The Division

Characteristics of empowerment teams: 1. share leadership and administrative tasks 2.Members have faculty to evaluate and improve the quality of the performance and process information. 3. The team provides ideas for business strategy. 4. They are committed in flexible and creative. 5 Coordinate and exchange with other teams and organizations.

6 Honesty relations with others and improve confidence. 7 Have a positive attitude and are enthusiastic basic considerations and scope the idea behind empowerment is that those who are directly related to a task are best suited to make a decision in this regard, on the understanding that it has attitudes required for them.Empowerment means creating an environment in which employees of all the levels feel that they have a real influence on the standards of quality, service and efficiency of the business within their areas of responsibility. This generates an involvement by workers to achieve goals of the organization with a sense of commitment and self-control, and on the other hand, administrators are willing to give up part of its decisional authority and give it to workers and equipment. Employees, administrative or work teams have the power for making decisions in their respective fields, this implies acceptance of responsibility for their actions and background tasks: A high percentage of organizations created at the end of the decades of the last century, had a clear vision of the division of work and responsibility between managers and his closest followers in its architecture. Organizational leaders of that era had to do the planning and intellectual work and followers should only do what is ordered them to do. Impact, scope, contributions currently, Thanks to the technological changes forward-looking global corporations are in a process of redesign work and tasks to allow workers adopt many work-related decisions that were previously companies function. The traditional model of Manager controlling and controlled workers should change to a working environment of empowered responsibility and support where workers have the opportunity to give the best of themselves.