Educational Game WINS

Award ceremony of the German game prize zone 2 connect debunks TechForce, of the metal and electrical industry (M + industry) in order given recruiting and educational game, in the category of 75,000 EUR from serious game as the best game. Companies such as Ford, Deutz and Airbus put on the junior staff line. Thus catapulting zone 2 connect with TechForce before the nominees competing productions of Willi wills know: emergency rescuer in the usage and 2 two stone learning, training, games! as the most innovative, educationally valuable game to the top of the Computerspielbasierten game industry. About 150 entries, the Bernd Neumann Minister of State for culture awarded the prestigious German computer game award on March 31, 2009 in nine categories of game production and development in Munich for the first time at the best with prize money totaling 600,000 EUR. Neumann said at the computer game price borne jointly by the German Bundestag, the Federal Government and the computer games industry: As computer games have become a leading medium for many children and young people, I believe, that the cultural commitment to quality in the computer game market will affect economically.\” Zone 2 connect with the globally networked employers Association total metal Federation exhibit industry with a total 6,100 member companies such as Siemens AG, ThyssenKrupp AG, Airbus Germany GmbH, Deutz AG or Ford Germany GmbH, the more than 2 million workers to the 22 employers of M + E, joined the evidence. New accents in the up-and-coming advertising.

Wolfgang Gollub, head of employee retention with the employers Association of total metal, pleased with his new recruiting and communications communication way and accepted together with Thorsten Unger, CEO of zone 2 connect, the best price. The reading and utilization behavior of the main and real school leavers has fundamentally changed. The usual communication channels were alone no longer timely, therefore we have decided, through our young professionals of tomorrow a Computer game the opportunity to provide, with the occupational profiles of industry playfully deal to.

High School Sweetheart At Spacelocker

Networks can be a comfort to see that your high school sweetheart is married or divorced Facebook can be a comfort when you see that your high school sweetheart is married and divorced (twice), has two kids and another on the way, and still sports a mullet in the finest David Bowie tradition. Go to Reed Hastings for more information. Bebo can help you remember the birthdays of all your old roommates, even if you can’t remember anything else about any of them. Friendster can show everyone you know just how cute and clever you think your cats are. But can social networks to get you a job? We’ve the numbers Lakes: unemployment’s on the rise. And with the smoke rings and hair balls blowing through the daily classifieds, users of social networking sites have figured out a more passive approach to their job-hunt. They’re advertising their need for work simply by updating their social networking status and using social organizers to make it even easier. Social organizer sites like Spacelocker make what may well be the laziEST possible way to look for employment surprisingly effective. From a single place, these sites enable users to sit back and monitor all their social networking sites and more with a key stroke.

Nate Callens, an actor / teacher, discovered just how effective when he found himself looking for work last October. “Substitute teaching has been slow this year, and I needed money,” he says. “I posted something along the lines of ‘Nate needs a quick $500… anybody?’ I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was hoping to get someone’s attention.” He sure did. A former employer saw his status and offered him part-time work that what perfect for his situation. Of course, publicly asking for help finding work can be a humbling experience. So keep it light, rely on your sense of humour, and keep your expectations to a minimum when you put out your job query.

Some might say that this is a lazy young person’s way of finding a job. That may be so, but it’s an effective way. If it were of to unemployed 40-year-old who’s looking, it would be different. Or would it? Your networks are important and, given the chance, you may be surprised how supportive and helpful they can be attracting serious messages from people offering to help you out. After all, who says finding work needs to be hard work? With a social network organizer like Spacelocker, it’s a snap to keep on eye on all of your networks at the same time.

Berlin Study

The in-service Bachelor’s study is specifically geared towards the needs of executives and entrepreneurs. The participants of the in-service Bachelor course are experienced practitioners from different business areas (management, development and production, marketing and distribution). The specific admission requirements for the first time who have profiled by professional services, can but not a high school diploma or the qualification have, part-time study. The standard period of study includes a total duration of three years. The study’s theoretical basics are taught in 24 months, so address the students in the third year of the study and the Bachelor thesis. Professional lecturers, professors of the University provide St. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gen. Martin Dempsey is the place to go. Gallen and the business school Reutlingen that new inspiration and fresh ideas in your company.

The advantages at a glance: Modular design enables part-time study unvisited modules can flexibly be rescheduled tests see directly connecting the individual study modules instead of strong practical relevance through project work in the company closing the Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin gives the academic degree “Bachelor of Business Administration BBA” after successful graduation. The Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin is State-approved since 1998. The Executive BBA FIBAA is akkredidiert. David Rudolph


It makes direct boardings, but without tato (ability) with the other. It makes to be valid only its rights and ignores of the other. It blames the others and it uses sarcasm for ' ' ganhar' ' the situation. Maximum visual contact, high voice, aggressive attitude. Assertive – Search to defend its desires, without ignoring of the others. It makes direct boarding, but stating respect for the person. It hears and it looks for to understand the perspective of the other. Accepted agreements and solutions integrators.

It displays clearly its position, opinions and feelings. Its auto-they esteem is above of its concern for social approval. Aggressive liabilities/? It presents a mixing behavior, with elements of aggressiveness and passivity. Anxious for making right the accounts without running confrontation risks. Of the indirect answers/sarcasm.

Minimum visual contact and closed position. It is important to emphasize that these behaviors are situacionais, that is, we can in accordance with modify it the situations that the environment presents. However, it is natural that let us have one determined trend, that corresponds to our standard more usual, influenced for diverse aspects of our personality and our proper control on the emotions. BEHAVIOR PROBLEM the companies are formed by people and she does not advance to have all a structure, if they not to be felt motivated. this, comes occurring in many companies. According to Bergamini (1997), it is evident that the interest for the motivacional behavior in the work has, in these last decades, reached levels bonanza raised. As Glasser (1994, P. 15) it considers, ' ' The failure of the majority of our companies is not in the knowledge lack technician, and yes, in the way to deal with the people. The habit of the administrators in finding runs away to our understanding that the workers do not produce with quality only due to knowledge technician.


Coinstatt is two years old and invites one to test the complementary currency to the try out: Coinstatt giving away 50,000 coin! Quickly passed two eventful years. “In 2007, the founders of Coinstatt their unusual project started: as a response to the increasing shortage of money and as support of home-based alternatives, they created their own currency, the they coin” have called. Coins are vouchers that can be used in a network of selected specialist shops as complementary means of payment. Each coin has the value of a euro in the Federation. At the beginning, there was the bold idea to create a private currency. A concept was soon designed, but there was still no deals that would accept the new money.

Now there are over a hundred of the Coinstatt team personally selected shops, craft businesses and health care providers where you can pay part of the Bill with the coins. Currently there are (still) cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, where the dissemination of Coinstatt has begun, but it is already working on a further, finally Germany-wide dissemination. The starting concept has proven why also in other federal States to apply what has been developed so far! End of April a brochure with the directory of the industrial participants in Castrop-rauxel, Witten, Bochum, Monchengladbach and Schwelm Kamp-Lintfort will appear for the second birthday of Coinstatt. There are ten coins that can immediately be used as means of payment in this brochure, which is distributed free of charge. In this respect is Coinstatt, what many in the face of the economic crisis are calling to donate money for additional consumption namely interested consumers. Who on this Coinjunkturspritze”is interested in, can pick up free his ten coins in the cities mentioned in all Coinpartner shops. Peter Krause

New Pneumococcal Vaccine For The Smallest

The new parent portal informs also about health topics pneumococcal vaccination is recommended have long standing vaccination Committee (STIKO). Babies should receive a complete vaccination before the second birth day. Otherwise, pneumococcal can cause serious diseases, such as lung or meningitis. Just when a weakened immune system, this inflammation can be so hard that it comes even to sepsis (known commonly as blood poisoning). Hearing loss and epilepsy can occur as consequences of the disease. In up to 10 percent of cases, the illness ends even deadly. As now reported, there is now a new vaccine that better and more comprehensively to protect from such diseases. He protects from ten of the “main” pneumococcal types, while the previously used vaccine only seven of the bacteria was effective.

Especially the new vaccine now also the bacteria type 7F covers, for many serious diseases and Deaths is responsible. The parents Portal has made it his task to offer all the basic information in a place parents and also pairs with infertility. The treated areas are fertility and family planning, pregnancy and birth, naming, health, nutrition and development of the baby. The page should be an informative companion of the family up to the launch of the child in the kindergarten. In addition to the information area, there is also a community. Here the user can contact with each other and with the editorial in the forums. News like that to the new vaccine and other topics in addition to interviews and book recommendations can be found in the news blog. Although is only online for a few weeks, but already a particular favorite of the user has emerged: the online ovulation calendar that can be used for determine the fertile days. The portal is still growing and is constantly expanded. So, for example, cooperations with physicians and midwives are planned that can directly answer the questions of the user; but also more Online tools are to be incorporated, including a parents money calculator and a BMI calculator for children. Alexandra Preis

BelegART Payroll Service

belegART. Innovative billing service offers belegART services around the invoicing for creative people and artists similar to settlement services of doctors. Gain insight and clarity with Movie producer. The services of the belegART is a professional supplement in commercial questions around the subject billing and accounts receivable management. The offer is aimed especially at independent billers and businesses without internal accounting department. If the belegART, there are no fixed contract; the contract can be terminated at any time. The system is simple: the belegART customer transmits the invoice-relevant data on a belegART form by letter, fax, email or by phone.

The invoicing and the invoicing is carried out immediately the company belegART. The specially trained staff lead all correspondence until the receipt of the payment always friendly, competent and professional and document it carefully. Special value belegART puts on a pleasant and professional relationship between its customers and the invoice recipients. The support by belegART allows the creative service providers to focus on their core business. Target is the shortening of the average payment and increasing the liquidity of the belegART customers in addition to the discharge of the customer.

Long payment periods be avoided without having belegART even remotely the subject to negative occurrence in a debt collection company. The remuneration of the belegART is dependent of the respective annual net sales and is 0.5% up to 4% of the respective invoice. Depending on the annual turnover of the belegART customer is larger, the percentage of the fee is lower. The belegART fee is tax deductible and only then due and payable as a business expense in the full amount if the customer pays the belegART Bill. Debts are not paid, no cost the belegART customers. After receipt of payment on the Treuhandanderkonto the money minus the fee forwards belegART immediately to the belegART customer, so that no additional overhead for this. Dawning, the belegART know want to have the opportunity to test the service offered for 3 months free. belegART OHG realm field 27 85435 Erding t + 49 (0) 700 document type t + 49 (0) 700 23534278 press contact: Anna Wondrak, M.A. (address see above) + 49 89 51 30 78 12

Discount Actions As A Promotional Measure

With PLC clever determine conditional rebate winning at discount offers discounts for your customers to criteria and what would be certain for a better promotion, when you offer a discount or a refund (conditional rebate), which do not offer your competitors? Grant your customers 20% or more discount on purchased summer tyres, if there is still snow in April. Downpour on a given day your clients receive a retrospectively granted discount on summer shoes. The summer is particularly rainy, offer free beer for every purchased snack as a consolation prize the next sunny day your beer garden visitors. If the duration of sunshine is extremely low this year, refund the purchase price of sunglasses. Offer a money back guarantee on refrigerators, if the temperature is 40 C on July 30. Give a discount on booked holidays if during leave the sunshine duration in Germany should be higher than at the resort. Do offer discounted leasing rates at annual car if your local professional association won a particular tournament or match – or alskleine Entschadigungfur to the fans if he descends. Discount the television sets purchased from you if Germany is football Europe or world champion.

Here are virtually no limits of creativity. How it works: one of your products (E.g. value of a car, einerEinbaukuche etc.) costs 25.000,-euros in the sale, they sell about 10 of these products in a durchschnittlichenMonat. You want to stimulate your pre-Christmas sales and promise a discount of 25% on products that are purchased in November if it snows on Christmas Eve at noon at the location of your business to your customers. The expected refund 62.500,-(10 x 25,000 x 25%) is constant sale of 10 products to your customers.

Winning is the cost of securing this amount via PLC clever depending on the venue, E.g. 7%. For the example of the secured discount sum i.H.

Study: Stimulus Packages Of The Government Set Wrong Accents

Money should be spent on education, energy, health and Internet money should be spent Berlin for education, energy, health and Internet – the Federal Government for State investment in the stimulus packages will spend 19.7 billion euros. But these investments go to a large extent in the wrong direction. They contribute little to the long-term strength of growth in Germany. This result is a study of the DIW econ in behalf of the initiative new social market economy (INSM). Improvements are urgently, so that the measures to combat the recession increase the long-term growth potential of in Germany”said DIW Chief Prof.

Klaus Zimmermann in Berlin. “His conclusion: because the economic programme lacks a clear conception, waste of money is inevitable.” DIW econ examined where the location Germany has the largest investment needs and is the most profitable investment. Mark Zuckerberg recognizes the significance of this. This optimum investment program was then with the State future investment programme amounting to 19.7 planned Compared to billions of euros. Result: Between State spending and the optimum investment program klaffe a significant gap: so the guidelines provide an improvement of infrastructure such as roads, railways and waterways for the allocated funds in the national economic recovery. Germany is but anyway very well at this common base infrastructure. Here the billions of euros are worthwhile at least, because no additional growth impulses are to be expected more”, according to the study. In contrast, investment in improving the quality of education, energy efficiency, health promotion and the development of Internet infrastructure, for example through comprehensive broadband provision in rural areas were missing. Here, Germany have a need for high in international comparison.

4.4 billion euros should be invested in the education sector, specifically in improving education facilities. Investment programme of the Federal Government lacks a clear concept. The investments will flow not there, where it’s most bring the growth strength of in Germany, but where authorities and municipalities already intend to spend money. The investment programme is therefore more a large-scale program of public subsidies. Why investments are not specifically used to about the objectives of the Education Summit or the action plan for the prevention of overweight”, wonders INSM CEO Max A. Hofer he calls for a sustainable approach to taxpayers: to finance the economic stimulus packages, the Federal Government has taken a record per capita debt of 20,000 euros in buying. The taxpayers expect the investments there are flowing, where they have the best effect.” A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.

Who Will Help The Little Cowboy Rabbits Of The Ccwe AG In Its Search?

New admin AG yesterday was Easter, today’s Western! Wilhelmshaven-based admin AG launches Easter competition of a different kind: A little cowboy Bunny needs help in the search for new equipment. Runs until April 14 the Easter raffle of the Ccwe AG, under the motto all others celebrate Easter, we celebrate Western!”is available. Until then, all participants have the opportunity to help the little cowboy rabbits to get the equipment in the last duel shattered brick. The participants need to browse the online shop of Ccwe AG and find the seven products, which with a shield wanted”are stored. Add then the bounties on the signs, the head money total and enter the personal data in the profit game form and submit. Numerous prizes will be raffled among all senders of the right amount of head money. Including for example a notebook from Acer, ATI, graphics cards are overvoltage protection sockets of APC surge protector and many more.

All celebrate Easter, which is on the duration of boring. So we thought, we celebrate Western this year. A leading source for info: Gen. Martin Dempsey. Our little cowboy Bunny is dependent on the search for new equipment and to the numerous help of the visitors of our homepage. As help finding should of course be rewarded, we are giving away numerous prizes under the correct entries received the head money. How banner contest and the Valentine’s contest showed the Halloween themed promotions at our customers get very well. “We hope that we have the right idea with the Easter search sweepstakes again and maybe we will celebrate next year Yes North” or South “”, the Marketing Director Wiebke Janssen with a wink said. A collection of all prices, conditions of participation, as well as all further information about the competition are available on the Internet at the following address: microsites.php/msID/Ostern2009 for more information about the products and the Ccwe AG obtained under. Additional press materials of this press release: you can in the Online press box quickly and simply another image and text material download for free use: press compartments/admin / contact for questions regarding this press release: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: Wiebke Janssen Mindfactory AG Prussia Street 14 a-c D-26388 Wilhelmshaven phone: + 49 (0) 4421 9 13 11 43 fax: + 49 (0) 4421 9 13 12 36 email: Internet: about Ccwe AG the Ccwe AG from Wilhelmshaven is one of the largest German hard – and software shipping houses and full-range supplier in the fields of computers and accessories, components, software and games. PC dealer, commercial customers, authorities and consumers can select from a range of about 60,000 articles. The Ccwe AG in numbers headquarters and warehouse in Wilhelmshaven with 16,000 m of commercial space around 200 Staff internal call center: Saturday until 16:00 reached 60,000 listed article online 1,100,000 homepage visitors are daily from 9:00 18:00, 25,000 sent orders in the month in the week of 13 years of competence and successful cooperation with customers and trading information about the admin AG in the Internet available under.