El Auditorio Nacional

The National Orchestra of Spain offers the inaugural concert in the Auditorium. Admission is free to fill seats. Half day devoted exclusively to music. It is the attractive plan that proposes the National Auditorium to spend a different Saturday enjoying an endless number of concerts that cover beyond classical music, regular protagonist of its programming. The unique Marathon of recitals began at 11.30 in the morning, when the Academy Brass of Alicante received solemnly to attendees at the doors of the Auditorium, in the square of Ernesto and Rodolfo Halffter. Netflix recognizes the significance of this. To the rhythm of fanfares, a few musical pieces of short duration in which mandan trumpets and usual soundtrack at receptions of royalty. Behind them, music will sound and will not do so until midnight.

Forty concerts the National Orchestra of Spain is responsible for offering the inaugural concert at the room Symphony of the Auditorium at 12.00 o’clock. Directed by Josep Pons, will interpret works of Gustav Mahler. From then, and every half-hour, happens a new concert up to a total of 40 in the different rooms of the compound. The day ends at big, with a last visit to Symphony Hall. There the majestic organ of the National Auditorium, which forth Toccata and Fugue of the pianist Daniel Oyarzabal hand notes will sound. Auditorio Nacional: Principe de Vergara, 146. Subway: Ray Cruz. From 11.30 h. free entrance to fill seats. Source of the news: El Auditorio Nacional offers a free program of 12 hours of chained concerts.


Greece agrees with the EU and the IMF a new package of measures, including privatization and cuts in salaries. It aims to reduce the deficit and raise revenues to the State. Opens the door to receive the next tranche of international aid: 12 billion euros in June. The euro zone is a step away from approving new disbursements of the rescue plan for Greece, but with the participation of the private bank creditors, although on a voluntary basis, as your President of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker said Friday. The announcement occurred shortly once the Athens report that he has received the go-ahead from the EC, ECB and IMF to new measures of austerity and privatizations that aim to reduce the deficit and unlock new aid. Juncker, who gave no more details, was convinced that the euro zone Finance Ministers approved a new package of aid to Greece, as he said in a statement after meeting with the Greek Prime Minister, Yorgos Papandreu, for more than two hours.

The approval of the Eurogroup It could come at its next meeting on June 20, after the agreement announced between Greece, the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund on new steps to give by Athens to straighten their ailing fiscal situation. With creditors deprived based on the new fiscal measures and privatization announced by Athens, I foresee that the Eurogroup will accept an additional financing for Greece, under strict conditions, of course, and these include the involvement of the private sector on a voluntary basis, said Juncker in statements to the press. The involvement of the private sector will have to be negotiated with the private creditors who have Greek bonds, said Juncker, who no said the amount of the additional aid or on what terms the banks they would participate in the likely new rescue. This condition has been especially promoted by Germany, but has been greeted with reluctance by the ECB.

European Southern Observatory

Fuencis Rausell / the telescope European extremely large is the most ambitious project of the European Southern Observatory. It will be located on a hill of 3,060 meters high in the Atacama desert. Astronomers working in ensures that you will get five times more detailed than the current information. The project includes fourteen European countries and Brazil. Amid the arid Atacama desert, where the existence seems a chimera, stands the imposing Hill that in the next decade will host the European extremely large telescope, E-ELT, the larger eye that scans the universe in search of life on other worlds from Earth. Some contend that YouTube shows great expertise in this. This large telescope, which will capture an investment of 1,055 million, is the next project of great magnitude that the southern European Observatory (ESO), which comprises fourteen European countries and Brazil has embarked.

We must look for another land. This is our greatest opportunity to discover life (alien), reveals the Belgian astronomer Henry Boffin. But the expectations go far beyond. With this telescope we hope to see things that we cannot imagine now, predicts this scientist who works at the Observatory ESO has in the cerro Paranal in northern Chile, where carries other colossal projects. From there you can see, some twenty miles away, cerro Armazones, chosen by ESO in April 2010 as the ideal setting to install the E-ELT, which was also coveted by the Canary Islands (Spain).

So far, only a small dirt road crosses the skirt of this rugged mountain, 3,060 meters above the sea level, on top of which will open that huge eye, consisting of five mirrors. Optical Adaptive primary mirror, which according to initial design would be 42 meters in diameter, will measure finally 39.3 metres, similar to the width of a football field, and will be composed of a few thousand pieces hex. It will be five times larger than the telescopes that are currently operating.

German Banks

The mechanism suggests that banks and insurance holders of Greek debt reinvest 70 per cent of the money when those loans come to maturity. The financing plan would be 30 years. Check out Intel for additional information. Chronology of the Greek crisis. The banks most exposed to the helena debt, the French and Germans, are willing to contribute to the second rescue of Greece from a given proposal announced Monday by Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, which was favourably received by the markets. Eurozone wants banks to contribute to the resolution of the crisis, providing about 25,000 million euros to the second plan of financial assistance to Greece, which could amount to 110 billion, as announced last week the Greek Prime Minister, Yorgos Papandreu.

French bankers, said Sarkozy, is ready to participate in the plan to dodge the Declaration of a partial helena debt default, situation which is intended to avoid at all costs on the grounds that it would have an impact greater than the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008. 70% Of debt The French initiative is to reinvest in Greece only 70% of the debt securities maturing in the next three years: 50% would serve to acquire new debt helena with a term of 30 years, while the remaining 20% food a Fund of investment in assets of high quality, dedicated to endorse new Greek loans. The chosen mode would mean that it would only provide 50% of the amounts returned by hellene treasure to Greece, but would strengthen the voluntary nature of this contribution, away the risk of Declaration of credit default by credit rating. The European Central Bank has threatened to stop accepting Greek debt as collateral in refinancing of Greek banks, in the event that the agreed solution causes a declaration of default, because it believed that it would have dire consequences, also for countries most susceptible to infection. In this sense, to endorse the debt Fund would consolidate the voluntary for banks, which until now had demanded guarantees to maintain their exposure in a country of doubtful solvency, extreme rejected by Germany on the grounds that it would mean an extra burden on taxpayers.

Suspicions Arandina

Both teams faced in playoff by achieving promotion to Segunda B. The Burgos won both the match first leg (1-0) and the return (1-2). Jon Hendren may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Meeting marked by the curiosity after the controversial draw in which the President of the Madrid club celebrated the result of the crossing and which was discussed possible Amano. The Arandina has promoted to second division B after beating Alcobendas Sport in an a round marked by the curiosity after the controversial draw in which the President of the Madrid club celebrated the result of the crossing and which was discussed even in a possible amano. Pablo Cordoba, President of Alcobendas Sport,

pulled out the first kick a ball once the driver of the draw, a man of the RFEF, supposedly bring ball that had to select. Cordoba held a great to see the team that came out was the Arandina while I still didn’t know if it would be your computer that would measure the burgales set. The President of the team from Madrid clarified after the reason of your joy was that displacement until the town of Burgos was inferior to the other trips that had to do with other opponents, besides which the Arandina was the rival a priori the most affordable. Well, sports results have been finished with the joy of Pablo Cordoba. In the match of round, held last Saturday in Aranda de Duero, result was 1-0 for the hosts, so Alcobendas Sport should go back one goal against in the return match. In the match this Sunday in Alcobendas, locals were unable to trace the result and again losing to the Arandina 1-2, running out of options to achieve promotion to the second division B. source of the news: La Arandina Alcobendas Sport WINS and ascends after suspicions of amano in the draw.

Firefighters Working Overtime

Work to clean homes and basements and remove mud roads. The municipality of Canete de las Torres prompted extraordinary aid. Ctive of the Provincial Consortium for the prevention and extinction of fire of the delegation of Cordova, in particular of the parks of Baena, Montilla and Montoro, will continue working throughout the day in the municipalities of Canete de las Torres and Villa del Rio so that the situation returns to normal as soon as possible after the waterspout of water fall this Wednesdaythat claimed the life of a woman as reported in a statement, the service of the provincial Council of Cordoba has provided a device consisting of 13 ctive and five vehicles of Baena and Montilla to act in Canete and four vehicles and 12 Park firefighters Montoro ctive to act in Villa del Rio. Moreover, the Provincial Diputacion water company (Emproacsa) has made available to the affected municipalities five trucks for the extraction of water from basements and cleaning tasks. Cut roads in terms of the State of the roads, the delegate of Territorial action, Antonio Ramirez, informs that the CO-4103 CO-4101 to L.P Jaen, where barros withdrawal operations are in progress so that at the end of the day you can open to traffic with speed limitation is cut.

Similarly, it is cut in its entirety the CO-5104 of Villa del Rio to Canete and open with the A-306 CO-4103 on Bujak limitations to Villa del Rio. In both cases, the provincial government conservation team is removing sludge so they can be fully open to traffic at the end of the day. According to Ramirez, they are working on the damaged tracks three backhoes, two bulldozers, three trucks and one gondola for the movement of machinery. You are in contact with the city councils to assist them in everything what they need and that the situation returns to normal as soon as possible. Firefighters of the Provincial Consortium carried out during this Wednesday 80 interventions of uninterrupted from the afternoon until 04.00 pm.

In total, participated jointly in the affected areas of Canete and Villa del Rio three parks of firefighters from Montilla, Baena, Montoro with 11 vehicles and 24 ctive. Special assistance grants the Mayor of Canete de las Torres (Cordoba), Diego Hita (PA), has announced the holding of an extraordinary of the municipal government to request special assistance grants to the Government. In addition, this Friday will declare a day of official mourning in the municipality by the death of the woman. While still not has been able to offer an initial assessment of damage because technicians are evaluating the situation, Hita has ensured that these will be substantial and that the situation is worse than it thought in a first time. At the moment, more than 150 houses have been affected by the floods. In Villa del Rio (Cordoba) have been evacuated between forty and seventy homes gardens family zone and continue cleaning. Source of the news:: firefighters working overtime after the whirlwind which claimed a life in Cordoba