WEFRA Can Do More: Strengthen Of Cooperation

MEDICE relies also Perenterol on the healthcare professionals of Neu-Isenburg, 16.07.2013 success for the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt : under the motto Perenterol can do more”which secured an additional budget of pharmaceutical company MEDICE from Iserlohn to healthcare of specialized communication professionals. Convinced the development of a new positioning and integrated campaign for the leading brand among the anti-Diarrhoika. Visit Christopher Nolan for more clarity on the issue. Focus which it clearly on the product benefits and thus increase of Perenterol, which is effective for diarrhea, as well as in the prevention of traveler’s diarrhea. Whenever Mark Zuckerberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The campaign created by five subsidiaries of the WEFRA together is through all communication channels through change: be it HV materials for the pharmacies, sales materials, a new online presence or the accompanying public relations display routes in the audience area,. Objective the communication it, the added value of Perenterol to clarify and to provide, in the context of a relevant target group is ultimately the Brand presence to increase,”says MEDICE senior product manager Petra Raffelsiepen. MEDICE.

“Matthias Haack, Managing Director of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt, adds: for this we take an integrated approach, to join the companies, classic, digital, Public Relations and media hand in hand.” Key elements which Perenterol presents itself immediately to doctors, pharmacists and consumers, are clear messages, fresh, clean design and a straightforward representation of the proven product as hero. Winning Perenterol, the WEFRA expanding advertising agency Frankfurt their business relationship to MEDICE. Already for several years, WEFRA classic WEFRA PR, WEFRA digital and WEFRA media serving the communication of the business unit, Nephrology. Also WEFRA provide classic as well as WEFRA digital creative advertising and online activities for the business field of ADHD. The quality of the co-operation pays off: so the new Isenburg received by MEDICE the skin care product Soventol supports digital from now the construction treatment Medivitan and WEFRA recently not only awarded Perenterol, WEFRA PR.

About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt integrated strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt. Eight specialized agencies brings together under one roof, are the guarantee for its sustainable implementation. About 75 communication specialists in the eight subsidiaries WEFRA classic, digital, WEFRA media, WEFRA MediPlus, HEAL Germany, WEFRA publishing and WEFRA consult are WEFRA PR, WEFRA for a communication that creates value. Press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH media Dicker WEG 1 WEFRA House 63263 Neu-Isenburg OT Zeppelinheim Silke Schrader management Tel. + 49 (0) 69 / 695008-18 fax + 49 (0) 69 / 695008-71

Company Formation In The United States – Possibilities Of The Virtual Office

The possibility of the virtual US offices: the fastest way to the global expansion exactly but what is a virtual office? A virtual office comprises in most cases a prestigious postal address, US phone and fax number and thus in principle everything that exists in a real Office in the United States with appropriate Secretariat. For even more details, read what Mark Zuckerberg says on the issue. Your company entry into the market of the largest economy in the world, via the virtual office, must not necessarily mean be connected with a significant financial investment. The version of the virtual office will appeal to especially cost-conscious founder and Start-Up entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs. However, the version of the virtual office also for German medium-sized companies, E.g. for the purpose of testing the American market can be quite interesting. In the following once the advantages of this variant in the short overview: possible advantages in establishing the virtual US representative choice of a representative town and business address for your business, professional Letterheads and business cards with your new U.S. business addresses (no PO BOX, or a mailbox) possibility of a personalised telephone services on-site: answer according to the customer’s request, message forwarding, availability for customers in the United States during usual business hours, all calls in the United States are placed, avoiding the problem of the delay costs of Office and business premises rental of meeting and conference rooms and day offices in negotiations locally in the United States typically cost possible, flexible hours and facilities no costly investments in Office equipment, computer and telephone and photocopiers minimizing fixed costs, flexibility with respect to costs in times of crisis under circumstances access to several locations in the United States forwarding the mail and faxes received after Germany especially in the Start-Up phase of your business worth so definitely the classic solution of the rental of office premises with the To compare variant of the establishment of a virtual office. Also a possible withdrawal from the business should United States, in the event of any failure of your company in the United States, significantly easier and cheaper fail. If you should be interested in hiring a virtual office in the United States, we assist you with advice and assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on the topic. For more information on our homepage at

Easy, Fast And Cheap – Looking Through SMF Records

With the help of SMF2XL, the SMF raw data can be loaded from mainframe systems directly in Excel. With the help of the new, both tools SMF2XL, the SMF raw data can be downloaded from mainframe systems directly in Excel and are already five minutes later in folders sorted for different search and analysis available. The ease of use on a Windows machine accelerates the availability of data and increases the flexibility and productivity of system analysts. Another area of use of the new tools SMF2XL is the processing of content in the SMF records to create graphs and reports for the management. The field names match the SMF documentation from IBM, which allows a simple search to certain fields. The usage of the tools is concrete demand and succeed quickly and flexibly, without much effort.

Typical examples are seeking certain RACF records (record types 80) in the system or the analysis of the causes for loss of important datasets. The small Windows application runs on any PC or laptop and is available via a simple licensing model against an annual rent of 2500 euros per company available. There is no limit on a certain number of users or systems, it can be parallel on different computers as often as installed and used. The interest for the new tool SMF2XL on the IBM System z Technical University 2013 in Munich was exceedingly great. Never before there was a simple way to get the content from SMF data and to analyse them. In addition, the simple license model with its inexpensive, user – and system-independent, annual rent increases the attractiveness of the offer. We are pleased to inform our customers in the German market through the applications of SMF2XL. If you are interested please contact for a no-obligation consultation to the distributors of EPV-technologies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the TPS DATA GmbH in Karlsruhe.

Your contact, Mr. Hartmut Rombach, looking forward to your call at 0721 9887233 or your E-Mail at. Contact: TPS DATA GmbH Hartmut Rombach Lowenstrasse 20 76199 Karlsruhe Tel. 0721 / 988 7233 founded fax 0721 / 988 7234 which was the TPS DATA GmbH as the consultancy in Karlsruhe in 1996 by Hartmut Rombach and tungsten Greis. At its second location in Zurich, trades society as TPS DATA AG and thus ensures a direct support of its Swiss customers. “The slogan z-business is our business” is clearly the focus of the company around current mainframe technologies to the point. The central themes are in the areas of performance management and capacity planning, security concepts and security analysis as well as in the integration of new technologies, including different platforms. The portfolio consists of three business areas to which the vendor neutral, competent (1) consultancy and project management of also an extensive (2) seminar and workshop offer which can be carried out also in English. Special software tools (3) form the third pillar of the Company EPV-technologies and InnovizeIT (Windows, AIX, Solaris, Linux, VMWare, zLINUX) optimising of IBM mainframes, distributed systems and as a distributor in the German-speaking acts DB2 landscapes on all platforms for which the TPS DATA. The TPS DATA is a long-standing and active member of the computer measurement group ceCMG and the Guide share Europe GSE.


New SEPA direct debit collection service as Internet startup. With SEPA.NET, green Software AG offers simple changeover for all users of the DTAUS direct debit procedure without software conversion. Aachen, 18.07.2013. With the new, Internet-based service SEPA.NET, the Aachener software company green Software AG offers a solution for all users of proven DTAUS direct debit scheme, whose inventory software is capable of not SEPA. The system supports the mandate administration, converting classic account in IBAN and BIC, Prenotifikationen, processing of SEPA-XML files and also the management and documentation of the catchment operations itself. The SEPA.NET service we launched as a startup, to provide a simple, quick and professional way for SEPA collection, without need for a software change”, explains Dr. Oliver Grun, CEO of green Software AG. The offer is aimed at all users of software solutions, in which a transition to the new, more complex SEPA requirements are no longer planned.

Such About Club administrations, insurance software, software solutions, ERP solutions, individual programs, etc., produce the DTAUS files, tried and tested for decades, which are converted so far as feed files at the Bank as a final step. February 2014, the new European SEPA rules apply but in the course of the Europeanization of the payments. According to the SEPA requirements it is not sufficient however to convert only files, but there are a number of requirements to mandate management, advertisement for a forthcoming collection in the payer with cancellation option (Prenotifikation) and much more. The SEPA.NET service allows you to play up the DTAUS files, optional supplementary address now and then offers the possibility to meet SEPA requirements easily from the cloud. The proven old software can then easily continue to use SEPA.NET-Nutzer without modification. Green Software AG brings 20 years experience in the field of direct debit collections. Software systems of the provider are according to own more than one billion euros on Direct debit collections performed in several European countries.

In terms of the current discussions is pointed out explicitly the server location in Germany in the Green own datacenter in Aachen and the validity of the German Data Protection Act. The Green Software AG (www.gruen.net) is a medium-sized software company with Internet and software solutions for special industries such as Member and donor agencies, training providers and warehouse logistics. More than 1 billion euros in donations handled software solutions of the market-leading company by about 3 billion of total donations in Germany. Over 1,000 installations include organizations such as the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Kolping Society Germany, Wikimedia, Misereor or dbb German officials Federal customers. Still, services outsourcing services such as data center services and data services are offered about the green business. To be giftGRuN with advertising agency round out the portfolio of creative services in the areas of interactive media and advertising. For over 20 years, now roughly 100 employees in the headquarters in Aachen, as well as in the offices in Berlin, Vienna and Bratislava serve customers throughout Europe.

Tailor-made Offers You Can Now Easily

High cost savings in supply management through CCS solution by legodo creating individual B2B offerings in sales generated in normally very complex processes, because comprehensive data researched and must be included different areas of the company. This high personnel and coordination effort is reduced with the customer communication suite (CCS) of the legodo ag by at least 50 percent because she highly automates the processes even with extensive services. At the same time significantly mitigate the complex procedures typically high risks of error. In recent months, Christopher Nolan has been very successful. Belongs to the special features of this solution, creating enterprise-wide integrated processes, involving also participation of different sites at the quotation when necessary. You may want to visit Christopher Nolan to increase your knowledge. This is made possible by the integrative orientation of the legodo suite, which can be accessed on all data relevant to the creation of a range of CRM, ERP and other business applications. Thus the requirements for centralized management of all content such as templates, texts are at the same time and To images created and automated them according to corporate design combined with the individual offers. A high level of transparency and security creates flexible versioning of the offer documents at the same time. The consistent consideration of legal requirements and compliance policies in the creation of B2B offers one of the advantages of the legodo solution. User also a pre-configured bid process in the CRM process implemented, offer documents can then according to predefined elements and data push of a button generate. “The key benefit is that for a successful sales process are important response times significantly reduced and the costs per offer significantly reduced”, explains legodo Board Member Marc Koch and added: demanding can be too easy. ” He refers in this connection on the experiences of a DAX-listed customer organization, its international sales team with the help of CCS required only a quarter of the previous time, the individual offers to create. The enormous effort and time savings resulting in particular, data manually must be used from multiple price lists and other information sources and prepared individually for each customer, but automated processes can be used.” According to the legodo observations often but still no tools if used to automate, although the quotations in almost every industry has become more complex and also stricter compliance rules would have to be taken into account. The classically manual processes thereby bind precious sales resources. Also created”considerable risk of errors in the coordination of the most numerous stakeholders and various documents, Cook outlined typical disadvantages. Depending on the quotation process is more complex and complicated, the use of a tool such as our CCS solution is more necessary and more effective.”

Anniversary Offer: New Product Allows Current Mainframe Analysis

EPV-technologies celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2013 and offers the EPV for z/OS NL (nearline) product for a very reasonable annual price of 5,000 on this occasion. With this new product, an analysis of a mainframe system for a day is possible, i.e. current problems in an LPAR, a fast and clear evaluation can be timely. Often complex and time-intensive analysis be performed in unclear situations in an LPAR. To minimize time required, loaded the SMF data from this system and automatically create a set of comprehensive reports for this LPAR. The special offer is time limited to the year 2013.

Who so wants to secure the benefits of the new product and the price of the Jubilee, should react quickly. “We are pleased to inform our customers in the German-speaking market of the detailed analysis possibilities and applications of EPV for z/OS NL” in a personal discussion or presenting EPV for z/OS NL “under live conditions in your Companies. If you are interested please contact for a no-obligation consultation to the distributors of EPV-technologies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the TPS DATA GmbH in Karlsruhe. Your contact, Mr. Hartmut Rombach, looking forward to your call at 0721 9887233 or your E-Mail under. Contact: TPS DATA GmbH Hartmut Rombach Lowenstrasse 20 76199 Karlsruhe Tel.

0721 / 988 7233 fax 0721 / 988 7234 about the TPS DATA GmbH: the TPS DATA GmbH as consultancy in Karlsruhe, Germany from Hartmut Rombach and Wolfram Greis founded in 1996. At its second location in Zurich, trades society as TPS DATA AG and thus ensures a direct support of its Swiss customers. “The slogan z-business is our business” is clearly the focus of the company around current mainframe technologies to the point. The central themes are in the areas of performance management and capacity planning, security concepts and security analysis as well as in the integration of new technologies, including different platforms. The portfolio consists of three business areas to which the vendor neutral, competent (1) consultancy and project management of also an extensive (2) seminar and workshop offer which can be carried out also in English. Special (3) software tools of company EPV technologies constitute the third pillar and InnovizeIT to optimize by IBM mainframes, distributed systems (Windows, AIX, Solaris, Linux, VMWare, zLINUX) and the TPS DATA DB2 landscapes on all platforms for which acts as distributor in German-speaking countries. The TPS DATA is a long-standing and active member of the computer measurement group ceCMG and the Guide share Europe GSE.

OSC Held On 14 And 15 November 2013 The HCM Annual Event.

Current topics and developments in the SAP area are at the HCM annual event focuses on HCM. “Hamburg, 18.07.2013 under the slogan of human resources management in a changing tab by new impulses” held the OSC AG on 14 and 15.11 2013 in Timmendorfer Strand now 15 SAP HCM annual event. The audience has the possibility to inform yourself comprehensively and firsthand about current legal requirements, the latest technologies and trends in the area of SAP HCM. An expert forum on SAP is also BI strategies. In particular, the following lectures are planned: Payroll strategic HR SAP HCM technology SAP business intelligence offering forums an informative, practical, with customer reports and solution-oriented program. The SAP HCM annual event of OSC AG has in recent years established itself as meeting place and forum for SAP users, staff the calculator, human resources manager, HR administrator, HR organizers, BI professionals and SAP partner. The event will be rounded off by one Technology exhibition of OSC partner KABA GmbH, Kreutzer Office and data technology PCS Systemtechnik GmbH, company health insurance mobile oil, DRAKOS GmbH industrial software consulting and sovanta AG.

This offers participants the opportunity to inform on the various technical subjects such as access control systems, print services, data acquisition and consumer apps and to connect with the companies in the direct dialogue. For more information, events/hr hcm year event / company profile the company OSC AG was founded in 1993 in Lubeck pilot for SMEs is positioned as the ERP. At the heart of the OSC services are the holistic management consulting and the implementation of the concepts with products of SAP AG, Walldorf. The company employs currently 80 permanent staff in four offices (Lubeck, Hamburg, Hannover and Dortmund) with consulting revenues of more than EUR 8 million in 2011. Since November 2012, OSC is a subsidiary of the all for one Steeb AG Group of companies. For the all One Steeb AG is with > 2,000 customers and > 700 employees the number 1 under the SAP partners in the German-speaking world. Contact OSC AG Tesdorpfstr. 8 20148 Hamburg Carolin Wildt Tel 040-325248-0 E-Mail:

Through Social Media Courses To More Sales

Marketing training knowledge valuable social media social media get in the business world increasingly important. Used almost exclusively private individuals had an account at networks such as YouTube and Facebook, you can see more and more companies that want to win new customers on these platforms for some time. The promotions run but often in the empty, those responsible have no adequate knowledge in social media marketing. To end this situation, more and more companies book social media courses. Such a course takes usually one or two days and is carried out by experienced Internet professionals who are well versed in the world of social media.

Although today almost each company employee has a profile in one or more of the major social networks it is but a difference, whether it uses the platforms for exchanging with friends or for the company in charge of marketing. At the beginning of the event, the seminar leader gives an introduction to the social media. The individual networks differ significantly in regard to the structure of the users and the traffic. Twitter inexorably approaching the threshold of one billion “tweets” on the day an incredible number, which shows how much potential exists here. Gen. Martin Dempsey takes a slightly different approach. To take advantage from this, there is a sensible strategy, which must fit seamlessly into the marketing strategy of the company. Social media courses are strongly oriented; Participants should be enabled in a position independently to establish corporate presences in social networks and maintain.

Numerous practice examples, the staff learn how to use Twitter and co. to do so, to affect the image of the company in a positive way. This communication plays a crucial role with other users. A website is not a self runner to the desired success to achieve, is it to be necessary, active and to participate in discussions. Social media courses teach you a great deal of knowledge that the average Internet user does not have. Is a personal Facebook profile quickly created, the bar is higher for a corporate presence. Social media courses devoted to detail about Facebook Marketing for good reason: with 800 million users, this portal is one of the most visited Internet sites at all. The opportunities are huge, and in social media courses, the participants learn how to build a bigger fan base after. Choosing the right network is also an important success factor. A platform like “LinkedIn” suited to the acquisition of business customers; It operates an online shop for sporting goods, however, networks such as Facebook and Pinterest are the right choice. Contact: Arthur Ergen c/o online portal service AG Solarwatt 3 CH-8050 Zurich Tel: + 41 (0) 840 000 888 mobile: + 41 (0) 76 348 24 22

How The Transfer / Porting Your Fax Number To An Online Fax Service?

How the transfer / porting your fax number to an online fax service? Popfax assigns to a local fax number you receive faxes in over 500 cities in more than 20 countries. There is no difference between a number of fax by Popfax.com and a traditional fax number. If you already have a fax number, you can port them to Popfax.com. Because the faxing is still an important form of business communication in the world, every company needs a fax number for increased availability in the professional area such as also increased productivity. Increase your efficiency and reliability, are using the Professional fax solution offered by Popfax, and start online via your fax number appropriate to your fax communication. You purchase a local fax number Popfax a local fax number offers to receive your faxes online or via email. Subscribe to select from 23 available countries. There is no difference between an Internet fax number of Popfax.com and a traditional fax number.

The Popfax number is private: you can keep them by subscription renewal for an unlimited time. To obtain a fax number, select a send & receive subscription from and the desired preset of your future fax number: a fax number is automatically assigned to your account and can be retained indefinitely by renewing the appropriate account. Many companies need for confidential reasons fax numbers for employees in different departments. Thanks to the option Popfax group, can you put other account with fax numbers for each Department on an account, manage and provide with additional sending credit. A fax number already available you should have a fax number already have, can this port you to Popfax – accordingly you will continue to receive your faxes on your existing fax number.

You can keep both your accustomed fax number and benefit from all the advantages of a professional fax services provided by Popfax. Should take your fax number want to sit under in connection with us and subscribe the number portability offer for only 140 EUR, which includes: 2 years ‘Sending and receiving’ subscription with free incoming fax; 100 Pages of the fax to send; Options Pack for the subscription is activated; Free number portability. Thanks to the Faxnummernportabilitat you can take your fax number to Popfax without disrupting your existing fax communication and to inform your customers a new fax number. The number portability is currently only available for fax numbers in France, Spain, Romania and United States. Should it not be possible to port the fax number, you could then purchase a new fax number with Popfax. Not to miss the calls made to the previous fax number, you can forward them to the new pop fax number. Accordingly, you will enjoy service starting immediately the varied features of the Popfax. Or, you can disable the old fax number. Your preferred fax number to a desired or preferred Select the fax number, your requirements in accordance with; to correspond to the numbering of your brand or to save customers a simpler note of fax number. Get a preferred fax number for only 10 euros. Optimize your fax communication at any time, if you want to receive your faxes or send. Do this directly from your computer. Your faxes are sent immediately with Popfax. Receive you can also by several correspondents simultaneously. Take advantage of our all-inclusive fax services from all the advantages!

Grand Hotel

Shopping is also part of the inspiring activities, too happy to succumb during fashion week in Paris. Luxury brands like Chloe and Christian Louboutin are almost a ‘ must-have ‘ for fashion possessed, even if it is limited only on the reputation of the shop window displays. Antiques, secondhand clothing and General level, the store rows in the Marais district are ideally suited for hours stroll, while offers the Le Bon Marche department store on the left bank of the Seine, restaurants and fashion stores under one roof. To help travellers at its “most fashionable time” to get to know Paris, agoda.com has secured a number of low-cost hotel deals in French capital. Accommodation in the “fashion capital of the world” are however especially during fashion week is often fully occupied, therefore early booking advisable. Who wants to go to Paris some time later: some of the following offers are valid until December into. stay agoda.com hotel deals for Paris fashion week 2012 with style! Regina Hotel 4 star from 349 per night. Cambon Hotel 4 star from 248 per night.

Cancellations not refundable. Hotel O Paris 20% discount – opening offer! From 215 per night. Valid until 31 October 2012 Villa Mazarin 4 star from 248 per night. Clarion Collection Etoile Saint Honore 4 stars from 219 per night. Valid until December 31, 2012. offer cancellations not refundable. Hotel Tronchet 3.5 star from 168 per night. Hotel GAT Folies 3 star – 5% discount! From 110 per night.

Valid until 31 December 2012 offer cancellations not refundable. Grand Hotel de Normandie 3 star from 247 per night. Offer cancellations not refundable. Le Burgundy Paris 5 star luxury accommodation! From 856 per night. Jules Hotel 4 Star – 12% discount! From 405 per night. Valid until December 16, 2012. Cancellations not refundable. About Agoda Company Pte Ltd: Agoda Company Pte Ltd (www.agoda.de) is a leading, Asia-based online hotel reservation service, which specializes in offering the best hotel prices. Agoda.de group is a part of Priceline (NASDAQ: PCLN). The Agoda’s network includes more than 170,000 hotels worldwide. The staff of over 1000 professionals all over the world guarantee a first-rate reservation service, which combines local knowledge and local connections in a unique way, to provide the best hotel offers both business and leisure travellers. In addition, the Agoda customers participate on the Agoda rewards program and earn additional discounts and free stays. Not equal to other programs that integrate travelers on a single chain, allows the customer the Agoda-rewards program at any time at thousands of hotels all over the world to redeem reward points. As a member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) it Agodas goal is to promote the travel, making it easier and more accessible to more people.