It’s like Yes, between the two there is a hidden agreement: you worry for me, while I continue with my behavior, so with one who cares enough so the codependent people, suffer from an excess of liability against the conduct of others, especially of his partner, they are so focused on the lives of others, of great love, that are forgottenthat they are not able to make charges of themselves, their problems and their lives. they, depend in large measures of dependence on their partners. Codependent people grow is, initially, complacent, then desperate, because his intention is to change the direction of his partner and their relationship and life. It’s a losing battle, his partner, only going to change, when he or she decide it, there is no other alternative solution. Yes are very aware of the behavior of your partner, if it bothers you what does, yes are willing to do whatever, so that your partner will change, certainly are living in the cursed Codependence.

If you are logged in these qualities, perhaps, require, a treatment or get in a specialist manso or attending support groups. You need to make you charge it, and then be able to make you responsible for others. There is no other alternative. I would love that I write and know your opinion. But if you’re in love and suffer, certainly need to rethink how you engage in your relationships and your personal life. Cecreto is a space dedicated to the quality of emotional vid. It has electronic material that you recover confidence in love, but above all, love yourself. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive free: the ten commandments of life with your partner how to recover trust in love, wounds and scars on the couple relationship.

Market Conveyor

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The Doorman

Eulalio my singular friend To six in the morning the brother doorman she strikes with his knuckles in the door and Eulalio, disciplinadamente one rises to fulfill the work of every day. From the outside, now in December everything is silence. The night it goes being won and in the pupils of Eulalio there is a desire precise to clean up to arrive the sooner at his command post. When the clock of the recibidor of the fore door shells the seven the activity it is perceived in house-calls to account of old, and when the first lights of the day salute already to the town in the kitchen they are ready the breakfasts. Eulalio has breakfast to eight white coffee and cakes.

If it has more desire takes a yogurt, because the toasts do not enter to him well to lack set of teeth. Immediately afterwards one becomes to his position of doorman and watches well who enters and leaves. It is a senior posts, it knows that the brothers have deposited their confidence in him and always tries to carry out it perfectly. About the twelve one is going away to the street to take a coffee in a bar near, and it returns to eat and to remain in portera until the four, that is when it releases a companion and to that it takes advantage of time to occur it a stroll by the town. The first time that I asked Eulalio for the plant second made me wait for until she appeared a nun it accompanied and me to the interior. The second time was Sunday and as it already knew I greeted it to the way and continues to the interior. Eulalio got upset very enormously and when coming out it admonished to me to jump the norms and their monitoring to me.