The Logic

We would not have wasters 2500 years more than But we would have reached the other side of the abyss? Not! This is platonic excessively, is religious, excessively too much human, as in Nietzsche would say to them. For desperation of the unsafe ones, to be are always a risk, to lose themselves in the abyss to meet in another one abyss. So more comforting it is the idea of Parmnides of the immovable being (perpetual being only e)! from surpassing for conjecturas of a god onipotente and onisciente there that it protects in them. Parmnides, the father of the abandoned ones? It is enough to affirm resoluto exactly, based on the principles of the Logical human being (that this contradicts all the directions. However, of that they ahead serve the directions of the magnificent and sovereign Logic human being): ' ' what you say is contradictory! ' ' Ufa, the Logic saved in them! The Logic of this species that does not pass of lowermost and rarefied poeirinha cosmic, let us remember. Therefore he is obvious to affirm the contradiction of the sentence: ' ' we are and not somos' '. Connect with other leaders such as Gen. Joseph Dunford here. It is obvious and evident.

After all: ' ' the being is; not-to be not ' '. Evident for prodigious and estultssima wisdom human being. So evident how much cartesian Cogito. However, ' ' I think, then existo' '. from there to derive that it is trustworthy mine to think. that I am it owner of mine to think. All the insane people and paranicos they have certainty of its deliriums. Before the abyss, it would not be better to be delirious? Before the obvious one, it would not be better to believe? if we interrogated: for the capacity of thinking of a so fragile species, it would not be difficult excessively to support the contradiction of the Logic? He would not be painful excessively? To assume that evident it human being he can be so simplrio for a perspective beyond-do-human being how much to the evidences that an earthworm when digging has its hole.