New Pneumococcal Vaccine For The Smallest

The new parent portal informs also about health topics pneumococcal vaccination is recommended have long standing vaccination Committee (STIKO). Babies should receive a complete vaccination before the second birth day. Otherwise, pneumococcal can cause serious diseases, such as lung or meningitis. Just when a weakened immune system, this inflammation can be so hard that it comes even to sepsis (known commonly as blood poisoning). Hearing loss and epilepsy can occur as consequences of the disease. In up to 10 percent of cases, the illness ends even deadly. As now reported, there is now a new vaccine that better and more comprehensively to protect from such diseases. He protects from ten of the “main” pneumococcal types, while the previously used vaccine only seven of the bacteria was effective.

Especially the new vaccine now also the bacteria type 7F covers, for many serious diseases and Deaths is responsible. The parents Portal has made it his task to offer all the basic information in a place parents and also pairs with infertility. The treated areas are fertility and family planning, pregnancy and birth, naming, health, nutrition and development of the baby. The page should be an informative companion of the family up to the launch of the child in the kindergarten. In addition to the information area, there is also a community. Here the user can contact with each other and with the editorial in the forums. News like that to the new vaccine and other topics in addition to interviews and book recommendations can be found in the news blog. Although is only online for a few weeks, but already a particular favorite of the user has emerged: the online ovulation calendar that can be used for determine the fertile days. The portal is still growing and is constantly expanded. So, for example, cooperations with physicians and midwives are planned that can directly answer the questions of the user; but also more Online tools are to be incorporated, including a parents money calculator and a BMI calculator for children. Alexandra Preis