VDSL Speeds

The acronym VDSL or VHDSL(Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) refer to a connection to the Internet technology presumably. Like ADSL, this technology operates under copper pair but however allow higher speeds. To achieve these higher speeds of transfer is essential that communication frequencies are much greater than the 1.1 MHz used in conventional ADSL. VDSL technology uses 4 channels for the transmission, two for download and two for upload, so it is possible to increase the signal strength in a sensitive way. The VDSL, which is usually installed with asymmetric nature, allows a considerably larger to the ascent descent speed to suit the needs of the market. Now, what speeds can be handled in an asymmetric VDSL connection? 12 Mb upload and download 52, clearly much greater than the conventional ADSL. These speeds allow the transmission of high quality video and to service Internet and calls. The VDSL can be installed to clients next to the telephone exchange but is not limited to this because that is usually supplied from an enabled Cabinet outside the connected home via optical fiber to the central which prevents noise and signal loss that would make impossible the use of this technology. You can get more information on the final prices of all offers adsl, vdsl and cable with or without calls and television in the comparative adsl adsl-comparativa.com.