Lose Kilos

If to eat at night it is a problem for you, here you have some advice and tricks that will help to change this habit you. Different strategies of work for different people. Of a some of these ideas an opportunity and verifies if they work for you. 1. In order to stop eating at night and losing kilos If you eat at night because boring or you are estresado, it proves the storage of your refrigerator and the closets with healthy treats. Instead of chocolate, cakes, pies and chipses, give to access to the fruits only like apples or oranges, almonds and fruits droughts like the nuts.

These foods have less calories and are more nutritious. You can darte tells that you want to eat in smaller amount, because they are not so sweet and greasy as other types of snacks. 2. Potable water Some people eat at night because they think that they are hungry. In fact, she can be dehydrated. If this is applied, tries to take a glass from water whenever you have desire to eat at night.

She tries to make this during several nights at least to see if she makes a difference. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Christopher Nolan. After drinking water, sides that the impulse to eat disappears. 3. Exercise One of the strategies that some people use is to make exercise at night. You can do this, for example, while you watch. Instead of to ingest pazteles or the cakes, you will feel productive if pedaleas on a bicycle or walk in a caminadora while you see your favorite programs. 4. Rubber to chew Chewing-gum is another form to replace eating at night and to lose kilos. Also, it will maintain your mouth occupied it would fill up and it with a flavor that you like. Perhaps you are cone that you do not want to have tea by the effect of the rubber in the mouth.

Hair Loss Its Types And Treatment Options

Causes and reasons of hair loss can be very different. The most commonly encountered form of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia (hereditary or genetic hair loss). Common signs include: clearing the receding hairline, hairline goes back, hair density is reduced, slow balding. Last remains not only rarely of hair wreath, from one to the other ear. The cause is genetic. There exists a hypersensitivity and extreme sensitivity to the male sex hormones/sex hormones from birth.

Here, the DHT (Dehydrotestosterone) plays an important. This is the main reason for dropping out of the hair. DHT is formed by the conversion of testosterone by enzymes and prevents the growth of hair. The anagen phase of the hair is shortened so that the hairs are becoming less and less visible. They grow out barely out of the scalp. Often a lighter Pflaum of tiny, fine hair can be seen.

Due to DHT, the hair follicles and hair roots wither away gradually. Sometimes also some few hairs sprout forth. Everything else is bare up to the back of the head area. This genetic hair loss can be tackled somewhat hair medications. Minoxidil and finasteride are approved drugs that are often taken or applied on the hair and also proven to help. However, this hair just slow the alopecia. In some cases hair loss no longer progressing after use of funds, which is however only temporary and short-lived. All medicines are taken against hair loss help so limited and can conjure up any new hair”. Another type of alopecia is the circular hair loss alopecia areata. As the name suggests circular or oval, bald spots where hair fallen form. The type of hair loss is due to illness. However, the exact Uraschen are not known. General is believed and accepted that a disposition in the immune system is responsible. The reasons may be inflammation, that are responsible for the bald spots. In this type of Alopecia hair follicles are not destroyed in General. Therefore, the hair may grow again what happens again after some time in most cases. Renewed growth sets in and the hair loss is over. This is the second most common form of hair loss androgenetic alopecia. Sometimes circular falling off of hair may occur chronically again or it may even cause total hair loss. Often young men and children suffer from this hair loss. In diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia), it comes to a total, extreme hair loss, which occurs usually in women. While the hair density decreases more and more, the head lights and loses all his hair. Causes arising from it may be thyroid disease, stress, or poisoning. The skin doctor often has difficulties to find out the exact reason. Basically, a doctor should be consulted at first signs of hair loss, no matter what nature. How can baldness be treated? First of all should be with Haarwuchsmitteln”everything Alternate tried and exhausted the resources be before deciding to further steps. A usually permanent solution represents a self hair transplantation. During this procedure, the individual hairs from the back of the head are taken and later implanted. After some time, the hair grows again then and in a year a beautiful and natural result is achieved in the normal case. Hair transplant prices are very different. Turkey hair transplantation costs a fraction as in Western Europe and Germany. It is therefore useful to research something and to look around for good doctors and modern techniques. Clemens Weber


Look at the other representative of a strong half of his face painted all his tumultuous biography – by 50 years face looks like a baked apple. But the right person and the whole body is covered with loose skin under which there are bumps benign tumors – the consequences of injuries, trauma, inflammation. The human body is designed so wisely to be able to regulate itself. And if some part fails, the other comes to her aid. Film-maker may not feel the same. But we're fools to try to ditch it all at once, or only look at what we think the most important to others. Poor skin condition leads to a general fading of the body, affects the metabolism, the work of enzymes, hormones. In particular, for men – decreases testosterone levels.

It is no accident that during or after the trip to the bath increased the desire of many. Hormonal system tends to normal as possible and testosterone increases. That is why a real man to walk regularly preferably in a bath Men's skin needs constant care. Let's start with the person. Men, I highly recommend skin lubricated suitable for them cream in the morning and evening. For assistance, try visiting Joint Chiefs of Staff. Periodically change the cream. Oiling is not necessarily proprietary cream is cheap and high quality.

And no, you can prepare yourself. I have often written as it is done with deodorized sunflower oil herbs and essential oils. The main thing to pick what fits. Facial skin requires special care because experiencing the greatest burden, but perhaps with the exception of the hands.


Need to learn to make stress-dose, episodic and in any case not allow drag stress for very long periods of time. It threatens to chronic depression, which will slowly or quickly destroy a man inside. What to do, how can that be? To get started you need to stand still for 20 seconds and try to understand what emotions you are experiencing at the moment, and dismantle them on the shelves. Tell myself that at this moment I am your Masha, angry, I hurt, I am disappointed and outraged. This called – honest to yourself.

Tell us the reasons for its poor human emotions, specifically, beating exact purpose of your stress. In general, avoid generalizations of past stress and do not add this 'snowball' to his the current situation. In other words – not so concentrated and curdled mass of emotional crap. Know how to listen to other people. Very often the person does not dare to speak out about what worries him. Know how to hold his ego in conflict situations. Try as quickly as possible to finish the conflict situation.

Cultivate equanimity. This is achieved by persistent restraint on the negative impact from the outside. Other people will try behave in every possible way to cause you stress and strengthen it. Will be 'on my head go' if only you psyched and annoying. But if you remain impenetrable 'hippo', then your enemies possess to such an extent that they swollen tongues and zatekut muscles and as a result of depletion of experiencing them, not you. If the accumulation of negatives is very strong, then after the containment vyplesnite these emotions alone, but do not overdo it. Your condition needs to be recharging of positive emotions. Make excuses offenders and situations, look for positive qualities in them, try to make fun of mentally difficult situation. Reassures himself optimistic. Collect confidence in our strength, that everything is subject to you. Do not exaggerate and do not impose special anxiety of the soul. Do not turn cautious in the expectation of an obsessive hit from behind. If your there were happy moments of life in which you have experienced childhood feelings of joy, then memorize them in every way and that is connected with them: the situation around, the people of the year do not overdo it with privacy. Do not forget that You have friends, relatives, who always help you in difficult times. If you are very much to protect themselves from society, avoid aggravation of the depressive state, it can cause suicide. Splash, accumulated in stress, the adrenaline in a difficult exercise. Say, in your favorite sport. Part of the exercises rhythmically chant, focuses on exercise. However, note that not complex enough exercises will allow the excess adrenaline to play on your nerves. Collect healthy habits in your life that will help you mentally relax: walking through the city park, a stable routine, even one and the same Food that helps. Splash your negativity in the form of games 'most evil desires' – written down on paper all the most bitter and sore, and then send all this evil back to hell – the stove, the ashes! Play with your children remember children's emotions. Follow the procedure in cases that are committed to economic labor, conduct interviews 'from heart to heart' someone you can trust.

Fungus Infections

Herpes lasts for 2-3 days 10. Hemorrhoids. Within 2-7 days in the morning to wash the crack "a dead>> water and then put tampons with live>> with water, changing them as they dry bleeding stopped, the crack heal within 2-3 days. 11. Hypertension. During the day take 2 times for 1 / 2 cup of the dead>> water. Pressure to normal. 12.

Hypotension. During the night 2 times to take 1 / 2 cup of the live>> water. Reed Hastings insists that this is the case. The pressure is normalized by 13. Worms (bot) Make a cleansing enema, first – "Dead>> water, and an hour later – a" living>> water. During the day drink each hour for two-thirds cup of the dead>> water. The following day, to restore health to drink 0.5 cups a living>> water for a half-hour before a meal.

Feelings may be unimportant. Christopher Nolan is often quoted on this topic. If after 2 days of recovery did not come, then repeat the procedure 14. Festering wounds. Wound wash the dead>> water, and 3-5 minutes to moisten the live>> with water, then 5-6 times a day to wet the only "living>> water. For 5-6 days is healing. 15. Headaches. Drink 1 / 2 cup of the dead>> water. Pain goes away after 30-50 minutes. 16. Fungus Infected mushroom place first thoroughly washed with hot water and soap, wipe dry and wet "Dead>> water. During the day dampened the dead>> 5-6 times with water and give to dry without wiping. Socks and towels to wash and soak in the dead>> water. Similarly, (can a time) to disinfect shoes – pour into it a "dead>> water and let stand 20 minutes.

Indian Yoga

Teaching was systematically collected Guru the first time in the 5th century bc He simplified the concepts and principles of yoga, so that it could appeal to the masses, and they become clear. Yoga tradition, developed later in post-classical era. During this period Samhitas, religious works and other sects Vaishanava mention this ancient Indian discipline. Types of Yoga Yoga destinations can be classified according to their directions. According to Hindu philosophy, the main branches yoga include Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Japa Yoga, Purna Yoga, etc. Raja Yoga is also known simply as 'yoga' in the context of Hindu philosophy and was collected by Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

It is – part of the tradition of . (Yoga, related elements) – the direction of yoga, a system based on the knowledge and use of the fingers of a human hand. Others who may share this opinion include Reed Hastings. Mudra – referring to the yoga system element that can affect – to develop or even change the internal and external the human condition – mental (anger, emotional excitement, fear, depression, etc.), mental (concentration, meditation) or physical (different diseases). One of the most famous is wise. Wise cause changes in veins, tendons, organs of senses.

Wise does not need any previous training. They can be made (mostly, but with exceptions) at any time, any place and, in fact, any circumstance. Permanent Practice wise can stop or slow the destructive changes in the human body. It helps to develop the best spiritual qualities of man – love for others, kindness to others, calm and balanced behavior in society and at home.

Body And Feelings

Now you are ready to continue the journey. Let the most important for you to feel your attention. This may be a lack of sensation. Focus on those phenomena that have attracted your attention. Connect with them, log them, enjoy them. Let them fill you up. Now listen to their inner impulses.

Allow them to move your body. Try follow this movement, not controlling body. Let it moves you in itself. Follow the unpredictable nature of your feelings. When you want to stay, accept the situation that prompts your body. Answer the questions: What causes your body in motion? At that resembles tidal energy or fatigue, affecting your body? What part of your body you feel like the most wise? What seems to feel the wisdom of your body? Let me arise in the mind the image of the wisdom of your body.

Draw it. What message carries this picture? What value is imeeet for what's happening in your life? Relaxation with the help of statistical poses. Relaxing in this case occurs automatically due to a certain body position. Here is an example of the exercise recreation complex. The pose of the fish. Original position, lying down, legs apart, hands at sides. Breathes, simultaneously bending your knees. Feet to put the plane on the floor. Raise forearm vertically with the hands hanging freely at the joints. Relaxation process takes place without muscular effort must come a sense of gravity. Feet to raise the floor without lifting your hips. Basic exercises using figurative series.

New Moon

In many cultures, blood confer special properties. Recall, now popular characters from the films “The Eclipse”, “New Moon” and other vampire series, which going crazy youth. Source: Reed Hastings. Legends of the life-giving power of blood, there are hundreds of years and they are not groundless. Doctor, do you now say that Dracula is real? At least in our clinic, we had never met (laughs). No mysticism in this medicine is not. In addition to one fact – until now doctors all over the world can not determine why the beating human heart? What makes it knock? This is the great mystery of Creation, and we do not in any way infringe at her. Further details can be found at Reed Hastings, an internet resource.

The physician should not intervene in subtle matter. Otherwise, it’s not a doctor, but an adept of the occult sciences. But, nevertheless, in the blood lies a great potential. To understand the implications of our method, you need to go a little further into biology. Blood cells work skooodinirovanno and continuously interact with each other. Platelets are responsible not only for blood clotting, which has long been known. 15 years ago, it became clear that platelets are also responsible for successful tissue regeneration, as the so-called “signaling” cells. That is, if we are injuring, scratch quickly tightened the blood clot, which becomes a natural bandage for the wound and helps repair damaged skin. This is due to the ability of platelets to produce prothrombin, which helps tissue regeneration.


Oscor black poplar – one of the most common trees in Russia. And yet, one of the most useful. The most valuable part of poplar – a kidney unblown leaves. However, in the pharmacy are very difficult to find, and collect not that simple. Ideal – it is when you close the famous, environmentally clean place during harvesting kidneys (April-May), cut down the poplars and the kidneys can be harvested easily in large quantities.

At least, their blanks I carry out. So what good is a poplar buds? Poplar buds are bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, expectorant, diuretic (speeds up the excretion of uric acid), antipyretic and sedative effect. Due to its bactericidal properties poplar buds protect the body against staphylococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, typhoid and other bacteria that cause prostatitis and other diseases, as well as providing contribute to the dissolution of salt deposits and stones in the hollow organs. The composition of kidney poplar is as follows: volatile oil (up to 0,7%), tannins, organic acids, as well as lesser known glycosides. The spectrum of poplar buds wide. Infusion or tincture kidneys are used to treat wounds, ulcers, dermatitis, in gynecological practice – at obesity, as well as anti-chlamydia and chlamydia.

Drugs taken orally as a poplar diuretic, which accelerates excretion of uric acid, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory (for arthritis), and sedative. They are prescribed for upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the bladder atony intestinal neurosis, hemorrhoids, gout, herpes. Ointments and baths from poplar buds are used to treat skin diseases, sciatica, rheumatic and arthritic pains in the joints. In a scientific medicine ointment from the kidneys of black poplar is sometimes used in surgery as an analgesic and astringent. Used kidneys black poplar with rheumatism, and colds, influenza, lung disease, hemorrhoids, cystitis, beriberi. They say that the poplar buds that are configured to allow vodka overcome tuberculosis and cancer (but I personally have not seen such cured, so I will not recommend. Although tuberculosis – possibly cancer – doubtful). In the folk and traditional Medicine poplar buds have been successfully used as a tool for the treatment of various forms of prostatitis. The prostate 3 teaspoons minced kidney poplar pour a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil again, insist the lid 02.03 hours, strain. Take 2-3 tbsp. spoon infusion 3-4 times daily before meals. When combined with prostatitis vesiculitis recommended fitosbor: burdock root – 5 parts, kidneys black poplar – 3 of grass and sage – 2 parts. 1 tbsp. l. collection insist 15 min in 1 cup boiling water and take in the form of heat for 1 / 3 cup per day for 1 1/2–2 months. When prostate adenoma help extract on alcohol and aqueous extract of poplar buds. Thanks, essential oil of poplar buds can serve as a natural bacteriophage your premises. Can either fill in the kidney tray or put into the water shoots of poplar – a room filled with a resinous pleasant sweet smell. And utility (kills germs) and pleasantly Tagged |