Colombian Buenda

In the first place the fear of the parents of rsula to that it has children with gift Jose Arcadio Buenda, since the love and the disobedience of them are prime, but give like result to one hundred years of solitude, incesto in the following generations that it will be part fundamental for the solitude. We see that this history is a repetitive circle of experiences lived very similar in the later generations. Another element that can be stood out is that identities of the personages help to that history repeats the name of Jos Arcadio Buenda frequently as if was a single personage. We see reflected in the family good day many of the old Colombian and still present families, the husband a strong, enterprising man, with an imagination and ingenuity of to be able to secure her objectives without concerning the consequences that this brings, her wife a faithful woman, given and always against the barbarisms of her husband, is she in this case the one in charge of the economy in the Buenda family. The love is card fundamental to decipher the solitude of these personages, this way we see as Jose Arcadio the first son finds the delights of the love in a called woman (To pound Calf) who with time would give the surprise him of which serious father.

Preguntar Knowledge

As we know the Coaching is based on Maieutic of Scrates. The mother of Scrates was midwife, of there the name of Maieutic, that in Greek means expert in childbirths or obstetra. The Coach term is thought that it was used for the first time in 1500 in England, and named a type of vehicle for transport of people. For 1850, the term began to be used to designate to a tutor in the universities. Scrates, by means of the questions helped the people so that they managed to extract from his interior the knowledge. The philosopher pretended to accept the answer, but then, through he helped to dialogue to discover them contradictions, situation that confusion between its disciples generated. By means of questions and answers, he obtained that his interlocutor expressed his knowledge on a well-known subject.

For this reason, who answered he believed to have the correct answer; then, Scrates refuted and applied its method looking for that his disciple will focus in his interior and will find new objections in subject that he believed to dominate. In the process they appeared new and more and more precise answers. When it is asked to us on some question, normally we have defined a belief on the subject, that of course we thought is true, that is very difficult to change, unless we ourself we reach that conclusion. The fundamental idea is that the teacher does not instill knowledge, is the student who with the aid of the teacher extracts of itself the knowledge. For example, you are with a prospectus and he says to you: -Nobody purchase! – (Obvious in its mind that belief exists) and your questions: -Nobody? – to this it will make it question reflect and probably it will say: -Good, very few! -, then your you will ask: -Very few? – And so on.

In each step, you will obtain that it modifies its beliefs, and in this way to be able to advance. Of another form it would be impossible. Since we have not been educated in a socrtico method, we have become loose and the majority of the people we preferred more that it is said to us and it explained, than to enter personal process of analysis. One of the tricks mainly used not to think is when, before a question they respond I DO NOT KNOW! It is easy to fall in that trap, because that asks creates to know the answer, in the end ends up expressing it and the interlocutor does not learn truly, because it is not his answer nor its conclusion. For example, if questions: -Which is the reason for which you did not obtain the result? – And they respond to you I DO NOT KNOW! , what you do? What so if you say to him: – I understand that you do not have answers, dame three possible reasons. Probably you of three answers, but it insists on that do not know, pregntale: -Supposing that if you knew, which could be? The joke is not to fall in the trap. How you are communicating with your prospectuses and clients? What as much you act with questions and what as much information them DAS?

The Television

She sees tele Although much people say is that during the day is nothing in tele. In a question-answer forum Chinanews was the first to reply. Lie. It ignites the television and zapea in the search of that program that fills the morning to you of hours in front of the television. There are programs during the morning that nor you imagine. 10.

Dedcale time to your hobby and if you do not have, chooses one that does not have anything to do with your profile of translator and enjoys him all along who leaves point you 7, 8 and 9. Even the time that you would have to dedicate to him to your clients. 11. And when you get tired, acustate. It gives equal to rise to thousands or to lie down early, or to lie down a great siesta. It gives equal, the thing is to sleep.

To be all the pending day of your hobby or pasarte your videojuego favorite is very tired. It rests. 12. Hazte position of a language that is not your fort. You are English, German, Portuguese and Italian translator of. What gives more that the work that orders to you it is of French? You are able to do it and if no, already you will find some colleague who does it to you. Or if you are specialistic in medical translations and somebody requests a legal translation to you, it does not have to be very complicated to understand all those legal technicians. And if no, it applies the point 5, invntate the texts. It will notice it to nobody. Good, in broad strokes, we have enumerated 12 ways to make fail your work like independent translator. However, there are enough more. You are going to put remedy? Original author and source of the article.