Educational Game WINS

Award ceremony of the German game prize zone 2 connect debunks TechForce, of the metal and electrical industry (M + industry) in order given recruiting and educational game, in the category of 75,000 EUR from serious game as the best game. Companies such as Ford, Deutz and Airbus put on the junior staff line. Thus catapulting zone 2 connect with TechForce before the nominees competing productions of Willi wills know: emergency rescuer in the usage and 2 two stone learning, training, games! as the most innovative, educationally valuable game to the top of the Computerspielbasierten game industry. About 150 entries, the Bernd Neumann Minister of State for culture awarded the prestigious German computer game award on March 31, 2009 in nine categories of game production and development in Munich for the first time at the best with prize money totaling 600,000 EUR. Neumann said at the computer game price borne jointly by the German Bundestag, the Federal Government and the computer games industry: As computer games have become a leading medium for many children and young people, I believe, that the cultural commitment to quality in the computer game market will affect economically.\” Zone 2 connect with the globally networked employers Association total metal Federation exhibit industry with a total 6,100 member companies such as Siemens AG, ThyssenKrupp AG, Airbus Germany GmbH, Deutz AG or Ford Germany GmbH, the more than 2 million workers to the 22 employers of M + E, joined the evidence. New accents in the up-and-coming advertising.

Wolfgang Gollub, head of employee retention with the employers Association of total metal, pleased with his new recruiting and communications communication way and accepted together with Thorsten Unger, CEO of zone 2 connect, the best price. The reading and utilization behavior of the main and real school leavers has fundamentally changed. The usual communication channels were alone no longer timely, therefore we have decided, through our young professionals of tomorrow a Computer game the opportunity to provide, with the occupational profiles of industry playfully deal to.