Studio Design

Additionally required: Sound card and speakers, connecting to the local network that is compatible with the protocol tcp / ip, video card with hardware accelerated graphics 3D, the device for input / output video, joystick, midi-instruments. Based on 3D Studio max was developed three-dimensional modeling package designed for architectural and industrial design. Items may be subjected to the animation, for example, to see how will open the doors and windows and how it will change with the lighting of the space. With this program, Basis Furniturer effectively designed furniture of various shapes and configurations, create drawings and three-dimensional views, and if desired, automate all processes of furniture production. How to get into a new house ArCon program is fairly simple, easy to use and designed just for the design of flats, houses and cottages.

All of the most daring design ideas come to mind, the program provides three-dimensional image. Ambient is also able to see your future home the way you see it. You can design an entirely new design, imagine how will look flat after redevelopment, what would be your vacation home at the end of its construction and finish. Program allows you to choose to taste the windows, doors, plumbing, furniture, lamps, washing machine, refrigerator and other necessities. You will be able to get into a new house or apartment to update before they will be created, walk around the room, see any, even the smallest details, to appreciate the convenience of planning, to realize how much you will be devised practical and comfortable for you and your family's life. A If you do not have a colorful imagination and come up with something for you difficult to achieve, you can use a library of standard interior, which is included in the program.

Here you can choose ready-made projects for apartments and for cottage. Pretty easy to use program VisiCon, which serves to interior design and architectural design. You can use it to design the apartments and a separate room, arrange furniture and interior. The program can construct some simple objects and report the results in three-dimensional image.