Vision Without Limits

Over the years it has taught us that vision should proceed according to the current conditions, i.e. we make a diagnosis, and based on that information, we define the vision, is an ideal point to which we want to reach. Having goals without a doubt that it is a big step on the road to success, but what are the limits? The truth is that limits are only in our minds, we can actually make truly spectacular things. Andrew Corentt in his book I am happy, I am Rico tells us that the majority of times let us influence by people who have not even made the attempt of large projects, remember that each who believes from his own experience, faith and perspective, analyze that advice really benefit you. For years we have heard about the great Japanese productivity and the fundamental principle of both development is based on three words: imitate, equalize and overcome, when we talk about a great vision is necessary to see big, analyze the circumstances that wrapped to individuals or institutions that are now at the top. Why to settle? You should leave to the power that is in its own being, do not put to rationalize too because the rational mind only believes what he sees and only eats what has lived, has to leave his creative essence to come to light, there will discover a vision without limits.

In the book I am happy, I am Rico shows us the fundamental principles of the creative mind, the limits are our beliefs, for years was US implanted ideas of guilt and inability, as a result of years of inappropriate information occurs that we have conceived and created a conformist world. Your vision will change to the extent that his conscience begins to expand, it is necessary that you be in harmony with the current creator of the universe, you will discover the way you created the world and if you have been able to see millions of wonderful things for others, is time to see them in yourself. From now on you have to have an open mind, do not let the poor perceptions of others pollute it, from now on has to realize that This is world with many fabulous possibilities and you must be one of them. Get up every day with the sense of security and power, find out how have only been conducted extraordinary inventions, suppose the advances that we now have in the minds of people two hundred years ago, if you travel to the past they would say that’s impossible!, but you know that it is not. Few things will come from? Without a doubt that every day more and better things are discovered, but those who are behind these magnificent contributions do not believe in limiting, working tenaciously to achieve what you propose.

The Division

Characteristics of empowerment teams: 1. share leadership and administrative tasks 2.Members have faculty to evaluate and improve the quality of the performance and process information. 3. The team provides ideas for business strategy. 4. They are committed in flexible and creative. 5 Coordinate and exchange with other teams and organizations.

6 Honesty relations with others and improve confidence. 7 Have a positive attitude and are enthusiastic basic considerations and scope the idea behind empowerment is that those who are directly related to a task are best suited to make a decision in this regard, on the understanding that it has attitudes required for them.Empowerment means creating an environment in which employees of all the levels feel that they have a real influence on the standards of quality, service and efficiency of the business within their areas of responsibility. This generates an involvement by workers to achieve goals of the organization with a sense of commitment and self-control, and on the other hand, administrators are willing to give up part of its decisional authority and give it to workers and equipment. Employees, administrative or work teams have the power for making decisions in their respective fields, this implies acceptance of responsibility for their actions and background tasks: A high percentage of organizations created at the end of the decades of the last century, had a clear vision of the division of work and responsibility between managers and his closest followers in its architecture. Organizational leaders of that era had to do the planning and intellectual work and followers should only do what is ordered them to do. Impact, scope, contributions currently, Thanks to the technological changes forward-looking global corporations are in a process of redesign work and tasks to allow workers adopt many work-related decisions that were previously companies function. The traditional model of Manager controlling and controlled workers should change to a working environment of empowered responsibility and support where workers have the opportunity to give the best of themselves.

Automotive Vision Porsche Panamera

Porsche expected to sell 20,000 units annually of its new Gran Turismo. Automotive vision / by Roberto Perez S. Porsche AG has presented its first 4-door and four-seater Coupe: the new 2010 Panamera, a Gran Turismo that combines in itself the same comfort, luxury and Lordship of a super luxury sedan, with performance, high performance, and rabid response of a thoroughbred sports car, which will be on sale to the public from the summer of 2009. The new Gran Turismo for the German firm will be presented to the public next month of April in the Hall of the Shanghai motor show car in April 2009, and will come to directly compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS, the Maserati Quattroporte, as well as future Audi A7, Aston Martin Rapid and Lamborghini Estoque. The German automaker reported that it plans to sell 20,000 units annually of its new Panamera model around the world once commence its commercialization, scheduled for summer of next year in the Spanish market, reported today the company in a statement. This vehicle is manufactured in Germany Leipzig plant, where it is building a ship of 22,000 square metres and a logistics center, while this car engines are produced in Zuffenhausen and painted BodyWorks are supplied from the Volkswagen plant in Hanover.

The firm explained that 70% of the total value of this vehicle was created in Germany, by what the company said is a car made in Germany. Porsche explained that this model will be launched worldwide in spring 2009 and will arrive at dealerships Spanish in summer of next year. This is the first sport utility vehicle four doors of the firm with headquarters in Stuttgart and has been developed as a Gran Turismo, in order to complete the range of product of the company, formed currently by the 911, the Boxster and the Cayman, in addition to the SUV Cayenne. Its configuration of sedan with forms of Coupe and four-door more Gate makes it a unique vehicle. For this reason, Audi and BMW they are already working on new models, future rivals in regarding the dimensions, it should be noted that the Panamera is a large sports. Presents a length of 4.97 meters, a width of 1.93 meters and a height of 1.41 meters. The battle is 2.9 meters. The engines of this Thoroughbred will be shaped by motors V6 and V8 with direct injection and turbocharger for more powerful versions-, and whose power will be between 300 and 500 horsepower.The drive system will be back and permanent 4-wheel, besides that you will have a six-speed manual gearbox or the new double clutch and seven-speed PDK transmission. Dear reader, gathers it our invitation to visit our Web site at Internet Vision Automotriz Magazine, where you will find the latest that is happening in the exciting world of the automobile, the last news, launches of new models and everything that happens around the world automotive industry.