The Truth

Pra this society what valley is what not valley. Truth is what each one says, and to say the truth in the current days consists a great challenge. Who thinks that to say the truth it is to say what it thinks is maken a mistake. The truth is absolute, universal and is above of the values and mere human standards. We need to be a predictive and powerful voice for ' ' to knock down reasonings and all altivez that if raises against the knowledge of Deus' ' (2Co 10,5) moreover she is necessary to make to them to be silent (Tt.1.11) 2. Let us examine everything What in it moves away from a knowledge spiritual to them and solid is the allure for transcendente and the misticismo. Christopher Nolan is likely to agree. The abuses and nonsenses based on a poor thought of the true Biblical content are many.

It has some examples of supposed vises and revelations as if it follows: Pablo if presents, tomatoe, murioca of biquine. In the context of 1 Ts. 5,21 Pablo is dealing with on the practical use dons spirituals where the discernment is essential. 3. Solid grocery ' ' You desire burning hotly, as boys just-been born, pure milk espiritual' ' (1Pe.

2.2) Three things can be happening with the believer when in it does not have the appetite spiritual 1. It possesss a great probability never to have been born of new, therefore it is necessary to start everything of new ' ' as boys recm-nascidos' ' 2. It must be if feeding in another place therefore he does not feel lack of ' ' pure leite' ' ' ' Contented with the land, we are satisfied without cu' ' 3. It must be ill spiritual. ' ' You desire ardentemente' ' in the Greek it means ' ' anelar' ' ' ' to desire muito' ' sample that as well as a child takes its milk as if its life depended on the same; thus happens. Equally, the believer would have ring for milk spiritual that is the word of God. Conclusion. Messenger who does not nail the cross, he himself needs to be crucificado. We will only live the pureness of pentecostes if to live and to nail to the pureness of the message de a Cruz without mixture and this cultural and conceptual miscegenation that to be there.