Hair Loss Its Types And Treatment Options

Causes and reasons of hair loss can be very different. The most commonly encountered form of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia (hereditary or genetic hair loss). Common signs include: clearing the receding hairline, hairline goes back, hair density is reduced, slow balding. Last remains not only rarely of hair wreath, from one to the other ear. The cause is genetic. There exists a hypersensitivity and extreme sensitivity to the male sex hormones/sex hormones from birth.

Here, the DHT (Dehydrotestosterone) plays an important. This is the main reason for dropping out of the hair. DHT is formed by the conversion of testosterone by enzymes and prevents the growth of hair. The anagen phase of the hair is shortened so that the hairs are becoming less and less visible. They grow out barely out of the scalp. Often a lighter Pflaum of tiny, fine hair can be seen.

Due to DHT, the hair follicles and hair roots wither away gradually. Sometimes also some few hairs sprout forth. Everything else is bare up to the back of the head area. This genetic hair loss can be tackled somewhat hair medications. Minoxidil and finasteride are approved drugs that are often taken or applied on the hair and also proven to help. However, this hair just slow the alopecia. In some cases hair loss no longer progressing after use of funds, which is however only temporary and short-lived. All medicines are taken against hair loss help so limited and can conjure up any new hair”. Another type of alopecia is the circular hair loss alopecia areata. As the name suggests circular or oval, bald spots where hair fallen form. The type of hair loss is due to illness. However, the exact Uraschen are not known. General is believed and accepted that a disposition in the immune system is responsible. The reasons may be inflammation, that are responsible for the bald spots. In this type of Alopecia hair follicles are not destroyed in General. Therefore, the hair may grow again what happens again after some time in most cases. Renewed growth sets in and the hair loss is over. This is the second most common form of hair loss androgenetic alopecia. Sometimes circular falling off of hair may occur chronically again or it may even cause total hair loss. Often young men and children suffer from this hair loss. In diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia), it comes to a total, extreme hair loss, which occurs usually in women. While the hair density decreases more and more, the head lights and loses all his hair. Causes arising from it may be thyroid disease, stress, or poisoning. The skin doctor often has difficulties to find out the exact reason. Basically, a doctor should be consulted at first signs of hair loss, no matter what nature. How can baldness be treated? First of all should be with Haarwuchsmitteln”everything Alternate tried and exhausted the resources be before deciding to further steps. A usually permanent solution represents a self hair transplantation. During this procedure, the individual hairs from the back of the head are taken and later implanted. After some time, the hair grows again then and in a year a beautiful and natural result is achieved in the normal case. Hair transplant prices are very different. Turkey hair transplantation costs a fraction as in Western Europe and Germany. It is therefore useful to research something and to look around for good doctors and modern techniques. Clemens Weber