Active Optician

Advertising portal ‘Active optometrists’ presents itself to the 2nd birthday in fresh green. Stuttgart. After two successful years of first marketing-Verbund has active optometrists”revised its advertising offerings and presented on his new website. It has been started only with brochures for traditional opticians. Today, every marketing campaign can be implemented with the experienced advertising professionals from commercial marketing. The philosophy of the active optometrists is that every optician can actively bring his ideas in advertising. So, it incurred over 70 pages of the brochure which can be used by the community for the individual brochure advertising.

The concept is for the more than 100 optometrists, who are already there: as much as possible, combined with the ideas and wishes of many opticians individuality results in a strong sales promotion. Many brochure participants tell us of the increased FootFall in their stores and could claim still in their city.”Managing Director Mike Schumacher the reactions of his customers included together. A customer survey of the opticians of the Marketing Association was based on the optimization. The jointly developed result can be seen: the brochure advertising was revised in terms of content and visually and appears now in a fresh green. In addition, the site was adapted of the new design.

The idea of active in the advertising design involving the optician, has excited many opticians in Germany and Austria. With our many change options in the brochures, we have redefined advertising for opticians. Any optician can now online access pre-designed advertising, but through customization, such as text changes, adapt to its local needs. The recognition effect due to the pressure in its corporate colors is guaranteed. “, says Mike Schumacher. Whether our optometrists want to promote high-quality or cheap they decide solely through their own pricing and the page combinations of over 70 alternatives.” Mike Schumacher