New Mission

They had been pacified in 1700 by the Priest Joo of Matos Mountain range and converted later for the Armelites, who had organized villages in the places today called Barbalha, Crato, Old Mission and New Mission, in the Cear. By participating of the movements of 1703 and 1706 allies ics, had been related between the tribes who would have to be verwhelmed, what she must not have happened, therefore in 1780 had been transferred of the Crato, together with other aldeamentos to the neighborhoods of the headquarters of the Captainship. Little numerous, easily they were fundiram to the neobrasileira population, the Massacar, Masakar. They belonged to the great group of> Old Tapera civilized (Nasser 1984). Of the crossing of these information it is the investigation if this sector of the San Francisco would not be ancestral place of these groups, that however if congregated, however if separated, exhausting for the islands and continent.

Amongst the Rodela of bigger prominence, it consists Francisco RodelTux, Tuch, Tush, Txaled. They were located in the confluence of the Paje and in the mission of They are Joo Baptist (current Rodelas), having been identified in the village of the Mission of S. Flix, as Abacatiara. Traditions of this group lead to believe that they have been aldeados still in Installation and Saint Maria. Currently is recognized Tux tribe of the Prokz nation. The gentlico tux can have origin in Txale, great river, name that the Fulni give to the river San Francisco, meaning Txale-d, of the river San Francisco, as explicativa note of Estvo Young chicken (Young chicken 1958b: 57,81). Relating this information to the one of Hohenthal for the origin of> father, meaning therefore, children of the inhabitants of the river great San Francisco, Tux would have the meaning of inhabitants of the great river what it would be in accordance with the origin who if they attribute these indians if considering indians of the river, even so last rama of its ancestor, the trunks, whom they are the Procaz or Peri, synonymous of Pre, Small Pig, Little pig (Sampaio-Hiss, 1997:36).