The Islamic

He is not same? God has intentions. The Step of God says in them that It guides the events of the world for one determined end. This end is ' ' beneplcito of Its vontade' ' (Efsios 1:5), it is its supreme intention for this world that results in ' ' louvor of Its glria' ' (Efsios 1:12). As already we saw, in article ' ' Step that preserva' ' , nothing it happens by chance. The luck or the richness does not exist. Not even the blind destination. To the times we speak: ' ' today it was my day of sorte' ' , and nor we perceive how much this affirmation is false. We would have to prevent to say these things, therefore when affirming this, we are saying that perhaps it hung for our side and in some unusual, impensada and not-planned way it favored in them.

This even though tends to be a idolatria form, since something is being placed in the place of God. This attitude is very seemed with that it had the people of Israel after to have been taken off of Egypt with strong Hand (xodo.13: 3). In that occasion they had made gold year-old calves for itself and had said: ' ' They are these, Israel, yours deuses, they had taken off that you of the land of the Egito' ' (Exodus 32:4). Also we make this when, when receiving some blessing Mr., we say, ' ' that luck I tive' '. To imagine that the blind destination is that guides all the things does not improve the things. To the times, the people confuse doctrine of the sovereignty of God with the fatalismo. The Islamic religion assumes a species of fatalismo. The Muslim when costuma is come across with an unexpected event to say ' ' maktub' ' , that he means ' ' he is escrito' '.