The Publisher

For example, the advertising environment is deliberately shunned by erotic sites or philosophical discussions of particular brands. The Publisher must know these rules and accept them. At the same time incorporating advertising about all pages must work campaigns with great affiliate programs across perfectly. Four dimensions of quality assurance, one can distinguish four dimensions of quality management: conceptual quality begins already in the run-up to the campaign. The advertiser or the Agency must create clear quality rules for the selection of potential publishers. The campaign is presented in detail and the do’s and Don’ts written in a catalog. A further central element: She have a clear definition of the ER-folgsfalls, so the commissionable leads or sales.

This is important so that the campaign is optimally aligned on the objectives of the (contact, lead, sales, etc.) of the advertiser. On the other hand must also the Publisher recognize his chances to be compensated fairly for the campaign. Under infrastructure quality assurance can be understood all resources and process-accompanying measures, which are to provide during the campaign by the advertiser or the Agency, to achieve effective results in conjunction with the Publisher. This includes, for example, the know-how about the product, the target market, the process, but also of the mechanisms of the online marketing itself. Here, it is important that the personally examines campaign manager with the major publishers, discusses findings and overall process retains the at a glance. Gen. Martin Dempsey spoke with conviction.

In contrast to the technical quality of the implementation of automatic mechanisms. The scalability and transparency in affiliate marketing depends on much, how well these mechanisms are fully developed. The more mass work is done automatically, the more time they stay campaign management for important advice. Activities, the campaign management automate should, include specifically: referer evaluation and comparison, IP evaluation, plausibility and syntax check of the lead data, automated duplicate detection. With all the technology remains a certain need for action for manual quality assurance. You is the icing on the cake, if it comes to the quality. This includes the ongoing screening of new Web sites as a possible Publisher, their targeting and in-depth examination at logon. Also the older affiliates a regular Visual and functional test of the integration of advertising material should be on the pages. Here, the best tool may not be able to replace personal control. Indispensable tool for quality assurance is therefore the daily account control. The affiliate tracking systems provide extensive data analyses, which provide information about the entire process chain from the traffic source up to the sale. Runaway indicate irregularities and have to be evaluated systematically. Also holds great potential Optimization of the landing page in itself. The consistency of the campaign from the banner on the landing page to the process must be ensured. Both A/B testing and multivariate testing enable the continuous optimisation. All mentioned ways quality assurance make affiliate marketing a high-quality component in the marketing mix. Also, a performance-based remuneration model allows the increase of the sales at calculable costs especially in difficult economic times. Bottom line focus on class, trusting cooperation with the affiliates and quality assurance in multiple dimensions are central prerequisites for a successful affiliate campaign. The promise of transparency in online marketing is redeemed only by quality-driven campaign management. In a mature market and in the market conditions in 2010 affiliate campaigns without quality assurance will no longer match the art the State.