out of the traffic information the reader on more than 340 pages. For online professionals, this book is an indispensable machete, which thins the jungle of Optimierunsverfahren and possibilities.

The authors show how clicks and conversion rates of landing pages, order processes, and Anmeldeformulalen be specifically optimized and what test methods are the best. First, all common test approaches in a book are presented together and put to the test. Practical introductions and detailed case studies of successful company like Neckermann, Autoscout24 to the German post office illustrate how professional website optimization. In this book, the reader will find answers to the following questions: when help user experience, rapid prototyping and eye-tracking? When remote tests support the optimization process? How to A/B testing, mouse tracking, and maps used? How multivariate testing with Google Website Optimizer and other Testsystemem? Frank Reese Site testing conversion optimization for landing pages and online offers 1st Edition BusinessVillage 2009 340 pages, ill. Illustrations ISBN 978-3938358-58-0 39.80 eb 806_Website Testing.HTML editors and authors editor and author of several chapters is Frank Reese, consultant in the field of traffic analysis and website optimization. He is one of the pioneers in this area. The author of numerous technical papers and speaker is author of the first German-language book on WebAnalytics and editor of the purchasing guide for Web analytics systems, has established itself as a standard. More authors of the work are recognized usability and E-commerce experts Daniel R. Schmeisser, Dirk Schulze, Martin crop, Andreas Selter, Tim Bosenick, Sebastian Wetterauer, Carsten Rehmann, Birger Friedrichs, Michael Jonas, Tobias Kauer and Oliver Rengelshausen. About BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books make the fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications find employees, managers, and Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts to the subject range success & career.

Educational Game WINS

Award ceremony of the German game prize zone 2 connect debunks TechForce, of the metal and electrical industry (M + industry) in order given recruiting and educational game, in the category of 75,000 EUR from serious game as the best game. Companies such as Ford, Deutz and Airbus put on the junior staff line. Thus catapulting zone 2 connect with TechForce before the nominees competing productions of Willi wills know: emergency rescuer in the usage and 2 two stone learning, training, games! as the most innovative, educationally valuable game to the top of the Computerspielbasierten game industry. About 150 entries, the Bernd Neumann Minister of State for culture awarded the prestigious German computer game award on March 31, 2009 in nine categories of game production and development in Munich for the first time at the best with prize money totaling 600,000 EUR. Neumann said at the computer game price borne jointly by the German Bundestag, the Federal Government and the computer games industry: As computer games have become a leading medium for many children and young people, I believe, that the cultural commitment to quality in the computer game market will affect economically.\” Zone 2 connect with the globally networked employers Association total metal Federation exhibit industry with a total 6,100 member companies such as Siemens AG, ThyssenKrupp AG, Airbus Germany GmbH, Deutz AG or Ford Germany GmbH, the more than 2 million workers to the 22 employers of M + E, joined the evidence. New accents in the up-and-coming advertising.

Wolfgang Gollub, head of employee retention with the employers Association of total metal, pleased with his new recruiting and communications communication way and accepted together with Thorsten Unger, CEO of zone 2 connect, the best price. The reading and utilization behavior of the main and real school leavers has fundamentally changed. The usual communication channels were alone no longer timely, therefore we have decided, through our young professionals of tomorrow a Computer game the opportunity to provide, with the occupational profiles of industry playfully deal to.


It makes direct boardings, but without tato (ability) with the other. It makes to be valid only its rights and ignores of the other. It blames the others and it uses sarcasm for ' ' ganhar' ' the situation. Maximum visual contact, high voice, aggressive attitude. Assertive – Search to defend its desires, without ignoring of the others. It makes direct boarding, but stating respect for the person. It hears and it looks for to understand the perspective of the other. Accepted agreements and solutions integrators.

It displays clearly its position, opinions and feelings. Its auto-they esteem is above of its concern for social approval. Aggressive liabilities/? It presents a mixing behavior, with elements of aggressiveness and passivity. Anxious for making right the accounts without running confrontation risks. Of the indirect answers/sarcasm.

Minimum visual contact and closed position. It is important to emphasize that these behaviors are situacionais, that is, we can in accordance with modify it the situations that the environment presents. However, it is natural that let us have one determined trend, that corresponds to our standard more usual, influenced for diverse aspects of our personality and our proper control on the emotions. BEHAVIOR PROBLEM the companies are formed by people and she does not advance to have all a structure, if they not to be felt motivated. this, comes occurring in many companies. According to Bergamini (1997), it is evident that the interest for the motivacional behavior in the work has, in these last decades, reached levels bonanza raised. As Glasser (1994, P. 15) it considers, ' ' The failure of the majority of our companies is not in the knowledge lack technician, and yes, in the way to deal with the people. The habit of the administrators in finding runs away to our understanding that the workers do not produce with quality only due to knowledge technician.


Coinstatt is two years old and invites one to test the complementary currency to the try out: Coinstatt giving away 50,000 coin! Quickly passed two eventful years. “In 2007, the founders of Coinstatt their unusual project started: as a response to the increasing shortage of money and as support of home-based alternatives, they created their own currency, the they coin” have called. Coins are vouchers that can be used in a network of selected specialist shops as complementary means of payment. Each coin has the value of a euro in the Federation. At the beginning, there was the bold idea to create a private currency. A concept was soon designed, but there was still no deals that would accept the new money.

Now there are over a hundred of the Coinstatt team personally selected shops, craft businesses and health care providers where you can pay part of the Bill with the coins. Currently there are (still) cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, where the dissemination of Coinstatt has begun, but it is already working on a further, finally Germany-wide dissemination. The starting concept has proven why also in other federal States to apply what has been developed so far! End of April a brochure with the directory of the industrial participants in Castrop-rauxel, Witten, Bochum, Monchengladbach and Schwelm Kamp-Lintfort will appear for the second birthday of Coinstatt. There are ten coins that can immediately be used as means of payment in this brochure, which is distributed free of charge. In this respect is Coinstatt, what many in the face of the economic crisis are calling to donate money for additional consumption namely interested consumers. Who on this Coinjunkturspritze”is interested in, can pick up free his ten coins in the cities mentioned in all Coinpartner shops. Peter Krause

New Pneumococcal Vaccine For The Smallest

The new parent portal babys.de informs also about health topics pneumococcal vaccination is recommended have long standing vaccination Committee (STIKO). Babies should receive a complete vaccination before the second birth day. Otherwise, pneumococcal can cause serious diseases, such as lung or meningitis. Just when a weakened immune system, this inflammation can be so hard that it comes even to sepsis (known commonly as blood poisoning). Hearing loss and epilepsy can occur as consequences of the disease. In up to 10 percent of cases, the illness ends even deadly. As babys.de now reported, there is now a new vaccine that better and more comprehensively to protect from such diseases. He protects from ten of the “main” pneumococcal types, while the previously used vaccine only seven of the bacteria was effective.

Especially the new vaccine now also the bacteria type 7F covers, for many serious diseases and Deaths is responsible. The parents Portal babys.de has made it his task to offer all the basic information in a place parents and also pairs with infertility. The treated areas are fertility and family planning, pregnancy and birth, naming, health, nutrition and development of the baby. The page should be an informative companion of the family up to the launch of the child in the kindergarten. In addition to the information area, there is also a community. Here the user can contact with each other and with the editorial in the forums. News like that to the new vaccine and other topics in addition to interviews and book recommendations can be found in the news blog. Although babys.de is only online for a few weeks, but already a particular favorite of the user has emerged: the online ovulation calendar that can be used for determine the fertile days. The portal is still growing and is constantly expanded. So, for example, cooperations with physicians and midwives are planned that can directly answer the questions of the user; but also more Online tools are to be incorporated, including a parents money calculator and a BMI calculator for children. Alexandra Preis