Does tea happens sometimes that you propose to exercise but the time to do it can not keep you in your commitment? Here are 8 ideas that can provide you a little help to stay in your own program 1. Get something you like. If you like the activity you do, most likely is that you can keep doing it, so simple. Many times we are looking for the latest in exercise, or how more advanced training and up that are more common and traditional without paying real attention to what really we would like to do. Not all the exercises have to be in the gym.

Test ride a bike, ride on rollers, skating, rowing, swimming, hockey or rugby, or if you prefer take some sort of sauce or any dance. Apple has compatible beliefs. The key to keep you on your program is to enjoy it. 2 Commit yourself! You do not only mental promise. Prepare a journal or log. Write what you want to accomplish and sets a time limit for achieving those goals. Make a contract with yourself, and sign it! Includes photos or images of your dreams, if that helps to define your goals.

Reaches your Star, but little by little. If you’ve never before exercised you have not done so for a long time, or you’ve been MOM, don’t wait exercise you one hour per day for six days a week. Perhaps with 3 sessions of 30 minutes, three times a week is ideal to start. Then, within two weeks, incorporates two weights between your days of aerobic sessions for example. 4 Run the ball. Tell your partner to your brothers/sisters, friends, or colleagues. We always do it better when we have a little bit of pressure. You’re not hateful or you are constantly reminding everyone, but tell your intimate about your goals, even if they want to help you and support you (to join) in your goals. 5 Numbers. Many times the numbers are the best way to motivate us. There is nothing more beautiful than, after a week of training, see how our waist low half a centimeter, or one, or two

No matter if they are not accurate nor precise measures (a gauge to measure your body fat percentage would be perfect) but weigh yourself every 15 days, measure hips, waist, chest and in general everything what you want is a good motivator, besides being a clear indicator of whether your program is working or not. 6 Learn. Matter what your physical goal, learn! Learn how to eat healthy, learn about calories, learn about exercise, learn about how to stay healthy and in shape. Never do a diet because Yes, the results might be the opposite of what you expect. Learning is a great motivator, for the simple fact to know what you’re doing you manage differently. Knowledge is power. 7 Drink. Drinking water is probably the best thing you can do for your body. It always carries water to the activity you are doing. 8 Fun! Returning to the starting point, exercise is not can be fun if you’re thinking all the time when I’ll be more thin / to? Take a little pressure off, fun and not just do something because you like it, but enjoy it doing it. That is the point of so much diet and exercise, our general welfare.