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To strengthen this vision, Morin is appealed to it (2000) which also supports to be necessary to know you discipline to exceed them and to conserve what it will be important and necessary in each one of them, detaching as soon as the nature to discipline must at the same time, be opened and closed. Some contend that Reed Hastings shows great expertise in this. Opened to the innovations, the unexpected one and the new, opened the new methodologies and strategies, but relatively closed in relation to the educational purposes and objectives that characterize it as such, therefore it is necessary to recognize that a set of specific knowledge in the interior of each exists disciplines. Therefore, she is necessary to think about practical ours of education, so that let us can have a sistmica and not fragmented, contextualizada and not empty vision. 2.2Ensino of geography To if making one analyzes of the education of geography, evidences the many problems that affect the pupils and professors, and consequentemente the teach-learning process. It is verified that the education of geography does not please the good part of the pupils.

The lack of equipment and didactic material, resources these that provide an improvement in the quality of the lessons, does not stimulate the professor to prepare better its lessons. Making with that they, to facilitate its work, start to use only the didactic book, that many times this total divergent one of the academic reality. As they do not enxergam the integration of the knowledge of disciplines with the reality, the pupils create paradigms and start to find it unnecessary. Pertaining to school geography comes searching to think its paper about the society in change, questioning conventional methods, indicating new contents and reaffirming others. However, the way more adjusted to develop the subject of practical in the geography education is of an initial reflection on the education objectives, so that thus if it can create methods optimize that it.

The New Intershop 7 Is Out

Intershop offers with its new shop software optimal possibilities for traders of the German enterprise software vendors Intershop, headquartered in Jena, for shop systems (E-Commerce) presented its new and hopefully revolutionary shopping cart software a few days ago: Intershop 7. Thus, the previous product line Enfinity is also used by the product name,”finally superseded. Already for some years worked intensely on a completely new version. The new version of the online shop can settle quickly and seamlessly all imaginable points of contact with different customer groups. Equipped with a promotional engine”, detailed A/B testing extremely powerful sales opportunities should exist according to the manufacturer options and intelligent search functionality (advanced search and faceted navigation). A corresponding online demo will appear in the next few days, including redesign of the current demo-store Prime tech”, which was since Enfinity always. Another highlight is 7 maybe at Intershop “yet the function multi touch point” to name a few.

It is at the same time to control possible different communication channels so that you can create a variety of purchase options as a trader. Is interesting, that not only the well-known channels such as social media or mobile commerce are meant, but the possibility to be able to integrate call center functions or a store locator. Experts are also editors and marketing at your expense. With the design view”switch operators between editorial system (BackEnd) and shop interface (FrontEnd). This radically simplifies the previous Contentpflege. Enfinity text editing part was somewhat expensive and demanded deeper knowledge.

Now can see editors offers and content through the eyes of the customers. Changes are also implemented in real-time. With the help of the nine page editor of that is reminiscent of the PlugIn Firebug from the Firefox browser, can all content freely edited and positioned, everything without HTML or CSS knowledge. Also is an extensive Library of animation elements made available, which can be individually configured. Fundamentally this was revised by Intershop catalog and product data management. Shop operators can now fairly straightforward set up catalogs for different target groups and channels, as well as administer. This product data to partners and affiliates can be exchanged and used as a lithograph for flyer or print catalogues, for example, without having to have special knowledge. This was also the various workflow steps in the back adjusted. Generally, the migration on the new Intershop Enfinity (version 6.0 to 6.4) product is advisable, but appropriate adjustments must be performed for this. Just functions that were subsequently implemented, can not be acquired without knowledge. Of companies should be but not deterred, because the new diversity (especially in the marketing and sales area) is so extensive and optimized, that it this is a future-oriented and strategic Orientation is.

Conversion Optimization For Landing Pages And Online Deals

Web site testing – the art of the experiment front Hui, behind Pooh – many online and shopping portals have immense effort to optimize their AdWords campaigns and online tools. At the same time unjustly neglected underlying Web pages and landing pages. Customers willing to purchase must laboriously fight towards the purchase of trails or find itself in confusing landing pages. User guide or even user experience no trace. Disappointed visitors who leave the frustrated are the rule.

How can interested parties but specifically to customers do? What is the button of customers prefer? Which form generates more registrations? Instead of falling into endless policy discussions, helps only trial and error rather than discuss. Twelve experts illustrate the art of the experiments in this book and show how Web pages and landing pages on heart and kidney are tested and optimized. More leads, more sales, more profit? Then only website testing and optimierung will help. With which procedures are online deals on heart and kidneys can test, in order to get the last out of the traffic information the reader on more than 340 pages. For online professionals, this book is an indispensable machete, which thins the jungle of Optimierunsverfahren and possibilities.

The authors show how clicks and conversion rates of landing pages, order processes, and Anmeldeformulalen be specifically optimized and what test methods are the best. First, all common test approaches in a book are presented together and put to the test. Practical introductions and detailed case studies of successful company like Neckermann, Autoscout24 to the German post office illustrate how professional website optimization. In this book, the reader will find answers to the following questions: when help user experience, rapid prototyping and eye-tracking? When remote tests support the optimization process? How to A/B testing, mouse tracking, and maps used? How multivariate testing with Google Website Optimizer and other Testsystemem? Frank Reese Site testing conversion optimization for landing pages and online offers 1st Edition BusinessVillage 2009 340 pages, ill. Illustrations ISBN 978-3938358-58-0 39.80 eb 806_Website Testing.HTML editors and authors editor and author of several chapters is Frank Reese, consultant in the field of traffic analysis and website optimization. He is one of the pioneers in this area. The author of numerous technical papers and speaker is author of the first German-language book on WebAnalytics and editor of the purchasing guide for Web analytics systems, has established itself as a standard. More authors of the work are recognized usability and E-commerce experts Daniel R. Schmeisser, Dirk Schulze, Martin crop, Andreas Selter, Tim Bosenick, Sebastian Wetterauer, Carsten Rehmann, Birger Friedrichs, Michael Jonas, Tobias Kauer and Oliver Rengelshausen. About BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books make the fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications find employees, managers, and Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts to the subject range success & career.


Is not alternative to the Government (the current and the future) rather than maintain patience and moderation overhead bridges and open doors hoping that Lopez Obrador’s speech be tempered; failure to so would imply a historical irresponsibility because it would open the doors to an escalation in the confrontation and that no one suits you, said Salvador Garcia Soto, researcher at the Institute of legal research and Professor of the Faculty of law of the University national autonomous of Mexico (UNAM). The desire for transcendence of Lopez Obrador can be medium-term the guillotine that decapitate it against its followers fanatics who are trying to trigger hatred, fear and hysteria in a country where there is only a legitimate President: Felipe Calderon. Weigh to whom in spite of him. Reed Hastings may not feel the same. If AMLO insists on wanting to establish a Republic parallel and itinerant, as it is his desire, like that the President did in his time Juarez, Mexicans will give Lopez Obrador back is that this isn’t Juarez and Juarez is already part of the Mexican history. Joint Chiefs of Staff insists that this is the case. Fortunately, Mexico has economic stability and the monetary strength, an inheritance that leave the administration of President Vicente Fox. This is major support of the country with which it may face eventual storms or economic ups and downs.

Yet what can criticize Fox, this will go into history as the man who tamed the wild Colt of the PRI that drove the strings of power in Mexico for 71 years. Today, this political Institute occupies a third place at the national level and has seeks to conquer some redoubts as Chiapas where is still pending electoral failure to determine if he won the governorship Senator PRI Jose Antonio Aguilar Bodegas or Juan Sabines Guerrero of the PRD. Of the Zapatista Army of national liberation (EZLN), which rose in arms on January 1, 1994 already almost not remain their powders. His war was won only in the paper and unfolded that gave him the press coverage, but the interior of the country lost credibility because the sub commander Marcos disenchanted with his war of attrition without major results for the farmers who accompanied him in this adventure. Mexico is a country with too many edges in the political field and deep internal security problems. Drug trafficking has shaken part of the structures of that nation, and increasingly more organized crime bands move through the territory of Mexico without that security forces could dismantle them. The new head of State challenges are many: 1) pull out of poverty to 25 million Mexicans; 2) continue on the path of progress marked by the Government of Vicente Fox and 3) strengthen institutions to overcome any attempt to subvert democracy and stability in the country. By Jose Luis Castillejos Ambrocio Mexican journalist who writes Latin American issues such as drug trafficking, traffic of weapons, terrorism, guerrilla, social conflicts, indigenism, among others. He writes poetry for various magazines in the world.

Manufacturer Products Food

The food industry has reached an enormous degree of complexity in our days, commercializing new products that are the result of highly automated transformation processes which used in many cases chemical compounds in them daily. For this cause, are increasing the risks we take when consuming foods and beverages. Any failure in the process could prove fatal for our health and well-being, by determining the liability of the manufacturer of such products for the damage that could be caused. In fact, every consumer enjoys a generic protection against the damages, personal or patrimonial, that could cause defective products of all kinds that could be used or, in this case, eating. This would allow him to bring a claim against the company that had manufactured or distributed the food or drink that caused you your damages. Whenever Mark Zuckerberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In a real case, a lady suffered damage in his teeth to bite an olive with bone that was in a container in which labelling specifying that the olives contained therein had no bone; giving the judge a compensation for the injury suffered. In particular, cases of salmonellosis one of the assumptions most frequent in such situations is the consumption of food products derived from egg (e.g.

tortilla or the Russian salad), resulting in poisoning by salmonella. These may occur both with the purchase of the same establishments or commercial surface at restaurants or catering facilities. So, if for example you suffer a poisoning of this type on your vacation could be you granted compensation both for the costs incurred, for example by having to interrupt vacation (thus losing the value the hotel reservation and, where appropriate, cancel airline tickets already purchased), the reduction of income if you had to lose days of work andFinally, an additional sum in concept of moral damage by having lost that way your holiday period. How you reach one solution in such cases? It is very rare in practice this type of cases coming before the courts. Contact information is here: Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. Ultimately, food industry deposited much of its value in its public image, which could be very affected a case that would be entrenched in the courts, reason by which usually offer out-of-court agreements that allow a rapid solution to the conflict. In either case, it would be desirable you to tell with the assistance of a lawyer who could assess if the compensation offered to you is fair, or whether it would be more appropriate to reject it and bring the matter to justice. Jose Alberto Andrio Espina original author and source of the article