Ebenezer Scrooge

If employees know from the beginning that ethics is something highly valued, the pound of the need to consider whether or not to do something slightly unethical. If employees know that unethical behavior would not be tolerated, most likely adopt an ethical behavior against common business events. Companies that do not have a strong ethical culture or who have poor ethical practices, open to a world of continuous damage. Employees of such companies are more likely to default procedures or to treat a customer the wrong way. Do not give products as promised but often they will give customers products and services of poorer quality. Most importantly, you will not mind this while earning money and this will be.

Your company may have the best possible ethical culture and yet not be successful. You must have a strong business plan and financial base and a sales and marketing program successful. You have to meet their deadlines and deliver the goods as advertised. The most important thing is that you must have a customer service program that allows you to consistently treat their customers as their main objective. Why then are so important good ethical practices if they do not necessarily lead to success? Ethical practices are adopted because they are right Remember to Ebenezer Scrooge? l was very successful as an entrepreneur and as a tyrant and a miser. It had everything in financial terms, but the rest of his life was empty. Each night he returned to his house and spent time counting his money, which was all I could do because no one I wanted to be at his side.