Rental Apartments

While luxury hotels, as the Copacabana Palace and Fasano carry with them a certain cache, according to Mrs. Guzman, a growing number of customers worldwide from class AAA are opting for the space, privacy and exclusivity that only a private rental can offer. With penthouses in Ipanema with panoramic views and private pools; private villas in Joatinga complemented with exclusive and provider staff excellent personalized service, Ms. Guzman along with his partner Arnaud Bughon French, have quickly established their brands as the best option for those looking for excellent accommodation on your visit to Rio de Janeiro. The World Cup and the Olympic Games are, of course, world class events and our customers are excited about the opportunity to receive friends and partners in a comfortable, dignified and private atmosphere. This can be difficult to achieve in a hotel. Mr. Bughon says, we can offer our customers exclusive properties that neither the best hotels in Rio de Janeiro could match.

It should be noted that Juliana Guzman and Arnaud Bughon seem to a little surprised by the early number of stakeholders for their properties. As residents in Rio, we know how exciting and wonderful that this city is. It seems that the rest of the world is ready to join the big party and they don’t feel that four years of planning are too much to begin with, said Bughon. When are named after figures from Jet set that could be traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics and staying at one of the properties of Rio Exclusive, Ms. Guzman says, with discretion: I would say that a supermodel, some personalities from Hollywood and the owner of an American professional sports 13(d) are among those looking for reservations and more information on our properties. But I am not going to say any more than that. Juliana Guzman and Arnaud Bughon founded the company (Rio Exclusive Imobiliaria Ltda, as) It is officially known) in early 2007.