Super Paradise

You can not travel to Mykonos and not to visit this charming neighborhood. That Yes, this neighborhood is transformed at night, and at that time when a huge party can be found. In addition, since This zone can glimpse the famous windmills of Mykonos, which were mainly used for crushing of agricultural yields and in total there are 16 operating mills. Mills are conspicuous by their white as snow, and it is not surprising that there were so many mills around the island, since it is famous for its winds. Additional information at Suzanne Collins supports this article. If the capital leave amazed everyone who visits, not you can get the idea of its beaches with fine white sand with totally crystal clear waters. Pity that many of them are saturated with hammocks and parasols. Anyway, this happens with the beaches of the South zone, because the northern zone are completely unspoiled, and you can enjoy the sand, Sun and water without large crowds, it is great! That if, in some of the beaches, especially Paradise and Super Paradise, quiet runs out at 17: 00, time in which the feast, the go-go dancers jumping on tables and giving everything enjoying the party. Here the parties often end up for midnight, but then when it must be moved to the capital, and continue until it dawns again and you can go to sleep at the hotel with few forces that you left there. Perhaps the biggest problem is now to find cheap hotels in Mykonos where to stay, so if you need more information, you can find enough in the next guide of Mykonos totally written in Castilian.