Body And Feelings

Now you are ready to continue the journey. Let the most important for you to feel your attention. This may be a lack of sensation. Focus on those phenomena that have attracted your attention. Connect with them, log them, enjoy them. Let them fill you up. Now listen to their inner impulses.

Allow them to move your body. Try follow this movement, not controlling body. Let it moves you in itself. Follow the unpredictable nature of your feelings. When you want to stay, accept the situation that prompts your body. Answer the questions: What causes your body in motion? At that resembles tidal energy or fatigue, affecting your body? What part of your body you feel like the most wise? What seems to feel the wisdom of your body? Let me arise in the mind the image of the wisdom of your body.

Draw it. What message carries this picture? What value is imeeet for what's happening in your life? Relaxation with the help of statistical poses. Relaxing in this case occurs automatically due to a certain body position. Here is an example of the exercise recreation complex. The pose of the fish. Original position, lying down, legs apart, hands at sides. Breathes, simultaneously bending your knees. Feet to put the plane on the floor. Raise forearm vertically with the hands hanging freely at the joints. Relaxation process takes place without muscular effort must come a sense of gravity. Feet to raise the floor without lifting your hips. Basic exercises using figurative series.