One of the interesting concepts proposed by the NLP is cultivating an attitude of curiosity, observation with interest sometimes are surprised ourselves by watching us in an attitude of self-observation and with that we can draw valuable conclusions about personal aspects that we recognize and that we can change and improve. Happens that many times we need a new solution out somehow of what grabs us and find new options and new ways to solve a problem or particular situation. You begin to see things from other points of view, expand our approach and options, try to make other readings of reality (inside and outside) is an aspect that the person is making to take contact with personal development including NLP tools. A. through applied NLP, vas making contact with your world inside is a new world to be with your thoughts with your images, internal sounds, sensations are going to develop a sensory acuity than You can go moving it toward your outer and everyday reality so you can begin to expand. With programming (NLP) can discover, work with all those internal processes that precede the behavior of a person and know how to modify them, and with this, you can actually change behaviour or unwanted behaviors. If that you add a purpose and initiative itself, personal, wanting to improve aspects of your own life, behavior, communication, etc the Neurolinguistic programming, its techniques and resources can help you greatly achieve what you propose! As one learns and practices NLP, actually begins to see things in a more acute way begin to see opportunities, personal and aspects in dealing with other human beings, that went completely unnoticed! The fact to NLP approach means that you have the concern of improving something, some aspect or aspects of your life and is a great start! Based on my experience, if you have enough dedication, and you can use that NLP can be useful in insurance it will be able to positively transform your everyday reality. And this is something that nobody is going to be able to remove you’ve ever purchased new knowledge that’s so powerful applies on multiple activities and you’ve developed a range of skills, including sensory acuity that will serve to your life! Do you want to know something more of NLP and how to use it to improve your life? You can get two for free E-Books of Neurolinguistic programming, so you can begin to acquire these powerful knowledge that undoubtedly improve the life of the human being and extend your options….