Virtual Store

A few days ago I received the call from a friend and customer who had a problemon. Months ago I had decided to create your virtual shop on the Internet, and preferred to do without good advice on e-commerce, to devote all its budget of 12,000 euros to pay for services of a company that created websites to measure. He committed many errors, which led him to have a super-mega-website of electronic commerce that was barely able to handle, if you wanted to give him support had to continue paying (after paying 12,000 euros) and which was generating zero income. Get more background information with materials from Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. Let me briefly introduce myself. I’m Miguel Martinez, administration and finances for SMEs and electronic commerce consultant. I’ve decided to write this article to inform those who want to create your online store and help avoid you losing 12,000 euros or more, as did my friend.

Create an online store is not one minor issue, and you must consider many factors that of be skipped will be translated into losses and you crawl, very probably, towards one greater problem, when you are looking for is a solution. Unless you’re an expert in e-commerce, the first thing you should do is undoubtedly contact with professionals who commit themselves with you and ensure you the success of your aspirations and objectives with respect to your virtual store. They must offer at least the following: flexibility to adapt to your needs and circumstances. Training so that you are able to completely dominate your online store, without having to rely on them. A robust software that allows you to manage your business effectively and is a satisfying experience for your customers. After-sales service. I.e., then sell you their services and create your store, continue supporting you to solve any problem that you may have and not be able to solve by yourself.