Vision Without Limits

Over the years it has taught us that vision should proceed according to the current conditions, i.e. we make a diagnosis, and based on that information, we define the vision, is an ideal point to which we want to reach. Having goals without a doubt that it is a big step on the road to success, but what are the limits? The truth is that limits are only in our minds, we can actually make truly spectacular things. Andrew Corentt in his book I am happy, I am Rico tells us that the majority of times let us influence by people who have not even made the attempt of large projects, remember that each who believes from his own experience, faith and perspective, analyze that advice really benefit you. For years we have heard about the great Japanese productivity and the fundamental principle of both development is based on three words: imitate, equalize and overcome, when we talk about a great vision is necessary to see big, analyze the circumstances that wrapped to individuals or institutions that are now at the top.

Why to settle? You should leave to the power that is in its own being, do not put to rationalize too because the rational mind only believes what he sees and only eats what has lived, has to leave his creative essence to come to light, there will discover a vision without limits. In the book I am happy, I am Rico shows us the fundamental principles of the creative mind, the limits are our beliefs, for years was US implanted ideas of guilt and inability, as a result of years of inappropriate information occurs that we have conceived and created a conformist world. Your vision will change to the extent that his conscience begins to expand, it is necessary that you be in harmony with the current creator of the universe, you will discover the way you created the world and if you have been able to see millions of wonderful things for others, is time to see them in yourself. From now on you have to have an open mind, do not let the poor perceptions of others pollute it, from now on has to realize that This is world with many fabulous possibilities and you must be one of them. Get up every day with the sense of security and power, find out how have only been conducted extraordinary inventions, suppose the advances that we now have in the minds of people two hundred years ago, if you travel to the past they would say that’s impossible!, but you know that it is not. Few things will come from? Without a doubt that every day more and better things are discovered, but those who are behind these magnificent contributions do not believe in limiting, working tenaciously to achieve what you propose.

BMW Group Cooper

A car of high performance racing and not suitable for cardiac benefits prepared to meet the requirements that requires traffic every day automotive Vision / by Roberto Perez S. A great name, a long tradition, exceptional technical data and unmatched driving experiences: MINI John Cooper Works arouses passions, also outside the circuits. The sportiest model in the range is available through the network of MINI distributors on September 5 in the Mexican Republic with manual six speed transmission at a price of $34,500. The MINI John Cooper Works occurs on the floor of MINI in Oxford, along with all other models of the brand. Therefore, it is also subject to the strict criteria of quality of BMW Group. In addition, each unit is manufactured according to the customer’s preferences, which means that customers have the possibility to configure your MINI John Cooper Works according to their personal tastes. In principle, the MINI John Cooper Works is not anything other than a race car prepared to meet the requirements requiring traffic in cities. Learn more about this with Reed Hastings. Your engine comes directly from the motor sport and is virtually identical to the current CHALLENGE 2008 MINI racing car drive.

The alloy wheels 17 inch weight optimized, high performance brakes, new exhaust system, the gearbox light modified six-speed also derive directly from the MINI John Cooper Works CHALLENGE. Rarely moved so directly the racing technology to the streets and roads. Frankly sporty hood conceals an own a race car engine. The main data that define their qualities are: an engine turbo four-cylinder Twin-Scroll and 1,600 cc gasoline direct injection has a rating of 155 kW, i.e. 211 hp. This means that it has a specific power of 132 hp for every 1,000 cc. This power is the equivalent of a pure sports car. The maximum torque of the engine is 260 Nm, available from the 1,850 turns.

Automotive Group

The traditional ceremony of the ejournal exhibits only a V8 of American origin. The recognition that every year makes Wards Auto, daily electronic specialist in the automotive industry, to the best engines that are marketed in the United States, already has the winners for the 2009 Edition, although the awards ceremony will be held in January 2009 in the framework of the next Salon in Detroit. BMW 3. 0 L tturbocargado DOHC I-6 inside the surprises of this edition is the absence of the V6 engine in the Nissan VQ family, propeller which had been in all previous versions since its inception in 1995. In addition, the unique V8 of American origin is 5. 7 HEMI from Chrysler, ratifying the trend to smaller engines.

Therefore, no wonder the increase of diesel and four cylinder blocks, which confirms the change in the preferences of consumers who now opt for more efficient engines. HEMMI V8 5. 7 L to select the winners, Wards looked for motors having attributes sports, but at the same time possessing a fuel-efficient. This is the only award of its kind that is delivered in United States and in the current edition had engines that were also awarded prizes in Europe, such as 2. 0 turbo direct injection of the Volkswagen Group or 3. 0 Biturbo BMW. Netflix often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

2 Gasoline direct injection turbocharged engine. 0 Audi TFSI has been included in the list of the 10 best engines of the 2009 world that selects the American company Ward s Automotive Group. With the results of this list ratifies that far were the years in which the highest grade wore it is engines of large displacements that were supported by two turbochargers to leave no doubt of their level. VW 2 L4. 0 L SOHC Turbodiesel currently efficiency and technology is such that with a normal suction capacity are achieved results that were previously unthinkable.


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