Integral Vision

They are interested in the topic expert educators, whose interests focused on education: come from different latitudes of the planet involved in the development and implementation of this education holistic vision, these conversations are presented in three of his books. The following book: an Integral Vision of education just as its title indicates, concerns the integral condition of holistic education. According to the history education of the human being has escaped many stages and have been you to participate whole generations of a mechanistic, fragmentadora, dosificante, education based on determinism, positivism and reductionism, Objectivism, four realities product of the mechanistic thinking that has limited to education leading to object to life and with it the individual, putting education at the service of development economic and materialistic world. As natural object of the decadence of this old scheme arises vision holistic education which leads to the subject to freedom, to break their conditioning, the individualism to be universal, from competition to cooperation, from fragmentation to integration of the separation unit, a subject-object relationship sujeto-sujeto relationship, of the merger or dissociation to the multilevel model differentiation multidimension gives the framework for action and depth level This new educational proposal through a scheme, explained simply by its author. It is essential to understand why be holistic, in the penultimate chapter explains the levels appropriation of holistic education, that not only gives the basis for a holistic educational practice but do not give standing to confuse, deceive, or not understanding that this proposal is not theoretical, i.e. it cannot be a holistic educator from the desktop, only learning the theoretical-conceptual approaches of holistic education, is required to practice in the whole lifeprimarily in life itself, not I am referring only to academic practice, if not to life individual, external and internal, to the self-questioning, to the knowledge of himself.