BelegART Payroll Service

belegART. Innovative billing service offers belegART services around the invoicing for creative people and artists similar to settlement services of doctors. Gain insight and clarity with Movie producer. The services of the belegART is a professional supplement in commercial questions around the subject billing and accounts receivable management. The offer is aimed especially at independent billers and businesses without internal accounting department. If the belegART, there are no fixed contract; the contract can be terminated at any time. The system is simple: the belegART customer transmits the invoice-relevant data on a belegART form by letter, fax, email or by phone.

The invoicing and the invoicing is carried out immediately the company belegART. The specially trained staff lead all correspondence until the receipt of the payment always friendly, competent and professional and document it carefully. Special value belegART puts on a pleasant and professional relationship between its customers and the invoice recipients. The support by belegART allows the creative service providers to focus on their core business. Target is the shortening of the average payment and increasing the liquidity of the belegART customers in addition to the discharge of the customer.

Long payment periods be avoided without having belegART even remotely the subject to negative occurrence in a debt collection company. The remuneration of the belegART is dependent of the respective annual net sales and is 0.5% up to 4% of the respective invoice. Depending on the annual turnover of the belegART customer is larger, the percentage of the fee is lower. The belegART fee is tax deductible and only then due and payable as a business expense in the full amount if the customer pays the belegART Bill. Debts are not paid, no cost the belegART customers. After receipt of payment on the Treuhandanderkonto the money minus the fee forwards belegART immediately to the belegART customer, so that no additional overhead for this. Dawning, the belegART know want to have the opportunity to test the service offered for 3 months free. belegART OHG realm field 27 85435 Erding t + 49 (0) 700 document type t + 49 (0) 700 23534278 press contact: Anna Wondrak, M.A. (address see above) + 49 89 51 30 78 12

Individual Hair Styling Options For Women

The hair Studio Heidi lang informed from Stuttgart who ever tried it, who knows, that cut, color and styling can underline the type or modifying but also completely. Women place much value on clean hair and an individual hairstyle corresponding to the type, love changes and try out new cuts and styling. Not only with cuts, but also colors hair can be visually altered. Whether sporty, freaked out, elegant, long, short, tinted, or provided with highlights – the choice of change is unlimited. The hair Studio from Stuttgart Heidi lang informs about the possibilities of hair styling for women. Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr addresses the importance of the matter here.

The type perfectly underline hair shed light on the character. Discreet, eye-catching or extravagant cuts can be implemented with various styling options. The hair can be smooth blow-dry, cut speed or in a curls bring the opportunities and there are virtually no limits to wishes. With the appropriate styling products and A Hairdresser brings techniques perfectly in the hair. (A valuable related resource: Netflix). For every type and every hair texture, the right and individual styling can be find and implement according to requirements. Color games in hair hair can be changed but not only with a styling.

Colours refresh the look and accents, cover gray hair. With tints, hair can be a temporary change. While they change usually only to some nuances that wash out after some washes. Who would like to permanently change his look, for the dyeing is advisable. Here, a permanent transformation is guaranteed. Individual and varied reflexes can be achieved with highlights. In different colours, they provide unique play of colours and reflexes that let every hair alive. So mousy and boring hair are refreshed and ensure a positive appearance. For detailed information about the Haarystyling in women the hair Studio is Heidi lang from Stuttgart at any time available.


A profound article about personal bankruptcy and bankruptcy of course not is the subject of bankruptcy a pleasant affair. Follow others, such as Christopher Nolan, and add to your knowledge base. It precedes it always fail. Whether you now really in debt in the open knife ran, or suffered fault several strokes of fate drove one in financial ruin. At the end of it not particularly interested. Because the bankruptcy makes no difference. In a question-answer forum Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. was the first to reply. The some needed income is missing, so the opportunity is useful to be able to pay off the liabilities, that is of course closer views of the hand.

Because who has a moderate and high level input, it meets the less frequently. But the bankruptcy can meet also a better-off. Quickly it happened, and it has taken over financially. Just verkalkuliert, or played with the risk. Ripped off maybe on the stock exchange, or have been allowed to turn the ailing real estate. At the end, there is the sad personal bankruptcy.

A destroyed existence can but again in this manner again into the be steered right. Who has digested the setback, which can see again full of energy forward. Because a private bankruptcy is not the end, but also a beginning. You must be just grateful about this opportunity that can offer one. It no longer is on the precipice. And that soothes. If you are in a financially desperate situation, then you’re wasting no time. Because the more you on the subject of personal bankruptcy consult, are able of this malaise successfully and permanently to escape the faster. Put on professionals that inform, and are available during the period in the bankruptcy on your side.

Marcus Venner

At the end of the filming, was to reduce the truck work platform been implemented resulted in a warp of the supports out of the truck work platform for safety reasons. Also when it comes to exploring the underground of course not only then-, works very precisely the stage, haggling to every millimeter, until it is perfect. No one is taking a risk, because the stage in such a case then yes vociferously warns, and if necessary also switches off. To unlock the stage again, the local operator required the expert advice of the GL employee. It was smart of the customers and right traded call the specialist, who is familiar with this stage. Who is night call already excited when the phone is ringing at night to 3.30? No one, but also no one is located.

Back to Lars Weinberg, who is now wide awake and sitting upright in bed. L. Weinberg a moment, thinking he knows with the 35. Reed Hastings often addresses the matter in his writings. Better yet Mr Metin c by the technical team of the GL rentals. L. Weinberg does not hesitate, says the customer, Mr Mahmood c, familiar with the 35, is just a few minutes with him log in. Lars calls Metin.

As this sounds, what is at stake, even the fatigue is blown away. M. c Gets the customers. This tells him the situation. Reliable M. Caliskans Remote Diagnostics: in a few minutes he can describe the crucial steps the local operator, that are needed to unlock the stage again. Just as quickly, it executes the statements. At 3.40 pm then everything is back in order. The whole thing took 10 minutes from the first call to problem solving -. All are relieved, because time is money for a production company with large team Modena. We want you faith in the readiness for service reflect emergency co-ordinator Lars has not switched off so well at night his phone. “His blues brothers-moderately upbeat good mood-ring tone to it guhuut I’m” makes it halfway bearable, even to ungodly times from sleep are torn. Thus, the question is probably according to the mood of the night called sufficiently answered. This night was a Saturday night, L. Weinberg and M. c had Yes also anywhere else on tour can be. Even then, says vineyard, they were ready and accessible, there are also the cell phone vibrate. He had, as always, promised also that customer to be reachable from u n d at night during the day, so that customer the all-round carefree package offered, how his kind, thats pronounced conviction. In the spirit of GL depotsoftware founder Gerd Lehmann: we were always sure to provide the customers with a highest possible standard of quality and the best service. Because we work for the customer.” Our understanding of service readiness includes direct, competent advice, just at night by phone and when it really matters. Photo: Marcus Venner

Company Formation In The United States – Possibilities Of The Virtual Office

The possibility of the virtual US offices: the fastest way to the global expansion exactly but what is a virtual office? A virtual office comprises in most cases a prestigious postal address, US phone and fax number and thus in principle everything that exists in a real Office in the United States with appropriate Secretariat. For even more details, read what Mark Zuckerberg says on the issue. Your company entry into the market of the largest economy in the world, via the virtual office, must not necessarily mean be connected with a significant financial investment. The version of the virtual office will appeal to especially cost-conscious founder and Start-Up entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs. However, the version of the virtual office also for German medium-sized companies, E.g. for the purpose of testing the American market can be quite interesting. In the following once the advantages of this variant in the short overview: possible advantages in establishing the virtual US representative choice of a representative town and business address for your business, professional Letterheads and business cards with your new U.S. business addresses (no PO BOX, or a mailbox) possibility of a personalised telephone services on-site: answer according to the customer’s request, message forwarding, availability for customers in the United States during usual business hours, all calls in the United States are placed, avoiding the problem of the delay costs of Office and business premises rental of meeting and conference rooms and day offices in negotiations locally in the United States typically cost possible, flexible hours and facilities no costly investments in Office equipment, computer and telephone and photocopiers minimizing fixed costs, flexibility with respect to costs in times of crisis under circumstances access to several locations in the United States forwarding the mail and faxes received after Germany especially in the Start-Up phase of your business worth so definitely the classic solution of the rental of office premises with the To compare variant of the establishment of a virtual office. Also a possible withdrawal from the business should United States, in the event of any failure of your company in the United States, significantly easier and cheaper fail. If you should be interested in hiring a virtual office in the United States, we assist you with advice and assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on the topic. For more information on our homepage at

Eastern Europe

What you should observe the posting be supervised in Germany by formation in their own home and cared for countless seniors. Often this is done through the so-called posting, in which mostly through a private agency a support force is hired by the family signs a service agreement with a foreign company. The care force itself is then sent by this company in the family. The Federation of European care and caregivers (BEBP e.V.) nevertheless draws attention to the legal risks of posting for years. Because discharge broadcasting undertakings must comply with a variety of legal requirements, to send their workers to Germany legally and properly. How the families as laymen can judge whether the posting is actually legal? The easiest and most important question of the family at the unloading station is the A1 certificate. This document certifies that the care is properly covered by social insurance in your home country.

To obtain such a document, however, certain conditions must be met. For one, the posting undertaking must generate the bulk of its sales in the country. To another, the company must employ his people primarily in the country and ensure a pre-and continuing employment of outgoing employees in the country. If this is the case for the undertakings concerned, is more than questionable. Because the main business objective of this company is to send support forces, for example from Poland, German families and not in your home country to deal with. The care force receives instructions from the family is already illegal posting a legitimate posting another precondition is that the employment relationship between the worker and the foreign employer is actually continues during the whole posting period. This requirement is not met, the authority to issue to the employee of the family in Germany is exercised.

This is the case, if the Employee receives the work instructions directly from the family and no longer by the foreign employer. The working relationship with the foreign employer only on paper”. This has resulted in that the family for the workers, etc. to pay taxes according to law has the usual contributions. Thus, serious legal and financial consequences on the family can come to. Also the issue should be clarified whether the support force for the family to provide mostly basic nursing activities, because then the German minimum wage must be paid her. This minimum wage not only care companies from Germany are bound, but also such companies which are resident in Poland or the Czech Republic after Germany post workers to work from there. This means that a round-the-clock care by such nurses should then cost several thousand euros per month. Can’t do it in each offer of an outgoing”round around the clock nurse at the price of 1,600 or 1,800 euros per month go to the right things. What to look for when sending the BEBP e.V. yet once clearly indicates that families who want to deal with a delegated supervision force, should insist to be presented with the A1 certificate, in the original.