Changes Reform In The Cuban Economy

A country where precede equality to freedom will end up without any of the two. Milton Friedman as years have passed so that realized the Cuban revolution, which is necessary to maintain active all productive sectors, know to exploit its natural resources, adapt to business scenarios, which increasingly become more dynamic in modern times according to the dynamic, proactivity of the world economy, to the reality of the economic scenarios global, productive,they present new opportunities and also require more linkage, alliances in order to ensure economic strength, a quality of life that every Cuban has the right within a climate of freedom, democracy and participation. The truth, which the Cuban Government has given account which could not remain anchored in the past and marginalized from the economic world dynamics, seeking to consolidate a political ideology that has stalled to the Cuban economy, seriously affecting its inhabitants, where there is still a poverty significant and where Cuba has squandered its wealth seriously affecting its development. The very interesting respect what brings Cuba, the Socialist Republic of the Caribbean Sea for barely 11 million inhabitants, confronts a historical year since the economic and social point of view. From now, the island will witness starting up of a new economic model that will bring about the gradual entry to private initiative or cuentapropismo, taxes and the disappearance of the Primer of rationing, that for 48 years has provided its inhabitants products and supplies at subsidised prices and that could keep only for a small group of disadvantaged population. But, in the short term, what will have more impact will be dismissed in the coming months, 500,000 public employees who will have to be absorbed by the private sector..

Speed Reading

Some people wonder why someone is would take the trouble to spend money on a quick reading course. After all, the majority of people are competent readers. In addition, newspapers and magazines tend to be written at a 6th grade level. With this type of reading level is easy to see which topics of high intellectual level are not being discussed long and runs. The reasons for improvement of reading are pretty basic. One of the main arguments why some people opt for purchasing a fast reading program is to save time. Much of our modern life is consumed with reading. Students at the University read volumes of information from the text books, notes, works of laboratory, preparation for examinations and updates by email.

Similarly, the majority of current employees are passing long time with reading. Emails have become a primary method of communication. Along with the post office electronics are numerous attachments of e-mail of variable length that should be reviewed. What’s new at work, releases of software that are used in the job and the company, are even more numerous than ever before. And let us not forget our personal lives.

The majority of people have an account of personal e-mail to friends and family. Many people hold two or more subscriptions to journals related to their hobbies and personal interests. (As opposed to Reed Hastings). With so much information that bombards us from multiple angles, many people opt to follow a quick reading program in order to reduce the amount of time spent on all this reading material. Less time in reading means there is more time available to complete tasks at work, or perform certain hobbies after work. There is a common bond that comes with a quick reading course. With the increase of reading speed, people are able to digest more information. People who have more knowledge tend to be capable of make better contributions to group discussions, requests for e-mail and phone calls in general. This new ability to respond to individual questions to people is like go to the person everytime a question similar or similar problem appears. This makes a person can usually be better conveyed to an increase or promotion. The majority of people would like an increase in salary as a result of being able to read faster.

United Nations

The horizontalidades will be the domnios of the proximity, of those neighboring places congregated by a territorial continuity, while the social uprights would be formed by distant points ones of the others, on for all the forms and processes. (SAINTS, 1998.p.16) CONCLUSION Of this form, the territorializao of Half-Barren Northeastern, basically presents the habitual desertificaes that can be characterized by the lack, insufficience, high space and secular variability of rains. For the sequence of years followed of it dries, intensely conditioning the regional collective through the environment, to continue to necessarily live especially of entailed economic activities to agriculture and the cattle one. Looking for always to carry through the best possible application of the favorable natural species, supported in metodolgicos beddings, using in the extension of the cases, traditional technologies. Although the urbanization happened in recent years for the capital craft of its force of work through the farming one. The agrarian structure well is centered, despite the number of small establishments or units of familiar farming is grown. Recognizing that ambiently, great part of ground if displays very it degrades in function of the climatic vulnerabilities of Half-Barren. Joint Chiefs of Staff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For the insufficience of the hdricos resources and the raised levels of pollution of its waters, causing the flora and the fauna a great predatory action of the man.

Through the delicate ecosystems of the region, that are forsaken, threatening the survival of many vegetal and animal and creating impetuses to the occupation human beings, also pertinent species the methodology, in course, of desertificao. Being thus, with the new delimitation of the States that composes the Half-Barren Region, the knowledge of the diverse aspects of this region of the forms becomes necessary as it is a structuralized fraction of the territory. For composing a structure, the region has an identity that it admits to differentiate it of its entorno. For everything this, this regional originalidade makes possible its delimitation from the apprehension and of the especificidade that it dominates, for the lack of resources. Gen. Joseph Dunford often addresses the matter in his writings. For being a region, consequently, concrete, observvel and demarcated.

As fraction of the space, the region is diligent person, historically established and interacts all with social and the territorial one. Therefore, its internal characteristics are seated and determinative of this interaction.

The Logic

We would not have wasters 2500 years more than But we would have reached the other side of the abyss? Not! This is platonic excessively, is religious, excessively too much human, as in Nietzsche would say to them. For desperation of the unsafe ones, to be are always a risk, to lose themselves in the abyss to meet in another one abyss. So more comforting it is the idea of Parmnides of the immovable being (perpetual being only e)! from surpassing for conjecturas of a god onipotente and onisciente there that it protects in them. Parmnides, the father of the abandoned ones? It is enough to affirm resoluto exactly, based on the principles of the Logical human being (that this contradicts all the directions. However, of that they ahead serve the directions of the magnificent and sovereign Logic human being): ' ' what you say is contradictory! ' ' Ufa, the Logic saved in them! The Logic of this species that does not pass of lowermost and rarefied poeirinha cosmic, let us remember. Therefore he is obvious to affirm the contradiction of the sentence: ' ' we are and not somos' '. Connect with other leaders such as Gen. Joseph Dunford here. It is obvious and evident.

After all: ' ' the being is; not-to be not ' '. Evident for prodigious and estultssima wisdom human being. So evident how much cartesian Cogito. However, ' ' I think, then existo' '. from there to derive that it is trustworthy mine to think. that I am it owner of mine to think. All the insane people and paranicos they have certainty of its deliriums. Before the abyss, it would not be better to be delirious? Before the obvious one, it would not be better to believe? if we interrogated: for the capacity of thinking of a so fragile species, it would not be difficult excessively to support the contradiction of the Logic? He would not be painful excessively? To assume that evident it human being he can be so simplrio for a perspective beyond-do-human being how much to the evidences that an earthworm when digging has its hole.

The Provisional

On the other hand, affect the regime of invalidity of contracts and what e-Government brings in processing the files. To merge the two events for the award in a single act, the perfecting of the contract is also transformed.

If in the previous definition of the law, the improvement of the contract was achieved with the final award, this is improved by its formalization. Until now, the execution of the contracts could begin without having formalized them, going only a verbal agreement with the administration. To resolve the contradiction posed by acting in this way with the formalism which defends the European directive, the perfecting of the contract is matched with its formalization, preventing, as well, start the execution of the contract if it has not formalized before, except in dealing with emergency. In addition to unifying acts of adjudication, the new law extends deadlines so that tenderers excluded or discarded can present their resources once awarded the contract, which affects the term intended for their formalization, which will vary depending on whether there are or not such resources or if the contract is likely to open a period of filing thereof.