Different Drug Options

But there are side effects and eleniuma seduksena and medical nature. People who take meprobomat, elenium, seduksen and other tranquilizers prescribed by a doctor – those who suffer from certain functional disorders of the nervous system. We are talking about reactive states, neurosis, hysteria, psychopathy, psychosomatic disorders and some neurological conditions. In these cases, the effectiveness tranquilizers clearly expressed. Unfortunately, to get relief, restoring peace of mind, the sick are in no hurry to leave preparations. Some produced a psychological dependence on them, and they continue to take pills contrary to the prohibition of physicians, "just in case." Y These patients often experience various side effects.

Here is one of the most typical example. A pensioner, he was 65 years after the death of his wife appeared "a premonition of death, insomnia, palpitations, shortness of breath. A doctor appointed him elenium in tablet 3 times a day, and other necessary supplies. Two weeks later, the patient felt well and the doctor canceled elenium. However, the patient is now on his own initiative went on to take this drug regularly, only slightly reduce the dosage – 2 tablets per day. Take a pill eleniuma acted more confident, less worried, not worried about their health. Taking elenium about a year, I felt healthy, but then began to notice fatigue, weakness. More often than before, was overcome drowsiness, wanted to lie down.

About these disorders, the doctor did not apply and, assuming elenium completely harmless, he continued to take it. But here there were more ominous violation – muscle weakness, constipation, bedwetting, the weakening of memory. The doctor, whom he now addressed, categorically forbade taking eleniuma, appointed tonic, reinforcing therapy. Side effects of tranquilizers in the treatment of marked not only for the duration of their admission. There are people with a heightened sensitivity to these drugs, they experience various allergic reactions. After taking tranquilizers often dry mouth, altered sense of taste, there is drowsiness, weakness. It is not dangerous if the treatment is under the close supervision of a physician, who, if necessary easily eliminate such phenomena. The conclusion seems obvious: – the use of tranquilizers effectively, harmless and safe when carried out strictly according to the testimony, and under medical supervision. In these cases, drugs with original therapeutic spectrum of action will bring true healing to many patients. Would like to advise all those who take tranquilizers, try a wonderful breathing exerciser breathing "phenomenon Frolov. He not only heals physical diseases, but also a perfect positive effect on the central nervous system.