Coinstatt is two years old and invites one to test the complementary currency to the try out: Coinstatt giving away 50,000 coin! Quickly passed two eventful years. “In 2007, the founders of Coinstatt their unusual project started: as a response to the increasing shortage of money and as support of home-based alternatives, they created their own currency, the they coin” have called. Coins are vouchers that can be used in a network of selected specialist shops as complementary means of payment. Each coin has the value of a euro in the Federation. At the beginning, there was the bold idea to create a private currency. A concept was soon designed, but there was still no deals that would accept the new money.

Now there are over a hundred of the Coinstatt team personally selected shops, craft businesses and health care providers where you can pay part of the Bill with the coins. Currently there are (still) cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, where the dissemination of Coinstatt has begun, but it is already working on a further, finally Germany-wide dissemination. The starting concept has proven why also in other federal States to apply what has been developed so far! End of April a brochure with the directory of the industrial participants in Castrop-rauxel, Witten, Bochum, Monchengladbach and Schwelm Kamp-Lintfort will appear for the second birthday of Coinstatt. There are ten coins that can immediately be used as means of payment in this brochure, which is distributed free of charge. In this respect is Coinstatt, what many in the face of the economic crisis are calling to donate money for additional consumption namely interested consumers. Who on this Coinjunkturspritze”is interested in, can pick up free his ten coins in the cities mentioned in all Coinpartner shops. Peter Krause

Discount Actions As A Promotional Measure

With PLC clever determine conditional rebate winning at discount offers discounts for your customers to criteria and what would be certain for a better promotion, when you offer a discount or a refund (conditional rebate), which do not offer your competitors? Grant your customers 20% or more discount on purchased summer tyres, if there is still snow in April. Downpour on a given day your clients receive a retrospectively granted discount on summer shoes. The summer is particularly rainy, offer free beer for every purchased snack as a consolation prize the next sunny day your beer garden visitors. If the duration of sunshine is extremely low this year, refund the purchase price of sunglasses. Offer a money back guarantee on refrigerators, if the temperature is 40 C on July 30. Give a discount on booked holidays if during leave the sunshine duration in Germany should be higher than at the resort. Do offer discounted leasing rates at annual car if your local professional association won a particular tournament or match – or alskleine Entschadigungfur to the fans if he descends. Discount the television sets purchased from you if Germany is football Europe or world champion.

Here are virtually no limits of creativity. How it works: one of your products (E.g. value of a car, einerEinbaukuche etc.) costs 25.000,-euros in the sale, they sell about 10 of these products in a durchschnittlichenMonat. You want to stimulate your pre-Christmas sales and promise a discount of 25% on products that are purchased in November if it snows on Christmas Eve at noon at the location of your business to your customers. The expected refund 62.500,-(10 x 25,000 x 25%) is constant sale of 10 products to your customers.

Winning is the cost of securing this amount via PLC clever depending on the venue, E.g. 7%. For the example of the secured discount sum i.H.

Tim Mulke Manager

If they have doubts about the seriousness of their business partners. Let’s review them.” Practical services for simple work is a special service the high demand phone hotline TimoCom assist to answer questions surrounding the transportation business or of TimoCom, path service to go to avoid unladen journeys. Mossrysch is convinced that the performance of the IT service provider: the native employees working professionally and find quick solutions. “Not for nothing the Dusseldorf company has recently the best brand 2012 Award” in the category best freight Exchange “won.” This quality, TimoCom would like to meet and satisfy its customers in the future. We are pleased that we must cooperate with the members of the Camion Pro and can assist them in their daily work”, so Marcel Frings. For more information about TimoCom and to the shopping community Camion Pro, see or.

TimoCom TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH was founded in 1997 and is a IT service provider for all companies involved in the transport. In a few years TimoCom has evolved from the start up to the medium-sized companies. With a large team of international staff TimoCom offers two European procurement platforms: TC truck & cargo, the market leader among the cargo – freight exchanges and TC eBid, the online platform for transport tenders. The freight exchange TC truck & cargo both freight and cargo holds are offered in Europe. TC eBid helps shippers from industry & trade and freight forwarders in the bidding management and simplifies business processes between them and the transport service providers. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Tim Mulke Manager corporate communication in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail: