Stailamedia Opens The Romandie

Attractive pool of French-speaking Switzerland thanks to new exclusive deal with TF1 and Le Figaro Stailamedia exclusively marketed TF1’s Web pages now and the French media publishing Figaro medias in the Switzerland. Also advertising on Le Monde can be booked directly at the largest independent online marketers of Switzerland. Thanks to these three quality portals, which enjoy great popularity in Western Switzerland, has an attractive offer Romandie pool Stailamedia new and thus ensures more competitive. Due to the high density of video of the French title, Stailamedia can expand the range of Swiss ultimate video network at the same time. The cooperation with TF1, Le Monde and Le Figaro starts with immediate effect. Stailamedia has an attractive Romandie pool on offer by the newly completed exclusive deals and increases the reach of their Swiss video networks at the same time. The new French pool reached in the Western Switzerland every month over 600 000 unique users at 8’500 ‘ 000 page impressions.

With this crucial extension of the portfolio is Stailamedia to the large need Placement possibilities into a French-speaking environment. With the French-speaking top titles we enable our customers nationwide to reach their target audience in the Western Switzerland”, says Michael Baum, Managing Director of Stailamedia. The establishment of commercials on the Internet is progressing in Europe, with great strides. In the Switzerland Stailamedia has the edge in this new development. Thanks to the just-completed deal we purposefully expand our Swiss video network on the French-speaking Switzerland and thus suddenly increase the range”, stressed tree. Three quality portals with impressive ranges TF1 is the largest private broadcaster in France and by the first channel of Television Suisse Romande the most watched sender in the Romandie. This is reflected also in the reach of Currently the website in France listed 14 million unique users a month.

Le Figaro is one of France’s two leading daily newspapers. The associated news portal is one of the strongest range in neighboring and accordingly also has a large and loyal readership in the West of Switzerland. Le Figaro online reported unique users prior attendance record in France with more than 8 million. The portfolio of the French Figaro medias include the lifestyle portal and the cultural portal. No less impressive are the numbers by Le Monde. With more than 40 million visits a month, the Web site is the largest French-language news site. Stailamedia Stailamedia is the largest independent online marketers of Switzerland. Stailamedia marketed exclusively attractive Web pages how the or ebay, as well as the Swiss video network. The company has a combined reach in all central areas of modern Internet use. Staila is called Star Rhaeto-romanic: Stailamedia is the lodestar, which Publisher connects to the target group of advertisers on the Internet. With the Swiss video network, the marketer has an exclusive Swiss innovation in the media offer. The advertising industry will be the efficient and enables high-performance processing of moving image campaigns. Stailamedia was founded by three Internet entrepreneurs Raphael Oppenheim, Remo Prince and Dr. Martin Widmer, who have already made the digital agency Serranetga to an established player in the market.