How The Transfer / Porting Your Fax Number To An Online Fax Service?

How the transfer / porting your fax number to an online fax service? Popfax assigns to a local fax number you receive faxes in over 500 cities in more than 20 countries. There is no difference between a number of fax by and a traditional fax number. If you already have a fax number, you can port them to Because the faxing is still an important form of business communication in the world, every company needs a fax number for increased availability in the professional area such as also increased productivity. Increase your efficiency and reliability, are using the Professional fax solution offered by Popfax, and start online via your fax number appropriate to your fax communication. You purchase a local fax number Popfax a local fax number offers to receive your faxes online or via email. Subscribe to select from 23 available countries. There is no difference between an Internet fax number of and a traditional fax number.

The Popfax number is private: you can keep them by subscription renewal for an unlimited time. To obtain a fax number, select a send & receive subscription from and the desired preset of your future fax number: a fax number is automatically assigned to your account and can be retained indefinitely by renewing the appropriate account. Many companies need for confidential reasons fax numbers for employees in different departments. Thanks to the option Popfax group, can you put other account with fax numbers for each Department on an account, manage and provide with additional sending credit. A fax number already available you should have a fax number already have, can this port you to Popfax – accordingly you will continue to receive your faxes on your existing fax number.

You can keep both your accustomed fax number and benefit from all the advantages of a professional fax services provided by Popfax. Should take your fax number want to sit under in connection with us and subscribe the number portability offer for only 140 EUR, which includes: 2 years ‘Sending and receiving’ subscription with free incoming fax; 100 Pages of the fax to send; Options Pack for the subscription is activated; Free number portability. Thanks to the Faxnummernportabilitat you can take your fax number to Popfax without disrupting your existing fax communication and to inform your customers a new fax number. The number portability is currently only available for fax numbers in France, Spain, Romania and United States. Should it not be possible to port the fax number, you could then purchase a new fax number with Popfax. Not to miss the calls made to the previous fax number, you can forward them to the new pop fax number. Accordingly, you will enjoy service starting immediately the varied features of the Popfax. Or, you can disable the old fax number. Your preferred fax number to a desired or preferred Select the fax number, your requirements in accordance with; to correspond to the numbering of your brand or to save customers a simpler note of fax number. Get a preferred fax number for only 10 euros. Optimize your fax communication at any time, if you want to receive your faxes or send. Do this directly from your computer. Your faxes are sent immediately with Popfax. Receive you can also by several correspondents simultaneously. Take advantage of our all-inclusive fax services from all the advantages!