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For lateral thinkers and contrarians, there is now a new page it is true: there is just as little as the motorist the gifted. However, if gifted think and act is usually something different from than in other people. Also for Easter. Have highly gifted children in other Easter traditions? Other wishes and hopes? They eat not the same food? Look like, if gifted across think? Or rethinking? Or feel different? It may that she read her children no Easter story, but write one yourself. Then set up a children’s theatre group and perform this play then at Easter in old people’s homes.

The idea was perhaps spontaneously three weeks them Easter. It may be that they equip their branches of Easter with the beautiful colorful eggs every year. But the plan numbers and formulas that they hang in the branches of the spring coming. These have together with other previously burned or baked. And it may be that they talk about on the first day of Easter with the family not ala Advisor How to keep good speeches ‘ writing. But with the famous speeches of Socrates (??) or Pericles (??) set apart have probably in the original version in ancient Greek. Young gifted have possibly written a rap on the Ostersparziergang von Goethe.

Or it is translated into the language of youth. Crosswise thinking, new ideas and different feel are just a few aspects where highly intelligent people have to deal with now the journalist Lilli Cremer Altgeld provided a further stimulus for them on the Internet: Easter for the gifted. We wish you happy days. Bonnes Fetes de Paques. Lilli Cremer Altgeld is taught radio and television journalist. She reported on international economic policy in the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation. Their seminars have taken her through Europe, America and Africa. It was at the private University Witten/Herdecke University curator and today is a member of the German speakers lexicon. Of the city of Cologne is Cremer Altgeld for your work with the Museum portrait ‘Cologne personalities’ has been awarded. Cremer Altgeld is a consultant and coach for companies, institutions and well-known personalities today.