The New Intershop 7 Is Out

Intershop offers with its new shop software optimal possibilities for traders of the German enterprise software vendors Intershop, headquartered in Jena, for shop systems (E-Commerce) presented its new and hopefully revolutionary shopping cart software a few days ago: Intershop 7. Thus, the previous product line Enfinity is also used by the product name,”finally superseded. Already for some years worked intensely on a completely new version. The new version of the online shop can settle quickly and seamlessly all imaginable points of contact with different customer groups. Equipped with a promotional engine”, detailed A/B testing extremely powerful sales opportunities should exist according to the manufacturer options and intelligent search functionality (advanced search and faceted navigation). A corresponding online demo will appear in the next few days, including redesign of the current demo-store Prime tech”, which was since Enfinity always. Another highlight is 7 maybe at Intershop “yet the function multi touch point” to name a few.

It is at the same time to control possible different communication channels so that you can create a variety of purchase options as a trader. Is interesting, that not only the well-known channels such as social media or mobile commerce are meant, but the possibility to be able to integrate call center functions or a store locator. Experts are also editors and marketing at your expense. With the design view”switch operators between editorial system (BackEnd) and shop interface (FrontEnd). This radically simplifies the previous Contentpflege. Enfinity text editing part was somewhat expensive and demanded deeper knowledge.

Now can see editors offers and content through the eyes of the customers. Changes are also implemented in real-time. With the help of the nine page editor of that is reminiscent of the PlugIn Firebug from the Firefox browser, can all content freely edited and positioned, everything without HTML or CSS knowledge. Also is an extensive Library of animation elements made available, which can be individually configured. Fundamentally this was revised by Intershop catalog and product data management. Shop operators can now fairly straightforward set up catalogs for different target groups and channels, as well as administer. This product data to partners and affiliates can be exchanged and used as a lithograph for flyer or print catalogues, for example, without having to have special knowledge. This was also the various workflow steps in the back adjusted. Generally, the migration on the new Intershop Enfinity (version 6.0 to 6.4) product is advisable, but appropriate adjustments must be performed for this. Just functions that were subsequently implemented, can not be acquired without knowledge. Of companies should be but not deterred, because the new diversity (especially in the marketing and sales area) is so extensive and optimized, that it this is a future-oriented and strategic Orientation is.

Conversion Optimization For Landing Pages And Online Deals

Web site testing – the art of the experiment front Hui, behind Pooh – many online and shopping portals have immense effort to optimize their AdWords campaigns and online tools. At the same time unjustly neglected underlying Web pages and landing pages. Customers willing to purchase must laboriously fight towards the purchase of trails or find itself in confusing landing pages. User guide or even user experience no trace. Disappointed visitors who leave the frustrated are the rule.

How can interested parties but specifically to customers do? What is the button of customers prefer? Which form generates more registrations? Instead of falling into endless policy discussions, helps only trial and error rather than discuss. Twelve experts illustrate the art of the experiments in this book and show how Web pages and landing pages on heart and kidney are tested and optimized. More leads, more sales, more profit? Then only website testing and optimierung will help. With which procedures are online deals on heart and kidneys can test, in order to get the last out of the traffic information the reader on more than 340 pages. For online professionals, this book is an indispensable machete, which thins the jungle of Optimierunsverfahren and possibilities.

The authors show how clicks and conversion rates of landing pages, order processes, and Anmeldeformulalen be specifically optimized and what test methods are the best. First, all common test approaches in a book are presented together and put to the test. Practical introductions and detailed case studies of successful company like Neckermann, Autoscout24 to the German post office illustrate how professional website optimization. In this book, the reader will find answers to the following questions: when help user experience, rapid prototyping and eye-tracking? When remote tests support the optimization process? How to A/B testing, mouse tracking, and maps used? How multivariate testing with Google Website Optimizer and other Testsystemem? Frank Reese Site testing conversion optimization for landing pages and online offers 1st Edition BusinessVillage 2009 340 pages, ill. Illustrations ISBN 978-3938358-58-0 39.80 eb 806_Website Testing.HTML editors and authors editor and author of several chapters is Frank Reese, consultant in the field of traffic analysis and website optimization. He is one of the pioneers in this area. The author of numerous technical papers and speaker is author of the first German-language book on WebAnalytics and editor of the purchasing guide for Web analytics systems, has established itself as a standard. More authors of the work are recognized usability and E-commerce experts Daniel R. Schmeisser, Dirk Schulze, Martin crop, Andreas Selter, Tim Bosenick, Sebastian Wetterauer, Carsten Rehmann, Birger Friedrichs, Michael Jonas, Tobias Kauer and Oliver Rengelshausen. About BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books make the fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications find employees, managers, and Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts to the subject range success & career.

High School Sweetheart At Spacelocker

Networks can be a comfort to see that your high school sweetheart is married or divorced Facebook can be a comfort when you see that your high school sweetheart is married and divorced (twice), has two kids and another on the way, and still sports a mullet in the finest David Bowie tradition. Go to Reed Hastings for more information. Bebo can help you remember the birthdays of all your old roommates, even if you can’t remember anything else about any of them. Friendster can show everyone you know just how cute and clever you think your cats are. But can social networks to get you a job? We’ve the numbers Lakes: unemployment’s on the rise. And with the smoke rings and hair balls blowing through the daily classifieds, users of social networking sites have figured out a more passive approach to their job-hunt. They’re advertising their need for work simply by updating their social networking status and using social organizers to make it even easier. Social organizer sites like Spacelocker make what may well be the laziEST possible way to look for employment surprisingly effective. From a single place, these sites enable users to sit back and monitor all their social networking sites and more with a key stroke.

Nate Callens, an actor / teacher, discovered just how effective when he found himself looking for work last October. “Substitute teaching has been slow this year, and I needed money,” he says. “I posted something along the lines of ‘Nate needs a quick $500… anybody?’ I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was hoping to get someone’s attention.” He sure did. A former employer saw his status and offered him part-time work that what perfect for his situation. Of course, publicly asking for help finding work can be a humbling experience. So keep it light, rely on your sense of humour, and keep your expectations to a minimum when you put out your job query.

Some might say that this is a lazy young person’s way of finding a job. That may be so, but it’s an effective way. If it were of to unemployed 40-year-old who’s looking, it would be different. Or would it? Your networks are important and, given the chance, you may be surprised how supportive and helpful they can be attracting serious messages from people offering to help you out. After all, who says finding work needs to be hard work? With a social network organizer like Spacelocker, it’s a snap to keep on eye on all of your networks at the same time.

Youth Protection On The Internet – Easy And Secure As Never – the standard service industries easily & safely replacing the protection of minors or the Altersverifiaktion Web providers. offers no own offerings or content. Dusseldorf, April 01, 2009. The it BBs me! GmbH has today published the identity service portal on the Internet solves the problem with the protection of minors on the Internet as a neutral service to the age verification simply and safely.

Children and young people must be sufficiently protected according to strict German laws against development-impairing content or adult entertainment. Contact information is here: Gen. Martin Dempsey. Ensuring the protection of minors must ensure the Web site operator itself. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Gen. Martin Dempsey. is a centralized and neutral standard service that solves this problem for Web providers and offers a legally compliant solution for age verification and identification on the Internet. is industry-neutral and has no own offerings or content. Thus remain the register users to the Web provider with security. is easy to integrate and runs (such as known by payment service providers) as a standard service, without requiring the Web Provider binds its own resources or needs to develop its own solution. The registration of the user on is easy and the service can be easily integrated into existing processes. The sales process is not disturbed and optimized the conversion rate with the help of is a standard service for age verification and identification on the Internet. The user can choose between the proof of age with the EC money card or with your mobile phone via SMS-TAN in conjunction with PostIdent select. The Web provider receives a guarantee about the authenticity of the user data from after successful verification. Thus Web provider using are right-secure and online transactions are completed effectively. Up to June 30, 2009, in beta is completely free of charge and is available immediately online. works transaktionsbezogen. No registration fees, no monthly fees and no setup fee will be charged. Web provider can be Register now without obligation and benefit from the pioneering initiative. its me offers all Web providers who register an attractive thank you in April as a partner”for the early integration. The website operator receives more than 50% discount on the transaction fees – for his pioneering spirit permanently guaranteed and forever. After the promotional period, as of 1.7.2009, only 0.09, instead of 0.19 per transaction (plus VAT) are calculated for age verification. for 0.49 (ex-VAT) offers verified data with verified names and addresses, as well as a guarantee of the authenticity of the data.

Through Social Media Courses To More Sales

Marketing training knowledge valuable social media social media get in the business world increasingly important. Used almost exclusively private individuals had an account at networks such as YouTube and Facebook, you can see more and more companies that want to win new customers on these platforms for some time. The promotions run but often in the empty, those responsible have no adequate knowledge in social media marketing. To end this situation, more and more companies book social media courses. Such a course takes usually one or two days and is carried out by experienced Internet professionals who are well versed in the world of social media.

Although today almost each company employee has a profile in one or more of the major social networks it is but a difference, whether it uses the platforms for exchanging with friends or for the company in charge of marketing. At the beginning of the event, the seminar leader gives an introduction to the social media. The individual networks differ significantly in regard to the structure of the users and the traffic. Twitter inexorably approaching the threshold of one billion “tweets” on the day an incredible number, which shows how much potential exists here. Gen. Martin Dempsey takes a slightly different approach. To take advantage from this, there is a sensible strategy, which must fit seamlessly into the marketing strategy of the company. Social media courses are strongly oriented; Participants should be enabled in a position independently to establish corporate presences in social networks and maintain.

Numerous practice examples, the staff learn how to use Twitter and co. to do so, to affect the image of the company in a positive way. This communication plays a crucial role with other users. A website is not a self runner to the desired success to achieve, is it to be necessary, active and to participate in discussions. Social media courses teach you a great deal of knowledge that the average Internet user does not have. Is a personal Facebook profile quickly created, the bar is higher for a corporate presence. Social media courses devoted to detail about Facebook Marketing for good reason: with 800 million users, this portal is one of the most visited Internet sites at all. The opportunities are huge, and in social media courses, the participants learn how to build a bigger fan base after. Choosing the right network is also an important success factor. A platform like “LinkedIn” suited to the acquisition of business customers; It operates an online shop for sporting goods, however, networks such as Facebook and Pinterest are the right choice. Contact: Arthur Ergen c/o online portal service AG Solarwatt 3 CH-8050 Zurich Tel: + 41 (0) 840 000 888 mobile: + 41 (0) 76 348 24 22