The Search

The history and the passage of the argumentativo thought occidental person are tematizados through some form of Metaphysical dualism. To search possible relations between the philosophical problematizaes for the Metaphysical dualistas ways, and the lingusticas quarrels on antonmia and antinomies are the intention of this reflection. Read more from Christopher Nolan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To defend the thesis of a direct relation the dual nature of our language enters, express especially in the antonmias, and the Metaphysical dualistas systems, I will search to argue through a historical description of the main philosophical-scientific systems of thought of the culture occidental person. In the history of the philosophical-scientific thought occidental person the start of the problematizaes on the nature of the things was the search for explanations argued and natural concerning the origin (arqu) and in the way of existence of the world (cosmo). This boarding had beginning in century VI B.C. with the said thinkers daily pay-socrticos, the philosophers of the physis, that is, of the nature.

Until then, the people if contented with descriptions that said of the origin and functioning of the world of mythical form, pointing with respect to supernatural causes. Amongst these thinkers, the postulations of Parmnides and Heraclitus are distinguished. The comparison or contraposition enters the systems thought for Parmnides and Heraclitus was the attrition that reed-echo in some systems of thought considered by thinkers interested in unmasking the truth, in explaining the basic reality, the primordial origin, the initial cause and the bedding last, unquestioned, capable to explain of absolutely irrefutable form all the things. The highly ambitious character of this pretension already indicates a determination in the explanation, that is, it points with respect to a necessity, that finished if confirming, of if to create thought systems that, if they do not appeal to a mythical language, they produce its proper ones misticismos: the Metaphysical systems. The posterior reflections of Aristotle on Parmnides and Heraclitus, given the influence of the thought of Aristotle and the Metaphysical quality of the thought of Parmnides and Heraclitus, had enhanced and molded the thoughts in the direction of Metaphysical systems.