Trinmio Really Evidence Certainty Truth

The problem of the knowledge if of the one for the reason of the same being much of the times enigmatic. The reality that the human being intends to dominate is multiple and complex, therefore innumerable questions, being one of them appear: it will be that the human being can know really? It does not have certezas, or an absolute truth that it proves that the religion or science is certain when to the question in guideline is to the truth, and it does not have nothing that it proves that the humanity is in the certain way how much to the same one. Scientists, researchers and students look for in providing scientific evidences to them, that with reasonable reason in them indicate seno the truth, but however they help in them to understand the universe, the life and the reality. Truth: All speak, they argue, and they want to be with the truth, but no human being is owner of the truth, however, this problem if relates in the form of understanding of the individual stops with the world; in the complexity and ocultamento of the reality, being that things or objects that we want to know if reveal of multiple forms. All the reality never could be caught by a human investigator, therefore objects that we study can be only one part of the true reality that the same can present.

It swims invalidates the human effort in the search for the reality, therefore the human being approaches diverse areas, some with more and others with little intensity. We can say that the man already obtained for its effort to understand diverse areas and studied subjects very, thanks to the instruments and scientific research; the great question now is in asking in them what we know and we know on the human being. However what it is the truth we can say that it is the desvelamento, the manifestation of the being, the lucidity of the object to the look that is only reached with intelligence and the understanding human being.