The Provisional

On the other hand, affect the regime of invalidity of contracts and what e-Government brings in processing the files. To merge the two events for the award in a single act, the perfecting of the contract is also transformed.

If in the previous definition of the law, the improvement of the contract was achieved with the final award, this is improved by its formalization. Until now, the execution of the contracts could begin without having formalized them, going only a verbal agreement with the administration. To resolve the contradiction posed by acting in this way with the formalism which defends the European directive, the perfecting of the contract is matched with its formalization, preventing, as well, start the execution of the contract if it has not formalized before, except in dealing with emergency. In addition to unifying acts of adjudication, the new law extends deadlines so that tenderers excluded or discarded can present their resources once awarded the contract, which affects the term intended for their formalization, which will vary depending on whether there are or not such resources or if the contract is likely to open a period of filing thereof.