Future Key Studies

For years that vocational training has been gaining importance on training at the University. Takeoff that became evident ago already quite some time continues to rise reaching knowledge of people to enrol to these studies, among the most required by the world of work. Haymuchos roads to reach this type of studies that are people specialized in a field: degree, vocational training of top grade training cycles. Adopt and achieve the title of FP gives many opportunities, both work and academic since you can continue learning and enter University. Educational programs are tailored to the profile of the demanandante. These courses are with much time devoted to the practical and experimental part. The structure of these studies tries to adapt to the demand for labour and offers its students abilities to assume management duties, to organize tasks, to plan the work of the workers and make the corresponding assessments. The goal is that the estudiantese start to work with many hours of experience behind.There are branches of more distinct specialization: laboratories, auxiliary of Geriatrics, technical fields, nutrition scientists. The interests of each person has its training offer in the FP.