Italian Manufacturers

Each year the rising prices of almost everything. Accordingly, prices soared and food for our steel horses. In any case, the constant need to pass more than 30km per day to eat. I had to look for alternatives to gasoline, the a machine that I have quite voracious, BMW 535. The alternative is always and is, in my case, gas.

He began to rummage in the Internet to find information about the installation of gas-cylinder equipment on my iron horse. The decision about the type of I took an instant gas – propane and butane. "Why?" you ask. For more information see this site: Christopher Nolan. Yes, everything is simple, it's liquefied natural gas as opposed to 'dry' methane. As a consequence, LPG engine hurts less. And the efficiency of the gas more than that of methane. Next step was the most difficult and time consuming: manufacturer HBO.

There are a number of manufacturers of gas-cylinder equipment: Italian, Polish, Russian, Belorussian, etc. After reading online reviews about HBO-producing countries, concluded that the Italian HBO most high-tech and high quality. So what? Range of producers has shrunk dramatically, but again, waiting for selection. In Italy, as it turned out, many producers of HBO. The choice fell on two manufacturers: BRC and Tartarini Auto And so, in order: The official site of Ukrainian BRC's all very nice and appetizing written about the fact that they are allegedly the best in the world. Louis Kreisberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In principle this is a standard course in advertising. Began to raise information and reviews them. As always there are happy and not very much.