Matter Spirituality

As Catholic children we learn that spirituality matters. Passes which made him believe then was the fear and the guilt that others think are needed to make us do what is spiritually correct. Do we have all been there, no? And, then, you become an adult and going through life complaining of everything you have to do to receive something in reward of hands of God after you’re well dead. So finally, you realize that none of it matter you already. Anyway, still without get rid completely of the dilemma, all this rebellion stirred often enough and, then, is when it starts the most interesting part of the day. Looking for ways to feel happy because you’re convinced of that we came to this life to have fun. And, at moments, you feel bad because the source of your fun has nothing to do with what you thought was good or acceptable in the eyes of the God you know child’s. Sometimes, they’re so determined to be happy anyway, to divorce you from that God of the early years is the logical ma history final.

For many, the journey towards what we are taking time, a new life away from the family, children, broken relationships, etc. But for each of us and every moment it all started with the certainty of a small voice that comes from inside, the powerful voice of your inner being. The voice of our inner being is never extinguished, accept the name you want to give; our be internal guides us when we think that it is too dark and we can be considering hide us as an option. Our inner being knows no fear or guilt because it is not a judge. That voice and you are a single consciousness. There may be many ways to listen to it again, but the certainty of return home is yours to define, experiment and design to every moment of your life. Spirituality matters because life matters, because you want to have the best life that is supposed to have no divorce you from your pure essencia: the source/God you carry inside. Delicious and happy spiritual life every day of your life! Virmared Santiago original author and source of the article