Stuart Hall

In the end of the story Marta it receives a fort I hug of the cousin who ' ' transmite' ' for it I hug that it would be for the cousin. It is the spokesman of last desire of Ja it delivers to the legacy it. Stuart Hall in the book ' ' The Cultural identity in the one After Modernidade' ' it says: Thus, the identity is really something formed throughout the time, through unconscious processes, and not something innate, existing in the conscience at the moment it birth. &#039 always exists something; ' imaginrio' ' or fantasiado on its unit. It always remains incomplete is always ' ' in processo' ' , always ' ' being formada' '.

(Hall 2006, P. 38). Ja constructed its identity, its name ' ' Ja of bois' ' if it configures as a constructed identitria construction and in process and it felt a strong desire to register for posterity, its history its love for the oxen, its ability to deal with the oxen, its disposal for the work, its pride to know and to make well its craft. When reading the Ja story of the oxen I made &#039 for the first time; ' anlise' ' of the story and the Ja personage as a person explored victim of an injustice, innocent, a sonhador poor person without illusions that are victim of its naivety before the life and the people, somebody that was victim of a game of being able and that it lost this game. However, after some careful releituras of the text I could enxergar another Ja, not as victim, but in the place of that it withholds the power of control and decision, without wanting to undeserve the analysis where in fact it is seen as that one who suffers the action. Now looking at as that one that practises the control.