The Publisher

For example, the advertising environment is deliberately shunned by erotic sites or philosophical discussions of particular brands. The Publisher must know these rules and accept them. At the same time incorporating advertising about all pages must work campaigns with great affiliate programs across perfectly. Four dimensions of quality assurance, one can distinguish four dimensions of quality management: conceptual quality begins already in the run-up to the campaign. The advertiser or the Agency must create clear quality rules for the selection of potential publishers. The campaign is presented in detail and the do’s and Don’ts written in a catalog. A further central element: She have a clear definition of the ER-folgsfalls, so the commissionable leads or sales.

This is important so that the campaign is optimally aligned on the objectives of the (contact, lead, sales, etc.) of the advertiser. On the other hand must also the Publisher recognize his chances to be compensated fairly for the campaign. Under infrastructure quality assurance can be understood all resources and process-accompanying measures, which are to provide during the campaign by the advertiser or the Agency, to achieve effective results in conjunction with the Publisher. This includes, for example, the know-how about the product, the target market, the process, but also of the mechanisms of the online marketing itself. Here, it is important that the personally examines campaign manager with the major publishers, discusses findings and overall process retains the at a glance. Gen. Martin Dempsey spoke with conviction.

In contrast to the technical quality of the implementation of automatic mechanisms. The scalability and transparency in affiliate marketing depends on much, how well these mechanisms are fully developed. The more mass work is done automatically, the more time they stay campaign management for important advice. Activities, the campaign management automate should, include specifically: referer evaluation and comparison, IP evaluation, plausibility and syntax check of the lead data, automated duplicate detection. With all the technology remains a certain need for action for manual quality assurance. You is the icing on the cake, if it comes to the quality. This includes the ongoing screening of new Web sites as a possible Publisher, their targeting and in-depth examination at logon. Also the older affiliates a regular Visual and functional test of the integration of advertising material should be on the pages. Here, the best tool may not be able to replace personal control. Indispensable tool for quality assurance is therefore the daily account control. The affiliate tracking systems provide extensive data analyses, which provide information about the entire process chain from the traffic source up to the sale. Runaway indicate irregularities and have to be evaluated systematically. Also holds great potential Optimization of the landing page in itself. The consistency of the campaign from the banner on the landing page to the process must be ensured. Both A/B testing and multivariate testing enable the continuous optimisation. All mentioned ways quality assurance make affiliate marketing a high-quality component in the marketing mix. Also, a performance-based remuneration model allows the increase of the sales at calculable costs especially in difficult economic times. Bottom line focus on class, trusting cooperation with the affiliates and quality assurance in multiple dimensions are central prerequisites for a successful affiliate campaign. The promise of transparency in online marketing is redeemed only by quality-driven campaign management. In a mature market and in the market conditions in 2010 affiliate campaigns without quality assurance will no longer match the art the State.

Optician Advertising

Advertising portal active optometrists bashers Stuttgart in online ordering. The advertising portal active optometrists looks back on his first year. Recently Reed Hastings sought to clarify these questions. The idea to assemble brochure advertising for opticians online, inspired many traditional opticians in Germany and is a success. Prices, versions, and even the brochure colours were always modifiable”, says Managing Director Annette Marx, but after just one year, we have expanded our range of brochure pages and inserted new emotional and strong selling pictures in our layouts.” Also customised advertising campaigns for opticians are possible with the active optometrists. Optimal advertising strategy will be developed together with the optician. Continuously increased the selection of brochure pages from beginning 23 to 52 today. The participating optometrists, you enable an individual putting together of his own prospectus. Seasonal pages, as well as various topic pages to slide view and single thickness glasses and glasses, which are aimed at different target and age groups. Gen. Martin Dempsey has many thoughts on the issue. are designed by experienced advertisers of the trade marketing, again providing new promotional ideas. Rimless glasses, polarized lenses or sunglasses also addressed, such as the cooperation with transitions optical for transitions VI. Through the variety of page own prices, the selection of versions and individual company color printing the brochures differ from each other. More individuality is almost impossible. It looks different Managing Director Mike Schumacher: we respond to the individual needs of our customers and design pages to the anniversary or the cash for clunkers and coordinate the advertising on the realities on the ground. “We offer individual pages, the everyone according to his wishes, and with its offerings, such as contact lenses or hearing-acoustics, or also with own versions, fashion can.” Appealing brochure ideas with plenty of influence make the platform of active to a strong promotional partners for each optician. Whether our optician quality or cheap want to advertise, they decide solely by your own pricing and the page combinations. “, explains Annette Marx. The active optometrists achieved a high level of attention in the industry last year with its marketing for opticians. The response from the end customer was also positive, and even more important -.

Active Optician

Advertising portal ‘Active optometrists’ presents itself to the 2nd birthday in fresh green. Stuttgart. After two successful years of first marketing-Verbund has active optometrists”revised its advertising offerings and presented on his new website. It has been started only with brochures for traditional opticians. Today, every marketing campaign can be implemented with the experienced advertising professionals from commercial marketing. The philosophy of the active optometrists is that every optician can actively bring his ideas in advertising. So, it incurred over 70 pages of the brochure which can be used by the community for the individual brochure advertising.

The concept is for the more than 100 optometrists, who are already there: as much as possible, combined with the ideas and wishes of many opticians individuality results in a strong sales promotion. Many brochure participants tell us of the increased FootFall in their stores and could claim still in their city.”Managing Director Mike Schumacher the reactions of his customers included together. A customer survey of the opticians of the Marketing Association was based on the optimization. The jointly developed result can be seen: the brochure advertising was revised in terms of content and visually and appears now in a fresh green. In addition, the site was adapted of the new design.

The idea of active in the advertising design involving the optician, has excited many opticians in Germany and Austria. With our many change options in the brochures, we have redefined advertising for opticians. Any optician can now online access pre-designed advertising, but through customization, such as text changes, adapt to its local needs. The recognition effect due to the pressure in its corporate colors is guaranteed. “, says Mike Schumacher. Whether our optometrists want to promote high-quality or cheap they decide solely through their own pricing and the page combinations of over 70 alternatives.” Mike Schumacher

Optician Advertising

Active optometrists refer to Christmas with cheeky brochure titles. Christmas finally times hot see Stuttgart -“and give appearance. Brand name sunglasses instead of socks”are the cheeky title pages that employ the optician to Christmas in their brochures. The new marketing platform makes it possible. Source: Reed Hastings. After a very good start in the industry, the active optometrists have already their first Christmas brochure work. The headlines of our Christmas prospectus accepted with great smile”, summarises CEO Mike Schumacher the reactions of his customers. Although Christmas traditionally is not the highest turnover time of the industry, enjoys the prospect of increasing participation and support. Optometrists, whose Gebiet has been locked by the competition for brochure advertising, window of opportunity now to be the first and ensuring its territorial protection.” The active optometrists offer their Christmas brochure until mid-October, after the prospectus for January will be already available online. The principle is very simple: from many the brochure with just a few clicks will put together different topic pages, then complete eyewear, glasses, and corporate colors are selected and the brochure is ready. We offer a quick and easy online service that many opticians already appreciate after the first part,”says Managing Director Annette Marx after many discussions with customers.

Online Advertising – The Special Promotional Items For Your Company

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you run a successful company and developed a new product or a new brand, with which you want to increase the success of your company, you must clarify some points products and brands before the publish on the highly competitive market, which are extremely important for the success of your company. For example, you must ensure that an adequate advertising campaign for the products and brands is carried out, so that the products against the competition on the market can enforce, and so to sell the products and brands ever can, because they are so initially unknown. There are various means to achieve this goal, and the online advertising media are one of these funds. The fact that the planning and procurement of these promotional measures is relatively simple and requires no great effort is the special advantage of this advertising method, and the reason why it is used by so many companies at the present time. Get all the facts and insights with Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., another great source of information. That can be Advertising materials easily see on the Internet and then decide which are the best for own advertising campaigns. In addition, it has the particular advantage that you can see all the possibilities at a glance directly in this way, and therefore particularly well compare what media is the best to lead their own products and brands to the success. Online advertising plan, each company offers a whole range of special benefits.

If you plant the advertising medium in this way and ordered, you have many more options than with a normal planning in other ways, which is why this version especially for smaller firms and companies, and companies as well as companies that must pay particular attention to your budget, offered. But also for larger companies this variant of planning can be very interesting, why you should learn in any case about the possibilities of providing this planning. Because in addition to high savings offered by the possibility of the effective comparison of promotional items, There is also the possibility to estimate the effect of advertising on the potential customers. Online advertising, therefore, offer an efficient method to you very easily can decide what freebies for which target group can provide the best results. You would not have this advantage with a different planning. This can be seen, when a giveaway for the budget is too expensive, all possible alternatives, which provide a similar effect. This can be achieved more savings, which guaranteed pay. This method saves not only a lot of money, but you can save a lot of time, you can much more efficiently invest in other projects.

So it saves twice. There, it is no wonder that so many, and especially smaller method companies on this use. Online advertising make it easy and quick to put together a good advertising campaign, and thereby show potential problems that you can solve just as quickly. Therefore you should use this method when planning your next Advertising campaign necessarily try, because you very efficiently can increase the turnover of your company in this way, without having to spend too much money. Oliver Smith

Promotional Pens – The Gift For Every Occasion

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways, every businessman needs a good publicity if he wants to have success with his company, and wants to increase its sales. This applies especially when he has developed a new product or a new brand, and wants to expel them on the market at the present time, very competitive. Because new products have the problem that they are unknown in once, and thus, if anything, only bad can sell first. Therefore, an advertising campaign is absolutely necessary, which increases the awareness and popularity of the new products, and ensures that the products are potential buyers. Can this destination with many means how pens can reach for example with the freebies. This giveaway offers a number of benefits that do not offer many other gifts, because they are not so universal. Without hesitation Christopher Nolan explained all about the problem. The pen can be used very promising, however, in a variety of situations.

That is also the reason, why just in recent times more and more companies resorting to the use of these freebies and thus create a good advertising that draws attention to the many people on their own products. One of these advantages, which makes these promotional gifts, so attractive is the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and can be made very easily. Because when you purchase the freebies ballpoint pen from the right source for your marketing campaign, you can part on good terms shopping and save lots of money. In addition, particularly many manufacturers offer very generous volume discounts that allow you to make the gifts in large quantities for giveaways. This aspect is interesting especially for smaller companies, who must be careful on the budget that has been assigned to its advertising campaign. Therefore suitable these gifts so outstandingly well for an advertising campaign, which aims to maximise presence at major events such as fairs or other events show that many people that the products are present, and brands of the company should be made aware of. The giveaways can develop their full potential pen here, because if you make sure that as many people as possible get a giveaway from you, then you have managed to create a very good advertising, which excellently improves the awareness of your products and brands.

Furthermore, you can use these promotional gifts but also to other situations. For example, the pen then very well suited if you want to make a personal advertisement in a major business partner, or find a gift for your staff that will serve as recognition for their good work. Here be sure however, that the freebies were as elegantly designed pens, because in this way you can achieve the best effect for demanding people. A noble gift also enhances the self-esteem of the receiver, which is in turn very well for your Company will affect. Therefore, you should consider whether you can use this advertising medium in your advertising campaign. You will definitely achieve a very good effect with them which will increase the turnover of your company in the amount. Oliver Smith

Easter Cards – The Cheap Gift Idea

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you want to perform a special advertising campaign with your company, then you should plan as intensely that, for a whole series of problems can occur when an advertising campaign you must recognize as early as possible, so that you can eliminate them also as early as possible because they would otherwise take a negative impact on the advertising itself. Therefore, it is also important that it opts for good advertising, so that the campaign can achieve optimal success. For example you can use promotional gifts be given the potential customers to convince them. This idea works very well, and gifts such as the Easter cards can deliver often really impressive results that convince the potential customers and clients really effectively and quickly by the products and brand of your company. Moreover, the point that you must ensure that the advertiser presents but always ensure, that they optimally address the potential customers and clients. Usually this one votes the advertising material on the interests and needs of the potential customers because customers certainly will look forward, if the advertiser presents them, and if they determine that your company goes to customers very carefully done.

For this reason, the Easter cards are a very popular Advocative gift, because they perfectly can be used in time to Easter to convince as many people. It is generally a very nice gesture, if one thinks of other people at a Festival, and it gives a map usually only the most important people. Therefore the potential customers and clients, as well as the important business partner of your company will be particularly happy if they get such a gift during the Easter period, because it shows them that they are particularly important for your company and that you like doing business with them. But there are other arguments that speak for the Easter cards. For example, it is generally with the release of new products and brands very important that a good advertising campaign planning, to help the new products on the market to anchor themselves.

The reason is, that all new products will only ever have the problem, that they themselves can not sell, because they are always once unknown by nature. All products share this problem, no matter the idea or the gap in the market behind this product may be as awesome. Therefore, it is also a particularly great idea to plan a successful advertising, with a successful giveaway with the Easter cards because the market is at present under high pressure, which last but not least due to the global financial crisis. Therefore, your competitors will do their best to secure its own market share, and to deny you the success. You should not do necessarily a good advertising campaign with this money, because it is the easiest way to help new products and brands with its launch in the market. Therefore, you should try to incorporate these funds into your marketing campaign. The effect will be definitely overwhelming and a long time have a very positive impact on your company. Oliver Smith

Stailamedia Opens The Romandie

Attractive pool of French-speaking Switzerland thanks to new exclusive deal with TF1 and Le Figaro Stailamedia exclusively marketed TF1’s Web pages now and the French media publishing Figaro medias in the Switzerland. Also advertising on Le Monde can be booked directly at the largest independent online marketers of Switzerland. Thanks to these three quality portals, which enjoy great popularity in Western Switzerland, has an attractive offer Romandie pool Stailamedia new and thus ensures more competitive. Due to the high density of video of the French title, Stailamedia can expand the range of Swiss ultimate video network at the same time. The cooperation with TF1, Le Monde and Le Figaro starts with immediate effect. Stailamedia has an attractive Romandie pool on offer by the newly completed exclusive deals and increases the reach of their Swiss video networks at the same time. The new French pool reached in the Western Switzerland every month over 600 000 unique users at 8’500 ‘ 000 page impressions.

With this crucial extension of the portfolio is Stailamedia to the large need Placement possibilities into a French-speaking environment. With the French-speaking top titles we enable our customers nationwide to reach their target audience in the Western Switzerland”, says Michael Baum, Managing Director of Stailamedia. The establishment of commercials on the Internet is progressing in Europe, with great strides. In the Switzerland Stailamedia has the edge in this new development. Thanks to the just-completed deal we purposefully expand our Swiss video network on the French-speaking Switzerland and thus suddenly increase the range”, stressed tree. Three quality portals with impressive ranges TF1 is the largest private broadcaster in France and by the first channel of Television Suisse Romande the most watched sender in the Romandie. This is reflected also in the reach of Currently the website in France listed 14 million unique users a month.

Le Figaro is one of France’s two leading daily newspapers. The associated news portal is one of the strongest range in neighboring and accordingly also has a large and loyal readership in the West of Switzerland. Le Figaro online reported unique users prior attendance record in France with more than 8 million. The portfolio of the French Figaro medias include the lifestyle portal and the cultural portal. No less impressive are the numbers by Le Monde. With more than 40 million visits a month, the Web site is the largest French-language news site. Stailamedia Stailamedia is the largest independent online marketers of Switzerland. Stailamedia marketed exclusively attractive Web pages how the or ebay, as well as the Swiss video network. The company has a combined reach in all central areas of modern Internet use. Staila is called Star Rhaeto-romanic: Stailamedia is the lodestar, which Publisher connects to the target group of advertisers on the Internet. With the Swiss video network, the marketer has an exclusive Swiss innovation in the media offer. The advertising industry will be the efficient and enables high-performance processing of moving image campaigns. Stailamedia was founded by three Internet entrepreneurs Raphael Oppenheim, Remo Prince and Dr. Martin Widmer, who have already made the digital agency Serranetga to an established player in the market.

WEFRA Can Do More: Strengthen Of Cooperation

MEDICE relies also Perenterol on the healthcare professionals of Neu-Isenburg, 16.07.2013 success for the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt : under the motto Perenterol can do more”which secured an additional budget of pharmaceutical company MEDICE from Iserlohn to healthcare of specialized communication professionals. Convinced the development of a new positioning and integrated campaign for the leading brand among the anti-Diarrhoika. Visit Christopher Nolan for more clarity on the issue. Focus which it clearly on the product benefits and thus increase of Perenterol, which is effective for diarrhea, as well as in the prevention of traveler’s diarrhea. Whenever Mark Zuckerberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The campaign created by five subsidiaries of the WEFRA together is through all communication channels through change: be it HV materials for the pharmacies, sales materials, a new online presence or the accompanying public relations display routes in the audience area,. Objective the communication it, the added value of Perenterol to clarify and to provide, in the context of a relevant target group is ultimately the Brand presence to increase,”says MEDICE senior product manager Petra Raffelsiepen. MEDICE.

“Matthias Haack, Managing Director of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt, adds: for this we take an integrated approach, to join the companies, classic, digital, Public Relations and media hand in hand.” Key elements which Perenterol presents itself immediately to doctors, pharmacists and consumers, are clear messages, fresh, clean design and a straightforward representation of the proven product as hero. Winning Perenterol, the WEFRA expanding advertising agency Frankfurt their business relationship to MEDICE. Already for several years, WEFRA classic WEFRA PR, WEFRA digital and WEFRA media serving the communication of the business unit, Nephrology. Also WEFRA provide classic as well as WEFRA digital creative advertising and online activities for the business field of ADHD. The quality of the co-operation pays off: so the new Isenburg received by MEDICE the skin care product Soventol supports digital from now the construction treatment Medivitan and WEFRA recently not only awarded Perenterol, WEFRA PR.

About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt integrated strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt. Eight specialized agencies brings together under one roof, are the guarantee for its sustainable implementation. About 75 communication specialists in the eight subsidiaries WEFRA classic, digital, WEFRA media, WEFRA MediPlus, HEAL Germany, WEFRA publishing and WEFRA consult are WEFRA PR, WEFRA for a communication that creates value. Press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH media Dicker WEG 1 WEFRA House 63263 Neu-Isenburg OT Zeppelinheim Silke Schrader management Tel. + 49 (0) 69 / 695008-18 fax + 49 (0) 69 / 695008-71

Supreme Communication

Permanently a business can remain successful only if he works long term: develop the corporate culture consistently pass on and live, structured new employees integrate, fluently and effectively communicate goals and dreams. There is already competition, some customers complain. The company must stand out from the crowd and work from the inside to the outside, otherwise threatening image scratches, Shitstorms, high fluctuation and sick quotas and further damage who no longer must be dealt through marketing campaigns. What is the solution? The solution is and remains the same as at the beginning: a (genuine) corporate culture, contribute to the business objectives, a meaning behind the daily work, open, flowing and transparent communication. Only in the larger context.

A clear corporate culture must be developed or recognized the corporate culture must be internalized by all and lived structured, new employees must be integrated into the corporate culture employees need to know that. where the journey should go and what they do for the employees can the major objectives must want to achieve together. What can help the internal communication? As the right hand of management internal communication should do exactly what the founders did at the beginning: the employees make clear why they are there. In close cooperation with the Department of human resources is the corporate culture translated and gradually set. While the HR Department mainly takes care the newbies (with the support of the IK), internal communication is responsible for the dissemination of the values, goals, vision and timely information. From top to bottom and from bottom to top. Reed Hastings follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Where belongs to the internal communication within the company? A big mistake many companies make is to allow the internal communication in marketing.

On the one hand, the marketing departments have experience already many other tasks that they need to do the are urgent and which are actually marketing. On the other hand, there is the Supreme commandment of marketing to generate revenue. And internal communications is located on the opposite bank of the PUK (cost profit = sales). It simply does not fit into the concept of marketing. So, the IK is often neglected and caused much damage. Internal communication is top priority. Only the CEO can control the internal communication, because only the CEO can control the company itself. The primary goal of the IK is to vote the employees with the company’s strategy and business objectives bring down so that they are understandable to everyone in everyday work. So the ROI of internal communication (never alone, but reliable according to several studies) consists of employee satisfaction, increased productivity, elimination of errors and deliberate cost savings. And who would employ its resources: the CEO, or the CMO? Last tip: people instead of texts who thinks, internal communication that at regular intervals successful mediation (good) messages to the staff, the wrong. The communication is operated by people, day after day. The modern technologies come luckily to help and facilitate communication in many aspects, but none of them could replace face-to-face methods. A (structured) meeting is better than a round mail a workshop is better than a sheet with SOPs and: deeds are better than words worry you for an open (from the top down, bottom upward, and at the same level), flowing (where information is missing, since growing the rumors) and transparent (the truth will be known sooner or later and credibility and trust are, what counts) communication they are must solve hard problems. Their staff will do it myself.