The Television

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Roman Period

Roman period (63? 5 AC) Rome Landmark Antonio supported the cause of Hircano. After the murder of Jlio Cesar and of the death of Antpater (father of Herodes), that per twenty years it are the true governor of the Jew, Antgono, as the son of Aristbulo, tried to possess themselves of the throne. For some time he arrived to reign in Jerusalem, but Herodes, son of Antpater, he returned of Rome and one became king of the Jews with support of Rome. Its marriage with Mariamne, granddaughter of Hircano, offered a link with the Macabeus governing. Herodes was one of the cruelest governing of all the times. It assassinated the venerable Hircano (31 B.C.) and ordered to kill its proper Mariamne wife and its two children.

In its stream bed of death, it commanded the execution of Antpater, its son with another wife. In the Holy Writs, Herodes is known as the king who commanded the death of the boys in Belm for fearing the Rival who is born to be King of the Jews. General Pompeu overwhelms Palestine (63AC) and the period of the New Will is under the domain of the Roman Empire. On emperors to narrations of the New Will: Augustus (27AC-14DC), under who had occurred the birth of Christ, the census and the primrdios of the cult to the Emperor. Tibrio (14-37DC), ministry and death of Jesus. Calgula (37-41DC) demanded that they gave cult and it commanded to it that its statue was placed in the temple of Jerusalem, but came to falecer before its order was fulfilled.

Claude (41-54DC), banished from Rome the Jewish residents for civil riots, between which they were quila and Priscila. Nero (54-68DC) pursued the Christians, even so probably in the environs of Rome, and under who Peter and Pablo they had been martirizados. Vespasiano (69-79DC), still general Roman started to jam a revolt of the Jews, became emperor and left the remain of the task to its Tito son, in a campaign that reached its climax with the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple, in 70DC.